11 things to do after buying a used car [Philkotse Guide]

Updated Apr 09, 2020 | Same topic: Best Advice for Car Buyers

Tips for everyone who is planning to get themselves a used car.

Cars can really be frustrating at times especially if some functions aren’t working – used cars are prone to this. Some even say that the cost of repairing a pre-loved vehicle is almost the same as buying a brand new car. 

If you are planning to get yourself a second-hand car but terrified because you have no idea what to do with it after taking it home, then we got you covered. 

We’ve listed down 11 things that you should do after you bought a used car.

1. Grab some tools

It’s uncommon for sellers to provide the original tools that came with the car. So, if none are provided, then get your own tools. Used cars may break down while on use as you won’t know how it was taken care of by its previous owner. Therefore, lug Wrench, jack stands, and screwdrivers are essential for a worry-free driving experience.

Image of wrenches

Using the wrong tool can further damage your car

2. Oil change

Changing your oil has to be the most important thing to do after buying a used car. Not only will it provide better overall engine performance, but also give you a reference as to when will the next oil change will be. You can also visit your local service shops if you happen to not know how to change the oil of your car.

3. Change the upholstery

One of the reasons why a used car smells bad is because of its upholstery. Things like spilled food or drinks and sweating can cause smelly interiors. Leather is a recommended choice because it is of high quality and easy to clean.

4. Read the manual

Take advantage of the excitement you feel in owning your used car by reading its manual – if the manual is still available. You can learn every small detail and function of the car so you can make the best out of it. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn that your car can turn into a batmobile – but you wouldn’t know if you won’t even try.

5. Car paint protection coating

Paint protection is a good and low-maintenance way of keeping your car in top condition. This helps your car look clean and new at all times. Plus, the coating will prevent rust from building up on your used car.

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6. Replace the filters

Since it is a used car, dirt and dust have probably accumulated already in your car’s filters. Regardless of the condition, it is best to replace the filters, which include fuel, oil, and air filters.

starting up a car

If you find it difficult to start your car, you could blame a dirty air filter

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7. Check the brakes

Never ever think of buying a car with brakes that have defects. If you plan to do so, then it’s better to get the brakes replaced first before going out for a drive. The braking system has to be the most vital safety component that you should have.

8. Check your tires

This is where your time reading your used car’s manual can be really useful, as you will discover the ideal tire pressure of the car. Examine the tires, if you find any defects, then consider buying new sets of tires – as they can blow up on the freeway. Remember, safety first.

9. Detail

You might want to detail your car after you finished every maintenance essential. This way, your car would be rid of oil, dirt, and dust, plus it will also make your second-hand car look brand new. Detail options include interior, exterior wash, wax, vacuuming, engine wash, and surface polishing.

10. Registration

Get this done as soon as possible because it is a risk driving without legal registration. It is also recommended to get your car insured so you don’t have to worry anymore about your unforeseen damage or accidents.

11. Get it serviced

If somehow your car still experiences multiple problems, then start bringing it to a mechanic for a professional assessment. It may be way more expensive to get your car serviced, but it will surely be more practical in the long run.

Mechanic fixing a car

Mechanics can help you get the repairs done faster

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