All-new diesel-powered Honda CR-V to come soon

Aug 02, 2017 | Same topic: Highlights of the Week
Honda PH will launch its all-new CR-V powered by a diesel engine sometime this month.
What has been on the news is that Honda PH will launch its all-new Honda CR-V in our market this month. The arrival of the new compact crossover marks the first time the Japanese car brand will be unveiling a diesel motor in the country. Well, the fifth-generation CR-V will reportedly be a brand-new 7-seater SUV powered by a diesel engine.  
This all-new compact crossover is expected to arrive by August 9. Petrol versions will be unveiled sometime this month.

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Poster to introduce an all-new 7-seater diesel SUV from Honda

 Honda PH will launch its all-new Honda CR-V in our market this month
Back in April, we witnessed the glamorous debut of the all-new crossover SUV at the 2017 Bangkok International Show.  At that time, many questioned what special CR-V our country will have when it’s our turn to unveil this comfortable runabout vehicle. While Honda has yet to reveal any specific information regarding the engine, what we do know is that Thai-spec units pack is led by a 1.6-liter diesel turbo that delivers an output of 160hp and 350Nm and paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission.

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diesel-powered Honda CR-V poster

All-new diesel-powered Honda CR-V to come soon
With more attractive appearance, the third-row seat, an all-new diesel engine, and large capacity for hauling cargo, the fifth-generation crossover SUV is indeed an impressive vehicle that isn’t offered in most SUVs in its class.  
So, other than the greater CR-V powered by an all-new diesel engine, do you think the variants with gasoline engine will also make its way here? 

All New Honda CR-V 2017