How to install a child car seat correctly

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Child car seats are required by Philippine law.

I. What is a child car seat?

If you are an avid watcher of American movies, chances are you probably have seen customized-looking seats used by kids in a car. Well, the reason why you often see those seats is because they are mandatory in the United States.

A child car seat is a vehicular component used to protect children in the event of an accident. This will prevent them from having injuries, or even death thanks to its rigid structure.

Different child car seat types

There are plenty of child car seat options you can get in the market

Here in the country, child car seats are, unfortunately, not widely used despite having a law to require them. The Republic Act (RA) 11229 or Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act ensures the safety of children while being transported in any form of motor vehicle. The law is in accordance with the international standards of the United Nations (UN).

By law, children below 4’9” or aged 12 must not be seated in the front passenger seat. Instead, they must be sitting on a child car seat for safety reasons. Violation of this law comes with a hefty fine; Php 1,000 for the first offense, Php 2,000 for the second offense, and Php 5,000 for succeeding offenses.

A kid on a rear facing child seat

Children aged 0 to 1 must use rear-facing child seats

With that being said, you should be getting yourself a child car seat if you have children as soon as possible. There are numerous benefits to buying yourself one such as added safety and better comfort for your children.

II. What type of child car seat should I get?

There are different types of child car seats available in the market. Perhaps the most important factors that you have to consider are your child’s weight, age, and height. The last thing you would want is to see your child cram in his or her child seat. Plus, it is not safe to use an inappropriate child seat for your children.

A kid on a child seat

Infant child car seats can be carried outside the car

Using inappropriate child seats can cause injuries, as well as increase the chances of death in the event of an accident. Here are some child car seats you can choose from that comes with different functionalities.

1. Infant Child Car Seat – as the name suggests, this type of child seat is used on children aged zero to one. The good thing about installing an infant child seat is that you can carry the seat in case you are on a shopping spree or grocery run. Installation is hassle-free as you will just put it back on its base. Infant child seats are rear-facing only for better safety.  

2. Convertible Child Car Seat – this type of child seat is versatile as it can be faced to the rear or the front. This is the child seat you should get if your child is aged from one to three. For the most part, convertible child car seats have a 28-kilogram weight limit. This could vary depending on the manufacturer. 

3. Booster seat – this is intended for children who are four years old and above, or at least 4’9”. This type of child seat is usually installed with a tighter five-point seat belt for better safety. The average weight limit of booster seats is 54-kilogram.

E-commerce platforms such as Lazada and Shopee offer car child seats. The price varies depending on the material and quality used on the seat. You can get a car child seat for as low as Php 2,500. There are even cheaper alternatives to that price. However, you must also consider the build quality as we are talking about your children’s safety here.

The price can also go up to Php 8,000 for better quality car child seats. Whichever seat you choose, be sure that it perfectly fits your children’s size and weight for comfort and safety.

III. How to install a child car seat?

You wouldn’t need a professional to install a child car seat in your car. Most child seats come with instructions on how to install them and most cars are car child seats ready so it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Before installing, there are two different types of installations you need to know. The installation can depend on how a manufacturer designed the child car seat.

Belt installation on car child seat

An example of belt installation

The first one requires a seat belt installation. This type of child seat uses the seat belt to secure itself in place. The first thing you want to do is to pull the seat belt until it reaches its limit. Next is to pass the seat belt through the child car’s rear chambers.

Some child seats come with belt paths. Lastly, buckle the seat belt and make sure it is secured.

The other type of installation is the one that uses ISOFIX-ready vehicles. Most vehicles these days come with ISOFIX as a standard feature. 

A girl sleeping in a car

Your kid will thank you for comfortable child seats

ISOFIX latches are usually located on the bottom part of your car’s seats. Some come with an ISOFIX logo so you shouldn’t have a problem locating them. The next thing you want to do is to secure your child seat’s tether to your car’s ISOFIX latches. You will hear a click sound to ensure that it is secured in its place.

IV. FAQs about child car seat

Q: What is a car child seat?

A car child seat is used to protect children from injuries or death in the event of an accident.

Q: How much are car child seats in the Philippines?

On average, you can get a car child seat for around Php 3,500. There are also car child seats priced at around Php 8,000 for the higher build quality seats.

Q: What Philippine law requires a car child seat?

The Republic Act (RA) 11229, signed by President Rodrigo Duterte, requires private vehicles to use a car child seat for children below 4’9” or aged 12.

Q: What are the different types of car child seats?

There are numerous types of car child seats available in the aftermarket. The three most common types include infant, convertible, and booster.

Q: How much is the fine for violating the RA 11229?

The fine for violating the Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act is Php 1,000 for the first offense, Php 2,000 for the second offense, and Php 5,000 for succeeding offenses.

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