This Volkswagen dealer traveled over 400 km to deliver a Santana MT

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That’s about nine straight hours of driving.

When one purchases a brand new car, it’s a perfectly normal sentiment to want to get your hands on the car immediately. But, in the real world that isn’t always the case. One has to wait a bit before your unit gets released by the dealer. After all, there is paperwork that needs to be addressed, final mechanical checks on the car, etc.

After all those important steps and requirements, then the car gets delivered.

While some deliveries can be brief stints within a few kilometers of a dealership, Volkswagen Quezon Avenue Branch, however, managed to deliver a brand-new Volkswagen Santana MT to a family living in Ilagan City, Isabela. That’s a whopping 433-kilometers distance, which would require roughly nine hours of straight driving on the road. If that isn’t dedication to the job, we don’t know what is.

A picture of the VW Santana that was delivered to Ilagan City, Isabela with its new owners

The new owners (holding the sign) together with the Santana after its long journey

Apart from that, this particular Santana unit is kind of unique when compared to the regular Santana MT. Sure, it’s still the base-variant that comes with the usual 1.4-liter and five-speed manual drivetrain, but this is equipped with 16-inch wheels. Normally, this variant Santana is given a set of 14-inch steelies.

Do note however that the 16-inch wheels, however, are in limited stock right now. The same goes for the Pepper Grey color for the Volkswagen Santana because it's one of the more popular color choices among buyers. The other colors that the Santana model is Polar White, Reflex Silver, and Deep Black.

If you really want the VW Santana MT in Pepper Grey and riding on 16-inch wheels, you better give VW Quezon Ave. a ring at +639158592996. Look for Mr. Deney Colocado, the sales person-in-charge of the long delivery journey to Ilagan City, Isabela.

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A picture of VW QC Ave. Branch

Volkswagen, Quezon Ave. Branch

Do note though that while the owner of the Santana unit in question paid in cash, the delivery service is also available if you want to acquire a VW model via bank PO or financing. Of note, the car was also driven by an authorized professional driver employed by Volkswagen PH, and that the buyer shouldered some expenses incurred during the delivery.

Those however, don't diminish from the fact that VW Quezon Ave. went above and beyond to provide this kind of service. Also, it’s a testament to the VW Santana’s ability to take on very long road trips too.

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Know more about Volkswagen Santana 2021

Volkswagen Santana

The Volkswagen Santana is a German-engineered, subcompact sedan that slots as the replacement for the VW Polo in the Philippines. This model has carried different nameplates since its release in 1984 when Volkswagen launched a three-box sedan. The subcompact sedan is based on the second-generation Passat. Physically, the Santana looks similar to the Volkswagen Jetta. Details such as the headlights and chrome-accented grille are almost identical to that of its compact counterpart’s bumper. The launch of the Volkswagen Santana was aimed to compete with existing subcompact sedans launched by other automotive manufacturers, such as the Toyota Vios and the Honda City. The cabin still has the signature Volkswagen feel and aesthetic with its three-spoke steering wheel. A height adjustment feature for the driver’s seat was added for more comfortable driving. Further on improving the driving experience, the Santana offers an adjustable steering column that allows you to position the steering wheel at a specific height and distance from the body. Additionally, incorporated in the air conditioning system is an improved pollen filter. One of the Santana’s most unique features is that maintenance only needs to be done once a year, at every 10,000 kilometers mileage.

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