How to install car GPS Tracker?

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It can further secure your car.

How to install car GPS Tracker: 10 steps to follow

There are two types of car GPS trackers you should know before getting started:

  • The portable GPS tracker and;
  • The hard-wired GPS tracker.

A portable car GPS tracker requires the littlest of knowledge for installation. For the most part, a portable car GPS tracker comes with a strong magnet that is used for easy installation. You would just have to stick your magnetic GPS tracker to any magnetic part of your vehicle and you are off to go.

The wires under the steering wheel

Be careful in removing the panels and covers to avoid damage [Photo: Newskart]

However, it is a good thing to note that it is best to not install a portable car GPS tracker in a permanent spot. This type of tracker is powered by a battery that needs replacing from time to time so set it up on accessible areas but not too obvious to keep it hidden.

If you decide to get a hard-wired type of car GPS tracker, then it would require you to work a bit harder on installation. Here are the steps in how to install car GPS:

Step #1

Turn off your car’s ignition first. This is to ensure that no electrical power will be flowing as you are connecting your GPS tracker to your car.

Step #2

Remove the panels and covers of your car’s lower dash located underneath your car’s steering wheel. Here is where you will find the wire you will use to connect your GPS tracker.

Step #3

Once you removed the panels and covers, locate the ignition wire and the constant power wire. These two wires are connected to your car’s ignition switch. You can check out the wiring diagram of your car provided by the manufacturer to find the correct wires.

Step #4

Remove a small part of the insulation on the ignition wire and the constant power wire carefully. Once exposed, use a pick tool to create a small gap that will be used to connect your GPS tracker.

Step #5

To make sure you are using the ignition wire, use a voltage meter. The reading should be zero when your ignition switch is turned off and goes up to around 12 volts once the ignition switch is turned on.

Step #6

Pull out your car GPS tracker. Use the poke and wrap method in connecting the white wire of your tracker to the ignition wire. Seal it using an electric tape and a cable tie to secure the connection tightly. This method should be used also to the red wire of your tracker and the constant power wire. Cut off the excess on the zip ties.

Step #7

As for the black wire of your tracker, place a ring terminal to it. The black wire will function as your ground terminal so connect it to any grounded metal in the lower dash using a self-tapping screw.

Step #8

It is ideal to place your GPS tracker near or around the ignition coil using a zip tie. Placing it underneath metals will result in a weaker connection as GPS signals don’t travel through metal.

Step #9

Make sure to face the GPS tracker module upwards and the label downwards to ensure the best results.

Step #10

Place the panels and covers of your car’s lower dash using the proper tools to completely hide your GPS tracker.

How to Install a Car Tracker DIY Simple Easy Steps

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So what is exactly a car GPS Tracker?

What is a car GPS tracker?

If you think that car GPS trackers are exclusively made for action movies, then let us tell you right now that you are wrong. These devices are commercially available in the automotive aftermarket for real-life applications.

A car GPS tracker is used to monitor any movement of your vehicle using the Global Positioning System (GPS) that determines your car’s geographic position. It calculates your vehicle’s speed, direction, and location.

A mini GPS held by hand

There are GPS trackers as compact as this [Photo: Sanove]

Car GPS tracker types & functionalities

There are different types of car GPS trackers with different functionalities. For the latest trackers, they even come with a function that lets a vehicle’s engine to stop using a smartphone.

Since it uses a GPS function, it would need a cellular card or SIM card. In the Philippines, you can choose from telecommunication service providers such as Globe, Smart, Sun, and more. Be sure to choose the one best for your location.

A Model X running down a road

Many newer cars such as Tesla models are equipped with built-in GPS trackers

Some trackers have a passive system. This type of car GPS tracker will monitor a vehicle’s location and movements for a specific amount of time and will then store it to a data. The data stored can be later downloaded to a computer and be used for analysis.

Car GPS tracker price in the Philippines

You can get yourself a basic car GPS tracker for around Php 400 only. This type of tracker usually comes with a real-time locator only and nothing more. However, if you are willing to have a tracker with more functions such as voice monitoring and SOS alarm, you would have to pay around Php 1,500.

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Install a Car GPS Tracker: Pros and cons

There are numerous benefits to installing a car GPS tracker. The most prominent benefit is that you can locate your car anytime and anywhere. Most trackers these days alert you on your phone whenever it senses that your car is on the move.

Bunch of tools on a table

Use the right tools to ensure proper installation

Another benefit is that you can use a car GPS tracker on your business vehicles such as taxis, cargo vans, and delivery trucks. You can monitor the movement of your business to ensure that your drivers arrive safely and to make sure that they don’t drive recklessly.

A car on a desert

Install a GPS tracker to locate your car anywhere

A car GPS tracker is a small investment you can make to keep your car safe and secure at all times. Be sure to pick the right car GPS tracker that will address the need for your car security.

The only downside of installing a GPS tracker on your car is privacy. Driving a car knowing it has a GPS tracker can be intimidating at times.

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FAQs about how to install car GPS tracker

Q: How much is a car GPS tracker in the Philippines?

On average, a car GPS tracker in the Philippines would cost around Php 600. However, if you want a tracker that comes with more functions, it would cost you around Php 2,000.

Q: What is a car GPS tracker?

A car GPS tracker is used to monitor the location of your car anytime and anywhere using the Global Positioning System (GPS).

Q: Should I install a GPS tracker in my car?

It depends on your preference as installing a GPS tracker can disrupt privacy when others are using your car.

Q: What are the different types of car GPS trackers?

There are mainly two types of car GPS trackers. We have the portable GPS tracker and the hard-wired GPS tracker.

Q: Should I install a car GPS by myself?

Installing a hard-wired GPS tracker can be tricky as compared to a portable GPS tracker. We recommend that you seek help from a professional if you are installing a GPS tracker for the first time.

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