10 things to do in case your car got stolen

Updated Nov 30, 2022 | Same topic: Let's Drive Smart!

Being a victim of carnapping is one of the most devastating things that can happen to any car owner. Read on to know essential thing do in case your car gets stolen.

You head out to your garage or parking space to find out your vehicle has been stolen, it tends to be a big emotional shock. Motor vehicle theft is a common crime in any place around the world, with a large number of vehicles stolen each year.

You need to act quickly, and there are a few things you probably cannot think right away, without giving it much thought. These tips from Philkotse.com can enable you to deal with the circumstance smoothly and keep you in control.

1. Be sure your car was stolen

It sounds senseless, yet this could happen. You are definite where you parked your car, standing in the spot panicking, and then suddenly you remember you parked one level up.

So pause for a moment, inhale, and think. Or another possibility, the towing service could have towed your vehicle. Ask around and check before making a stolen vehicle report.

inside the parking lot

Are you sure your vehicle is stolen?

2. Report the theft immediately

 If you're sure that your vehicle hasn't been towed or didn't simply forget where you park, call the police. The sooner you have the police searching for it, the higher your odds of recovering your vehicle. You'll have to give the police a complete description of your car, and the circumstances.

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3. Ask people around

Depending on where you left your vehicle, there might be a possibility that somebody saw it moved. Ask as to whether they saw something, at that point take note of what they may have seen.

Do not forget any detail, since no one can tell what could be helpful in the police investigation. Get their contact information on the off chance that you need it later on. Check also if there are any CCTV cameras in the area.

4. Locate your car through GPS

These days, it's easy to monitor a vehicle's location using the tracking system that can help the police locate your stolen vehicle. Some companies offer this technology that can enable you to find your vehicle by utilizing GPS Tracking Technology.

There are even some technologies that can disable your car remotely. If it has any of this system that may help to locate, let the police know about it. Try not to attempt to find it on your own. You never know who took it and it can be dangerous to take the matters in your own hands.  

Install GPS on your car so you know where your car is located

5. Inform your insurance company

After you have documented a police report, your next call should be your vehicle insurance agency.  Informing them is the most critical step, advising them can help protect you from any legal issues later if the criminals intend to use your vehicle for any of their criminal activities.

Sometimes they use your car as their getaway vehicle for other crimes. You also need to let your insurance company know about your personal belongings inside at the time of the theft.    

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6. Advise your contacts

If you left your cellphone or wallet in the vehicle, call your provider, your bank and credit card company right away so that they can cancel your account. If you left any documents that contain your place of residence and house keys inside your stolen vehicle, you should replace your locks immediately.

Advise your contact

Immediately call your bank, insurance provider and mobile network to advise them of the theft

7. Keep backup copies of your information  

You know your plate number by heart but what about your Vehicles Identification Number (VIN).  These are the identifying code for each vehicle. You don't need to go digging for that data, and it'll hinder the investigation procedure.  

Keep duplicates of these numbers, alongside a photocopy of your registration and insurance policy. The police and your insurance company will request a ton of material, and you can make things simpler on yourself by having it prepared early.

8. Make a list of items in your car

All belongings in a stolen vehicle will be documented for insurance purposes and your vehicle insurance agency may compensate you for them. While you're gathering data, make a rundown of any valuable things that were in your vehicle, for example, a laptop or other electronic gadgets.

If you still have receipts for those items, you can include it in your insurance claim.

9. Never drive a returned vehicle without inspecting it

If you were able to recover your vehicle in drivable condition, check it thoroughly and use rubber gloves.  You don't have the idea who drove it or where it has been.

To investigate for unfamiliar items inside your car, particularly for dangerous things like weapons, medications or even drug paraphernalia. If you discover anything suspicious, advise the police right away.

car search

Thoroughly inspect your vehicle if recovered

10. Acceptance and moving on

Since you've dealt with the most critical steps, give yourself time to let the idea sink in this untoward event. You need to move on and get back to your life. It’s alright to blow-off some steam to get you back to your usual self. Once you are over with it, you can go back to your daily activities and take care of yourself.

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