Waze launches Filipino Voice navigation

Updated Oct 12, 2020 | Same topic: Highlights of the Week

Waze new update allows for motorists to use voice command by speaking in Filipino.
After rolling out Tagolog voice command in next update, Waze announced that it has launched an option for the voice navigation and commands to be spoken in Filipino.

Aside from helping Filipino drivers to navigate the metro’s confusing roads and detours, the Waze app has also received voice commands, which is proved effective in rerouting motorists from crowded streets as much as possible. The company must have sensed how much Filipino drivers enjoy their amazing creation as the app is very useful and compliant with the Philippines’ recently enacted Anti-Distracted Driving Act.

Waze revealed the voice command’s official name is Adora, which allows for motorists to use voice command by speaking in Filipino. In detail, the new voice will help motorists hear directions without getting distracted. The app is expected to point drivers in the right direction and help them avoid scenarios where they are at uncontrolled intersections that have no traffic lights or signs. Using the app is easy, simply follow the directions below:
  • Going to settings
  • Tapping on “Voice Directions” box
  • Simply scrolling down the list until you see “Filipino-Adora”
Waze launching Filipino navigation voice

According to Waze, the Adora is a custom voice option, pronouncing the Philippines’ street names properly. While Filipinos understand clearly English conversation and speak English fluently, the company still wants to give folks a choice of using the language they’re familiar with.

Who do you want to be your Adora voice? Have you guys tried out the App yet?

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Sample of Waze Voice in the Philippines