Volkswagen ID.7 to have smart aircon tech for faster cooling

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It responds to voice commands and can even measure sunlight levels. 

The upcoming Volkswagen ID.7 will be the automaker’s first all-electric global sedan as well as the second global electric model after the ID.4. But customers will likely appreciate a more practical selling proposition: an air-conditioning system that thinks. 

Volkswagen ID.7 camo

Volkswagen is offering advanced climate control tech with the upcoming ID.7 electric sedan

Volkswagen previewed the idea using a camouflaged concept vehicle at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this month. “With the ID.7, we are underlining our goal to offer intelligent technologies and customer-oriented innovations in the high-volume premium midsize segment,” said Kai Grünitz, member of Volkswagen’s Brand Board of Management responsible for Development. 

For many buyers, the ability to remotely turn on the car aircon even before boarding the vehicle is already the height of climate control tech. Volkswagen takes the concept a step further by using electronically controlled vents that spread the air throughout the interior – as soon as the driver approaches holding the key. 

Volkswagen ID.7 interior cold air

The car can start blowing cold air throughout the cabin as soon as the driver approaches 

Depending on the ambient temperature, the ID.7 can cool down or heat up the cabin, using the smart vents to distribute air across the passenger space using dynamic horizontal movements. Air can even be directed straight towards seated occupants or indirectly to fill the interior. 

The climate controls also respond to voice commands, with a ‘Smart Climates’ function allowing specific settings to be stored. For instance, a pre-set command enables users with cold hands to have warm air blown at the steering wheel for five minutes. 

Volkswagen ID.7 interior hot air

Preset commands allow the ID.7 to direct hot air as well to specific areas when needed 

As part of the system’s automatic functions, a windshield-mounted sensor measures the angle and amount of sunlight entering the cabin during especially hot days. The ID.7 can automatically redirect ventilation towards parts of the cabin exposed to particularly high levels of sunlight, cooling down the specific area first then redirecting air to the occupants. 

All features of the smart climate control tech can be controlled using the ID.7’s 15-inch infotainment touchscreen, including the strength and direction of air movements as well as temperature adjustments. Individual settings can be stored using the ‘Personalization’ feature, useful if the vehicle will be used by more than one driver.     

Volkswagen ID.7 touchscreen

All climate control settings can be accessed through the dashboard touchscreen 

As the sixth member of Volkswagen’s ID all-electric model series, the ID.7 will make its world premiere by the second quarter of 2023, with China and Europe as its first markets. Sales in North America will commence by 2024. 

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