What is House Bill 505 and how will it improve the LTO driver's exam?

Jul 18, 2019 | Same topic: Highlights of the week
Recently, Rep. Ace Barbers has proposed House Bill 505 which will require a roadworthy seminar. It will invariably improve and legitimize the existing LTO set of exams.

1. What is House Bill 505?

In day and age, traffic in Metro Manila and even in some provinces has become a nightmare for everyone involved.

So in order to fix this, one congressman, the Surigao del Norte Representative Robert Ace Barbers has filed a bill that will require new LTO driver’s license applicants and even those who seek to renew their driver’s license to participate in a roadworthy driving seminar and an actual practical driving test.

Called House Bill 505 or “Roadworthy Driving Seminar for All Drivers Act”, its objective is to further drive- in the knowledge of safety on the road as well as traffic laws and regulations.

It will also require a person who wants to apply or renew a driver’s license to participate in the aforementioned seminar before being given the full right to drive a motor vehicle.

A picture of Surigao del Norte Representative Robert Ace Barbers

Rep. Ace Barbers says that the state needs to instill more discipline to motorists and with House Bill 505, this will be a possibility

Rep. Barbers says that aside from building more roads and upgrading our public transportation, one solution to our traffic woes is to impart some sense of discipline and of course, knowledge into motorists.

The congressman also says that one large contributor to the increasingly problematic traffic is that some laws and regulations of the road are ignored. If safety and further discipline are practiced, this will improve our traffic situation and consequently, the economy.

Another clause to the said House Bill is the declaration that driving a car of any type of vehicle is actually a privilege and not a right.

It then further mentions that the state is responsible to carry out measures to ensure a well-organized traffic system all over the Philippines. As such, it is the state’s job to educate would-be drivers on

2. So how will the House Bill 505 improve the LTO Driving test?

For starters, the aforementioned bill will undoubtedly add to the legitimacy of the LTO driving test. It will also make the LTO driving test and the practical test more legitimate than ever before.

Also, the aforementioned driving seminar, if I might hazard a guess, will serve as the proper basis of the LTO driver’s written exam and the practical exam.

Take note however that how the said bill will improve the LTO driver’s tests are mere speculations on our part and necessary guidelines for the seminar and actual driving test will be formulated by the Department of Transportation or DOTr if the House Bill 505 comes to fruition.

LTO Driving test

LTO driving test is more legitimate than ever before

House Bill 505 supplies the said driving seminar’s curriculum:

  • Safety Precautions
  • The concept of accident preventability which includes a discussion regarding the prevalence of road accidents in the country
  • Defensive driving techniques and some guides on how to act in critical situations
  • Philippines traffic law and regulations plus lectures that will cover the following: vehicle capability, and driving dynamics of a vehicle. Also included are highway environmental factors like speed, the concept of right-of-way, traffic signage, highway settings, etc. And lastly, adverse conditions.
  • Basic First-aid and basic rescue techniques.

3. House Bill 505: What happens if you fail?

While the aforementioned seminar will be undoubtedly welcome to many of us drivers, car owners, motorcyclists and pedestrians, there are some parts of the house bill that might surprise you.

If you pass, the fees for the practical driving test and the seminar will be included in your license fee. If you fail though, you will still be required to pay from Php 500 to Php 1,000.

The said fees presumably will cover the cost of the seminar and the practical driving exam and will also have the purpose of deterring those who are unprepared or those who are unable to grasp the idea and practice of proper driving as set by the standards of the Roadworthy Driving Seminar.

So do you agree with House Bill 505?

A picture of an LTO driving test course in Metro Manila.

There are LTO test courses like this one but only a few LTO offices have

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Source: Cesar Guiderone B. Miguel