Replacing car air filter: Must-have skills that every Filipino driver needs to know

Updated Feb 23, 2021 | Same topic: Handy Maintenance Tips

Regularly checking, maintaining and replacing air filters when needed will help the engine to operate stably and more durable.

The car also needs air like it needs gasoline. Car engine always needs enough clean air so that it can burn the fuel completely. If this process is hampered by dirt and air purification over the expiry date, the engine will operate inefficiently.

In order for the automobile engine to operate stably, less damage, the car owners should not ignore the car air filter. Regularly checking, cleaning and maintaining automobile air filters is a necessary task to keep the engine of "hard drive" more durable.

However, do you know how to replace the car air filter properly? This articles from will provide car owners with useful tips on how to replace a car air filter. The operations are quite easy and consistent for many different vehicles, so hope that you can do it yourself without the help of the garage.

How to replace your Air Filter

I. Why do we need to change the car air filter regularly?

1. Extend the engine usage

Car air filter plays an important role in the performance of a car’s engine. If there is no car air filter, the engine will quickly reduce the capacity, creating waste and smoke during the operation.

Over time, the dust and sand from the air entering the engine will quickly cause serious matters to the engine and shorten its lifespan.

However, in some case the car air filter can only remove big dust particles, resulting in wasting a huge amount of energy to push the air through the filter. Use of car air purifier is advised in such kind of situation.

2. Save fuel consumption

Good air filtration is also one of the condition to increase car fuel efficiency. A car with a dirty air filter system will consume more fuel to run the engine smoothly, compared to the ones with a good system. Therefore, caring for automobile air filters is a better way to preserve cars and help drivers to save a lot of money at the pump.

Save fuel consumption

Using a clean air filter also helps the car consume less fuel

II. Signs when you need to replace the car air filter

When you experience any signs that your car air filter is screaming for help, it’s time to check the air filter and clean or replace it properly

  • The decrease in gas mileage
  • Difficulties in starting your car 
  • Fouled spark plugs
  • Rich fuel mixture
  • Rough idling
  • Smoke coming from the exhaust
  • Difficulty accelerating
  • Gasoline smell

starting up a car

If you find it difficult to start your car, you could blame a dirty air filter 

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III. How to replace car air filter: 7 basic steps

The air filter is like a shield on a car with the main function to refine the wind to remove dirt and poison gas from outside before entering the car. The best way to protect the engine is to avoid trouble while traveling on the road.

According to experts' recommendations, to ensure the car filter work stably and continuously with the least trouble occurs, drivers should clean the filter periodically every 5,000 km/time and replace the new air filter after every 20,000 km/time.

Depending on the condition of each family's vehicle use, this number of kilometers can be changed shorter or longer. But you should not leave it too long and have your car air filter checked every oil change.        

Step #1: Purchase a new car air filter

Depending on the vehicle and the air filter you are using, buy the correct one. You can easily find different types of filter at many auto part & accessories stores in Banawe Street by providing the sellers with car make, model and information about car engine. If you are not confident, ask assistance from experienced drivers

Currently, the market appears quite a lot of filter cars of unknown origin, poor quality or unreasonable car air filter price, making it difficult to distinguish for users. If you are looking for a car air filter, it is recommended by many car’s experts to buy a k&n air filter, a famous brand with high-quality car air filter.

K&n air filter

K&n air filter comes in many shapes and sizes that fit your vehicles

Step #2: Parking safely

Choose a safe location to park your car before performing any maintenance tasks. It could be in front of a house, garage or some safe space.

Make sure the car is turned off and the hand brake is pulled carefully. Pull the gear lever at 1 (for floor cars) or P-Park mode (for an automatic vehicle), then turn off the vehicle's switch.

Step #3: Open the bonnet and find the air filter location

The air filter is usually located in a prominent position, above the engine. In old cars, these carburetors are often hidden beneath plastic or metal covers. In more modern cars, vehicles with electronic fuel injection systems have a rectangular air filter, located near the center, between the grille and the engine.

Open the bonnet to locate air filter

After safely parking your car, open the bonnet and locate the air filter

Step #4: Take off the air filter cover

Loosen the joints to remove the filter cover. Do sequentially with each coupling and try not to overdo it to avoid broken joints. Then, keep the lid in a visible and safe place so you don't accidentally step on it.

take off air filter cover

Try not to loosen the joints, again and again, to avoid breaking

Step #5: Check the old air filter

Give your current filter a quick inspection. If it is only lightly dusty, and these dust particles can peel off easily after a few air spray lines, continue cleaning it and reusing it. A vacuum cleaner is the best tool to clean up all the dirt on the fabric.

Clean the dirty car air filter

Check if you are able to clean your current air filter with the vacuum to save money

If the air filter is so muddy that it cannot be cleaned with conventional measures such as spraying and vacuuming. Please boldly replace a new filter to ensure clean air for the engine.

Step #6: Install the new car air filter

Gently install the new air filter back to the old position straightly and securely. Make sure the air filter edges are aligned with the rubber edges.

Replace the new car air filter

Change the old dirty one with a new air filter

Step #7: Final check

Check if the air filter car performance is at the best level and the engine system is working normally by having a test drive on the road.

Final check the car air filter

Check the engine system carefully to ensure you've done everything properly

Wind filter plays an important role in the operation of the engine, you should check and clean regularly, when the air filter is dirty, we should replace it. This is a quick, simple and inexpensive job.

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