Unveil the Secrets of Car Thieves

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Do you ever wonder about the trade secrets of expert carnappers? Know them so you can protect yourself. Click this link to learn more.

Vehicles are costly, and most of us need to work for quite a long time to be able to afford one. Nonetheless, it takes less than one minute for car thieves to take your vehicle - and almost 80 percent of stolen cars disappear without a trace.

Specialized car thieves can steal your car today, chop it up, assemble a new car, and sell it tomorrow.

Current security systems help deter vehicle theft, yet you can still further limit your risk by understanding what these criminals search for, know how they operate, and by enhancing your vehicle’s security.

As with other thieves, carnappers are opportunists who will take advantage of situations which present themselves. Still, there are specific makes and models that rank high on their hit list.

car thieves

Thieves often target older cars because they’re much easier to steal

An older vehicle offers an easier target. Criminals can capitalize immediately by stripping it down and pitching the parts to repair shops and scrapyards. Older cars are likewise simpler to take since they usually do not have the advanced anti-theft protection that newer models have.

Philkotse.com have gathered the trade secrets of car thieves, what they know that we may not. Knowing these may help you keep your vehicle safe.

1. Reading thieves' stealing habits

Thieves’ favorite colors

Can your car’s color make it more attractive to thieves? The primary five shades of stolen cars are silver, white, black, gold, and dark green. It’s no coincidence that the same colors are also bestsellers for car dealers.

They are not just fashionable or in demand, they are universal, and in this way desirable to thieves who would prefer not to attract attention to their crimes.

any brand or color can be stolen

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Invest in additional car security to protect your car from carnappers

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It does not care about what type of car

Ordinary thieves will have their eyes on the vehicles that are anything but difficult to steal, regardless of the car model. The easiest cars to steal have excellent resale value and have parts that are easy to sell.

Thief on car

Ordinary thieves will have their eyes on every car

However, the new and higher-class car will be on the favorite list of professional car thieves for sure, such as Jaguars, BMWs, Mercedes-Benzes, and Range Rovers.

They have special skills that would negate new innovations in theft protection.  Meanwhile, vans are frequently broken into when thieves see items of interest inside.

2. Things that thieves dislike

Daytime, kill switches, alarms, nosy neighbors, and security surveillance cameras. Thieves hate these things. Being quick and unnoticeable is vital for thieves when taking a vehicle. That is the reason they keep away from things that may call attention.

These imply taking cars at a specific time. Thieves like to strike between 2 a.m. or 5 a.m. because most people are sleeping. It is pleasant and peaceful with fewer diversions and individuals strolling around.

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Car thief

Thieves hate daytime, kill switches, alarms, nosy neighbors, and security surveillance cameras

Having a kill switch in your vehicle can discourage thieves. It disrupts the flow of power at the battery or starts or disables the fuel pump. If hidden, kill switches may require a significant time to deactivate and can hinder criminals who would prefer not to waste their precious time. They will proceed to another vehicle.

3. How to prevent carnappers

Where you park matters

Car thieves stay away from vehicles left in front of houses and driveways since they are exposed and visible. They prefer committing crimes in dark and secluded areas, such as in condominiums and buildings, underground parking, and covered parking in malls.

These are their hunting grounds as they can have their pick of vehicles in a single area. They also prefer these places because these are usually devoid of people, and they can detect anyone approaching.

anti theft device

Extra precautions for your car security really do work

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Anti-theft devices

Although premium models dominate the top 10 vehicles most thieves like, they will take any car they can easily access. So it is essential that owners consider enhancing the cars security to make it harder for criminals to steal your car.


Security cameras are an essential deterrent for crime. Nobody wants to get caught red-handed!

Beware when warming up your car

Warming up your vehicle in the morning may be a good idea, but make sure that you watch over your car. Vehicle thieves will take that opportunity when the engine is running and the vehicle is left unguarded. Do not leave your keys in the ignition. It makes for a perfect opening to simply drive your car away.

Having spare or valet keys inside the car that owners are not aware of

Most experienced thieves are quite updated when it comes to the latest innovations of modern vehicles. Certain car brands and models come with one spare valet car key which most car owners are not aware of.

The purpose of having a valet car key is for owners to open the car doors and start the ignition in case they lost or misplaced the original car keys. Thieves would usually look at unusual places for valet keys and use this to steal your vehicle. 

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Car companies like Honda, Subaru, and BMW usually include valet keys when customers purchase a car. Better bring your valet keys with your all the time rather than leave it in your car for security and safety purposes.

valet keys

Better bring your valet keys with your all the time rather than leave it in your car for security and safety purposes