How to adjust rear-view mirrors for a safe drive

Updated Jul 06, 2018 | Same topic: Let's Drive Smart!

Although car rearview mirrors have a lot of benefits, improper adjustments can endanger you and other road participants.

According to experienced car drivers, there is no surprise in the fact that you often encounter blind spots when driving. They will obstruct your visibility even with rearview mirrors properly installed and adjusted. Furthermore, if the setting of the rear mirror is improper, we are prone to unexpected accidents. To narrow down these situations, experts have shared a number of tips to adjust mirrors properly:

Rearview mirror

Properly setting side mirrors will steer away from blind spots

1. Center Rearview mirror

You just need to set the mirror up and down to see clearly behind. Make sure that when you look up, you will be able to observe the outside without having to adjust your seat position. You should equip a large rearview mirror for a better and broader observation.

2. Side mirrors

It is harder to adjust the outside mirrors; therefore, experienced car drivers have divided the advice into two ways:

Option 1: Far in

By this way, you can observe the rear end of your car with a glance alone. First, you should adjust the mirror up and down to show a part of the doorknob. Then, turn the mirror in and out to see the side and the trunk of your car.

car Side mirror

The driver should adjust the rearview mirror up and down to clearly see the rear end of the car

Option 2: Far out

In order to clearly see the rear side of your car and vehicles close to the side of your car, you must adjust the mirror more far out. Obstructed parts behind will be visible thanks to the center rear mirror; therefore, do not worry if you are unable to observe the two sides. This helps eliminate blind spots but will cause inconvenience when reversing your car.

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AutoFocus - How to adjust your car's mirrors

3. Observe other vehicles

When you notice any vehicles behind you that are about to accelerate to pass, you should start looking from the center rearview mirror. As they approach closer, your observation should move to your side mirrors.

4. Observe before changing lanes

Just adjust the mirror to the right position, you will easily see your behind objects and limit blind spots. To be safer, you should simultaneously look at the mirror and turn your head to observe when changing your lanes.

car Side mirror

Just adjust the mirror to the right position, you will easily see your behind objects and limit blind spots

In any case, you absolutely should not adjust the rearview mirror too often because this might get you distracted, and also do not use your phone while driving, thus reducing the risk of traffic accidents.

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