5 Driving Mistakes That May Put You to Danger

Updated Oct 08, 2020 | Same topic: Let's Drive Smart!

Safe Driving: Mistakes to Avoid When Driving!

Here are the top 5 mistakes that a driver mostly makes that may put them in danger and if you avoided doing this top 5 driving mistake you may just save your life or another.

1. Distracted driving

Mostly, everyone has been guilty of being distracted while driving which can be really bad and It may put your life and/or your passengers lives in danger. Being distracted in driving comes in many ways, one typical example is using their phone while driving. A lot of car accident has been reported due to the driver texting on the, phone making a phone call, or using a cell phone in any way possible.

distracted driving

It is also recommended to limit passengers to avoid distraction from the road while driving

This habit can be really serious and if the driver is not focused on what's going on the road they may not be able to slow before a collision but if the driver is focused enough they may be able to slow down to lessen the impact. It may seem that Being a focused driver can be difficult, but it will make a big difference in your safety and the safety of those around you.

For advice using of a Bluetooth device, brief or hands-free use of GPS, or voice-activated features are much safer and is convenience. 

2. Not wearing seatbelts

This type of mistake is very common around the world, not wearing a seat belt may risk your life in danger if ever an accident may happen. It will only take a second to put on a seatbelt, barely a second and you’ll be safer while driving, which is a pretty good deal for 1 second.

Wearing a seatbelt helps to protect a driver or passenger in a collision and it minimize injuries Seat belts spread the force of impact over your larger parts of the body reducing the severity of injuries.

car seat belt

Injuries sustained while not wearing a seat belt can be up to five times greater than wearing a seatbelt

3. Misadjusting rear and side-view mirrors

Misadjusting your mirror may lead to an accident if you don’t clearly get a vision of what’s going on around your car. You need to adjust all three of the rear view mirrors so that you can get the broadest view possible while keeping your blind spots to a minimum as possible.

rear and side view mirrors

The adjustment of your rear and side view mirrors correctly is very important because these car mirrors help you see the cars behind you and on your side

This is particularly very important on multi-lane highways where you may have to keep tabs on lanes on both sides. With the correct adjustment on the car’s rear and side view mirror, it will enable the driver to see the vehicle or road behind and minimize road accidents. And don’t drive to someone else's blind spot.

4. Drowsy driving

This is where a driver drives while feeling drowsy or half asleep. The drowsy driving is a significant problem everywhere because this is also a common reason why road accidents happen, there was even a research on National Sleep Foundation that there are similarities between driving drowsy and driving drunk.

This is the combination of driving and sleepiness or fatigue. This happens usually when the driver did not have enough sleep, but this can also happen due to some untreated sleep disorders, medications, drinking alcohol, or shift schedule at work. If you are feeling a bit drowsy or sleepiness, your reaction time will be slower than regular reflexes and you might not even notice things you would generally see right away.

drowsy driving

Remember accidents can be avoided if you follow the simple tips and Never drive a vehicle if your mind is not yet fully alert.

If you think you are too tired to drive then it would be best to ask a friend for a ride or call your parents to fetch you or take a power nap/take rest before you go driving, this can save you from an unwanted situation and other people on the road.

5. Not following the traffic light signals

Traffic lights are also known as traffic signals, the traffic light has 3 colors with meaning on it, first is green and it means it is safe to continue driving on a denoted lane or direction, yellow/orange means that in a few seconds there will be a change in traffic which will, later on, turn into red meaning that you should do a complete stop, because another lane will be on greenlight turn.

traffic light signals

Never compromise your and your passengers' safety just because you are in a hurry - always follow the signals

Some drivers who are in a hurry and they are still far from the end of the road then they see an amber or yellow light. They try to speed up to make it in time before the red line comes, this behavior can make a huge road accident because what if another car was already on its way to cross because it is already a green light on their end, they may collide and crash.

For this type of scenario if you see an amber light, don’t panic and just rush over, be mindful to your surroundings and still drive normally to avoid road accidents. If you are a new driver it is a must to obey even small rules. Keep all the tips in your mind when you are driving.

6. Final Say

Philkotse.com would also like to give you a word of advice if you know someone please do tell them this or if you are a driver, always try imagining that there is a cop behind you driving too, and if that is the only way for you to avoid getting into accidents or for you to follow traffic rules doing that is for the best then.

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