5 reasons why people should embrace self-driving cars

Oct 19, 2019 | Same topic: Best advice for car buyers
Top five reasons why people should embrace self-driving cars and what they can offer and contribute to the improvement of roads, highways and the environment.

Self-driving or driverless cars are other technological advancements in the automotive industry. While many people are still doubtful about the future of self-driving and driverless vehicles on the highway, a good deal of research and data are actually available to support the concept that autonomous vehicles can make our future better.

Philkotse.com will give you five reasons why people should embrace driverless cars. Read them out below.

The Races That Jump-Started the Self-Driving Car

1. The roads and highways will be a much safer

Let's admit that at first, it's challenging to think that computer-operated vehicles will be more reliable compared to traditional vehicles. But if you look closely, most car accidents are caused by different sorts of errors committed by the driver. Some examples are over speeding, reckless driving, impaired driving, or inattentiveness.

As a matter of fact, a study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or the NHTSA showed that drivers themselves caused 94% of vehicular accidents. It only indicates that humans cause the overwhelming majority of road accidents.

On the other hand, driverless cars are entirely analytical. It means it will rely on radar, cameras, and different sensors to cruise the road. No emotions and distractions involved in robotic cars. Driving distractions include using gadgets and mobile phones while driving.

cars on the road

Driverless cars are entirely analytical

Additionally, there are lots of factors that impair the driving performance of a driver, including alcohol, fatigue, illegal drugs, and different types of sickness which can render the driver unable to drive.

Autonomous cars have computers that can react swifter compared to our minds. They are also not receptive to the different potential mistakes that most human drivers do on the road. It will only mean that a future packed of autonomous vehicles will be a lot safer compared to what we have now.

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2. People will be a lot more productive

Lots of businesses are remotely operating these times or permit their people to do their work from the comfort of their own home. It is good for several reasons. It also increases the productivity of their workers.

In the Philippines, commuters spend lots of time commuting to their respective works every day. Commuting wastes most of the people's time. Imagine what commuters could do with all the time they spend on public transportation, especially when they are stuck in the middle of traffic

Driver using Ipad

Self-driving vehicles will enable you to finish some works or do some emails

While most of the worker population commute using trains and buses, there are still a large number of people who use their vehicles when going to their respective jobs. When using traditional cars, you need to focus solely on driving, while with self-driving vehicles, it will enable you to finish some works or do some emails. You can even sleep for a while if you rise early for work.

Lots of people are tempted to glance at their phones when they're driving. If you are driving a traditional vehicle, using your phone while driving is a serious offense. It can even lead to fatal accidents. But with self-driving cars, you can do it safely.

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3. It can help people save money

We all know that cars are a costly investment, even if it is not a luxurious vehicle or a sports car. If you already have a car, you already know that aside from the actual price of the car, there are many other car expenses you have to be ready for.

It includes gasoline, car insurance, car registration, licensing, car maintenance and services. With self-driving cars,  some of these expenses can be reduced or even eliminated.

As mentioned, autonomous cars are way safer compared to traditional cars. This technology can reduce the cost of accident-induced expenses. It means the insurance premium will not increase either. Also, driverless cars do not get the same kind of damage that human-operated cars have.

Autonomous cars

Autonomous cars are way safer compared to traditional cars thus, reduces the cost of accident-induced expenses

Self-driving cars would not slam the brakes or press down the gas pedal unless it detected an emergency. It makes the vehicle better upkeep, and the depreciation is also slower. It will even provide the owner with more excellent fuel efficiency. Autonomous vehicles might be pricey, but it will quickly return your money back in the long run.

4. People will drive more efficiently

We have mentioned earlier that autonomous cars provide numerous benefits, and one of them is the fuel economy. However, this improved travel efficiency extends far beyond its benefit. Since autonomous vehicles are attached to the internet, its navigation will utilize GPS programs such as Google Maps which will automatically provide the fastest route possible.

Driverless vehicles’ software has deliberative architecture, meaning, the vehicle is also smart enough to identify accidents and delays before you reach them. It is beneficial because it can generate a new route so that you won't have to run into any impediments.

car in the road

Autonomous cars provide numerous benefits, and one of them is the fuel economy

If ever we reach the time when the roads and highways are solely occupied by self-driving cars; even stops at intersections and traffic lights will become a thing of the past.

The car's ability to communicate back and forth along with scheduling nodes at traffic intersections and sensors will make an excellently efficient roadway in the future, possible. Future roads and highways will only feature self-driving car intersections where these cars will never have to wait, standby or stop until it gets to its destination.

5. It is environment-friendly

Driverless vehicles will provide a significant gain to the environment. The Union of Concerned Scientists stated that generally, transportation was liable for more than half of the nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide air pollution as well as the quarter of emitted hydrocarbons into our atmosphere.

Autonomous cars might still give off the same elements; the vehicles' improved efficiency will be a massive leap towards an eco-friendly and cleaner future.

Driverless vehicle

Driverless vehicles will provide a significant gain to the environment

One of the main reasons why cars significantly contribute so much air pollution is because of traffic gridlock on roads and highways that are highly congested. Self-driving cars’ efficiency will not only eliminate traffic stops and gridlock in the future. It will also lessen the emission of the said materials, which is detrimental to the environment.

If autonomous cars are made to be electric cars, like what Google did, it will give a more significant positive impact on the environment. It is one of the biggest reasons why we should embrace the future of driverless vehicles.

Source: Hanna Miel Sanchez