3 essential equipment & 5 tips for Pinoy drivers to drive safely at night

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Night driving is one of the most hazardous times ever, let Philkotse help make driving safer!

Night driving isn’t like in the daytime!

During daytime; most drivers will navigate and drive with all sorts of on-road factors. When night falls and visibility is most critical; it stacks the odds of danger. The conditions are different, and a whole new dynamic exists compared to daytime driving. There are a whole lot of factors that will influence the night time driving environment. Sadly, most of these are the negative kind that threatens the personal safety of the passenger and driver.

Experienced drivers would have cataloged enough driving time to know enough situations and how to react. Unfortunately, other drivers would be Pollyanna’s and won’t react accordingly which may not end well! Counter-measures are needed to protect ourselves from dangers and unsavory situations mostly.

One of the most important aspects to master is the presence of mind and how to act and manage to commit fewer errors when driving at night.

So, now these important considerations should why skills to drive safely at night is one of the most important driving skills to master. Philkotse.com has prepared a helpful guideline on essential equipment and tips needed to drive better at night. 

How to drive at night - Tips and Tricks 

I. Kinds of equipment needed to drive better at night

Never take it for granted that any night-drive will be trouble-free, and the car driven is the most important piece of the puzzle! At night when visibility is important; checking on several pieces of equipment should be checked when going out.

Of course; they would be the lights, front car and sonar, blindside monitor, and other features that may or may not be installed in the car. Another consideration is whether the electrical system has no grounded wires or other relevant concern. Driver’s should make it a priority to have all these checked out!

1. Proper electricals and relevant ECU 

  • Alternator won’t charge, or it is busted and needing replacement.
  • The Battery is dead, or there is no jumper cable for it to be started.
  • When the car ECU malfunctions, the car may not start or run properly.
  • There are some electricals that can’t be repaired on the spot.

2. Good working condition signals and lights 

Driving with dim lights or with no lights is not safe at all. Make sure that the fog lamps are in working order because they are needed for extra lighting in nearly zero-visibility.

3. Front & back sonar, rear camera, cross lane sonar, and blindside monitor

At night, even with good illumination; it won’t be enough because we won’t see what’s coming. Drivers with cars equipped with these features will have an extra warning, compared to unequipped cars.

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driving at night tips_blindside mirror

Drivers with a car equipped with blindside monitor will have extra warning about unexpected situations

II. 5 essential tips to drive better at night 

There are some things to avoid and other SOPs to adhere to, which is a rule. When rules are broken it’s either; there’s hell to pay, or it will bite in the rump!

1. Drive at a regular pace and keep a constant speed

Never drive fast at night. It’s now that many drivers take it for granted that driving fast is okay. At night; there are more accidents because of low visibility or collisions due to how foolishly others drive fast! Pick a place in the lane and maintain speed; while keeping tabs on all cars around.

Driving at night tips_keep constant speed

Maintain the safe speed while driving at night because of low visibility

2. Obey the traffic rules

Only fools tailgate, attempt to beat the light, change lanes without checking at all. These common mistakes are a result of not keeping distance, driving too fast and not minding all view mirrors when needed. A top rule is to look, listen, and be careful because carelessness is at an all-time high during rush hour and after! Be smart and drive the right way.

Driving at night_traffic rule


3. Be focused while driving 

Always look ahead and never be distracted while driving and take note to everything whether in traffic or not! Seeing far ahead and planning moves while driving is important because it keeps anyone a step ahead of trouble of avoiding problems with traffic enforcers or the MMDA. Driving all around and sensing everything; especially when driving at night!

Driving at night_be focused

It is not a good idea to text while driving

4. Beware of motorcycles 

Another important thing to note; is to be careful of motorcycles on the highway, or any street because most of these riders aren’t educated on road rules (about 50% of road accidents in the Philippines are caused by motorcycles).

More than ever; they’re a presence on the roads has been added to unruly, tricycles, pedicabs, jeepney-drivers, taxi-drivers, bus-drivers, truck and van drivers who can be nuisances at night. They endanger private motorists without a second thought and its best to avoid them.

Drive at night tips_accident

Be careful of motorcycles in the highway because most of these riders aren’t educated on road rules


5. Keep calm and don't panic 

When driving; there will be situations like taunting, baiting, and having cars attempt to block other cars. Remember to keep cool and don’t panic, just drive on until they are gone. It could be road rage or other criminal activity that is more brazen at night which is dangerous!

Best to drive forward and look for the nearest police station or security guards, that will scare off blackhearts. Take the time to wait and get home fast.

Driving at night tips_criminal

Remember to keep cool when facing criminal at night,  drive forward and look for the nearest police station

Safety when driving at night is not always assured! But to survive driving after dark, it takes all these practical pointers and tips to get home in one piece. Just keep cool and never panic then follow Philkotse.com for more for more safe-driving tips that will be helpful to all motorists.

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