Understanding roadside assistance coverage and its benefits

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Have you ever wondered if there is a need to have roadside assistance coverage added on your inclusive insurance policy? Read on this article to find out!

Car insurance is vital (and required by law) for car owners. And if you’re looking for car insurance, “roadside assistance” is probably a term you will come across. But have you ever wondered if there is a need to have it added to your insurance policy?

Philkotse.com has prepared some important facts that you have to understand if you’re deciding to get roadside assistance coverage in the Philippines.

1. Understanding roadside assistance

Roadside assistance seeks to provide expert service to policyholders should their car face damage or any serious car issue in accidents.

If your comprehensive insurance policy covers this, all you need to do is inform the assistance hotline of your provider to ask for help and assistance during emergencies. The insurance company’s assistance would depend on your needs.

A tow truck may arrive to have your car brought to the nearest repair shop, or they can send a technician and experts to carry out minor repairs such as having a flat tire replaced or getting your engine jumpstarted.

Hazard warning triangle

Roadside assistance provides expert service to the policyholders if cases of car damages

2. Roadside assistance insurance coverage

The range of services offered in roadside assistance insurance programs varies from one provider to another. Below are common services rendered for covered vehicles.

Vehicle assistance


If there is a mechanical breakdown and your car can no longer be driven, an insurance company is going to have a tow truck dispatched to bring your car to an accredited repair shop. if your car has overturned or is stuck (like in a ditch) somewhere, this service is invaluable.

car being towed

An insurance company is going to have a tow truck dispatched to bring your car to the repair shop

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Sometimes, a car won’t start just because of a dead battery. If you’ve ever experienced this issue, this kind of assistance is invaluable. A jumpstart can enable you to bring the car to a battery dealer and replace your ailing battery with a new one. 

Replacement of tires

When your car suffers a tire puncture, you may ask for professional assistance to replace your flat tire with your spare. In case you know how to change it by yourself and this service is covered in your insurance, avail of this service still.

Replacing car tire

When you suddenly got your tire punctured, you may ask for professional assistance to replace your flat tire

Delivery of fuel

When you’ve unfortunately run out of fuel while driving, this service is just the lifeline you need. It gives you enough to reach the closest gas station so that you can refuel your car. The fuel’s cost, however, is not covered, so you are going to have to pay. 

Lockout services

If you ever lose your key or lock it in the car, this service is going to help you unlock your vehicle. The locksmith’s service fee and his travel cost may or may not be fully covered in the car insurance. 

A woman locked outside the car

The locksmith’s service fee and his travel cost may or may not be fully covered in the car insurance

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Personal assistance

Hotel accommodation and cost of travel

These expenses will be paid by your car insurance provider if the subject vehicle cannot be totally repaired within a certain amount of time.

car insurance

Hotel accommodation and cost of travel is one of the roadside assistance insurance you might want to know

Urgent messages relaying

Hospital admission services

In case of an accident where the driver or passengers are injured in a vehicle that covered by this insurance, the insurance provider will arrange for the admission of the injured people in the hospital.

Ambulance coordination service

Upon request, your insurance provider may also request an ambulance for you as a policyholder along with the other injured people who are involved in the accident. The service fee of the ambulance may not be covered.

An ambulance and two hospital aid

Upon request, your insurance provider may also request for the ambulance coordination

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Accident coordination

If you want to seek the assistance of relevant authorities like PNP and MMDA after the accident, you can ask your insurance company provides to coordinate with these agencies.

Referral of legal assistance

After the accident, you can also ask your insurance provider for a referral to legal counsel that will help you in some cases like injuries or a third-party death or property damage of a third party.

24/7 service hotline for customers

During emergencies, you can have your insurance provider inform you of any assistance that you need, such as information on claims procedures, repair shops, requirements, or even gas stations and nearby hotels.

3. Should you have roadside assistance included in your car insurance?

We believe the answer is yes. Apart from convenience, such services can prove highly valuable. Here are the reasons why you should get roadside assistance.

Drive with less hassle

When faced with car issues, you can simply just inform your insurance provider and get your car towed to a nearby repair shop without having to bother your family.

Overheating engine

You can lean on the assistance of your roadside insurance when your vehicle overheats

Avoid repair services that are too expensive

In case your gas is running low, fuel assistance is always ready to save you especially if there is no gas station around. It will help you from getting your car run totally out of fuel, something that will cause serious damage and lead to an expensive repair.

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