How to install car keyless entry: Definition, Step-by-step guide, and FAQs

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Get in and out of your car easily.

What is Car Keyless Entry?

Before learning how to install a car keyless entry with our step-by-step guide in the later part of this article, let's first find out what this technology is all about and how it can benefit car owners.


The number of technologies we have now for modern cars has advanced evidently. We are now able to open the trunk by just sliding our feet below the rear bumper, activate headlamps as we approach/leave our vehicle, and let our vehicles park themselves in place.

One of the most convenient advancements we got in today’s vehicles is the car keyless entry. This system helps you get into your car without the need of having to insert a key in the door handles. With just a click of a button on your key fob, then your car’s door can easily be locked and unlocked.

Using a key fob on a car

Keyless entry systems can help you get in and out of your vehicle more efficiently


Installing a car keyless entry system provides you numerous benefits. This system can help you unlock your vehicle without having to reach for other passenger’s door locks to open them, it can help you get to your car faster in the event of rain, and can help you reassure that you lock your car doors. Car keyless entry is even said to be one of the advanced safety features that can help older drivers drive safely.

A classic car front view

Most classic cars cannot be installed with a car keyless entry system

Fortunately, most modern cars these days come with keyless entry as a standard feature. For those who don’t, has listed the steps on how to install a car keyless entry in your car. Of note, the installation may require a relatively high amount of knowledge to make the system work. If you are unsure of the process, you should call your local mechanic or someone who knows.

A person using a key in his/her car

Some key fob comes with both key and keyless buttons


Here in the country, you can get a car keyless entry system in aftermarkets for Php 800 to Php 3,500, depending on the included features and quality. Before buying one, make sure that your car has a power lock feature. With all that in mind, here are the steps in installing a car keyless entry.

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Step-by-step guide on how to install a car keyless entry

Step #1: Find your car diagram

This contains the information regarding the specific wiring of your car. Not all cars come with the same diagram so it is best to find the one provided by your car manufacturer. If you cannot find the diagram, you can contact your car’s manufacturer or look it up online.

Step #2: Remove the panel underneath the dash and steering column

This is to gain access to the wiring system. Each wire is color-coded so you can make sure which one is to be used. Again, the information of each color is included in your car’s diagram to be sure to properly identify before installing. Of note, the color of the wires may vary depending on the car.

panel underneath car's dash and steering column

To install a car keyless entry, you will have to remove the panel underneath the dash and steering column

Step #3: Prepare the wires needed for installation

Your newly-bought car keyless entry module contains the information regarding which wire is needed for installation. Some wires won’t be used as your car might not have the feature to function. You can use black electrical tape to place unused wires so they won’t be a hindrance in the installation process.

Step #4: Find your constant power wire

This wire is usually color-coded in red but could be different so check your car diagram. Strip a small amount of wire cover of the constant power and attach your car keyless entry module to it. As a tip, you can use a multimeter to make sure that you got the proper constant power wire. The voltage reading should be around 12 volts.

Step #5: Connect your car keyless entry module to the proper wire underneath your car's dash

Ground the black wire of your keyless entry module to any ground piece of metal underneath your car’s dash. As for the rest of the wires in your keyless entry module, attach them to the proper wire underneath your car’s dash. As said earlier, your car may not come with many features so expect that not all wires in your keyless entry module will be used.

Connecting wires to install car keyless entry

Connecting wires is the last steps to install car keyless entry

Step #6: Test your car keyless entry before cleaning up

Your newly-bought keyless entry module usually contains two key fobs so either one will work. If the system works, then you can now place the panels of your dash and steering column.

testing car keyless entry feature

Make sure to test your keyless entry before placing the panels of your dash and steering column

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How to install a car keyless entry with some quick fixes

Car keyless entry systems highly rely on electricity. This means that if your system doesn’t work, then your car could be due for battery replacement. If you are sure that your car battery is new, then it could be discharged. Charge your battery and make sure that you get around a 12-volt operating system for optimum operation.

Wiring system of a car underneath its dash

Be sure to use to right tools to avoid damages

If you replaced your battery but the keyless system is still not working, you can check your key fobs’ batteries. Check its batteries and replace them if you think it’s worn out already. You can do this at home using a screwdriver and a knife. Unscrew the key fob first and use a knife or a flat screw to open. Most key fobs use a coin battery which is widely available in any shop.

Car key fob battery replacement

Replacing your key fob's battery should be a piece of cake

The last quick fix tip we can give you is to replace your relay that sends power to door locks. You should be getting a 12-volt 30-amp rating relay. Be sure to use the same wires used from the outgoing defected relay in your car to make it work.

We hope that you got an idea as to how to install a car keyless entry in your car. Grab the proper tools and your car diagram to make sure that your car keyless entry will work properly.

FAQs about how to install a car keyless entry

Q: What is a car keyless entry?

A car keyless entry is a device used to lock or unlock your car remotely using a key fob.

Q: How much is a car keyless entry in the Philippines?

The price varies depending on the features and build-quality of the car keyless entry module. On average, you can get the system for Php 2,000.

Q: Do car manufacturers install a car keyless entry as a standard feature?

Yes, most car manufacturers install a car keyless entry to their cars as a standard feature. Usually, only base variants of a car don’t come with a car keyless entry system.

Q: What are the benefits of installing a car keyless entry?

You can efficiently lock and unlock your car door without the need of inserting a key into your door handles. This could be handy especially during the rainy season.

Q: Can all cars be installed with a car keyless entry system?

You can only install a car keyless entry system to cars with a power lock. Without it, the system won’t work as it only sends a command.

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