Toyota Hiace 2020 interior revealed, coming with 13-seater layout

Updated Jan 29, 2021 | Same topic: Car Sneak Peeks, Teasers, & Rumors

The next-gen Toyota Hiace 2020 will get a fresh interior with better equipment.

Recently, some photos of the next-gen Toyota Hiace 2020 have been leaked online, revealing the van’s heavily tweaked front end with a new hood hinting that the mill has been move to the front.

This time, more pictures of the Hiace 2020 have surfaced, disclosing more details of this favorite van.

Toyota Hiace 2020 anglar front

Some photos of the next-gen Hiace 2020 have been leaked online

Toyota Hiace 2020 angular rear

Photo of the Toyota Hiace 2020

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The model on the photos seems to be the entry-level variant, based on its lack of fog lamps and black bumpers. According to the interior photo, the Hiace 2020 will come with 13 seats and have better equipment for its seats. Each seat will be offered a 3-point belt and headrest for each occupant. Meanwhile, the seat for the driver is no longer a bench with a new 2-2-3-3-3 layout.

Speaking of the dashboard, it seems that the dash still retains its rectangular air vents and floating design, plus new side mirror coming with a 2-tier design. 

Toyota Hiace 2020 dashboard area

Speaking of the dashboard, it seems that the dash still retains its rectangular air vents and floating design

Toyota Hiace 2020 seats

The Hiace 2020 will come with 13 seats

The new Toyota Hiace 2020 is now much longer than the ongoing model. It measures 790mm in length, plus a 2,985mm wheelbase. On the other hand, the cabin’s size has been reduced, from 3,000mm to 2,380mm because the engine has been moved to the front. The height is also shorter with just 1965mm, compared to the 1980mm height of the ongoing model.

The most noticeable thing in the Hiace 2020 is that it will come with a left hand drive, not a right hand drive as the current model.

So it is not too far from now until the new Hiace makes its debut. Keep calm and stay tuned!

Toyota Hiace 2020 length

The new Hiace is now much longer than the ongoing model

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Know more about Toyota Hiace

Toyota Hiace

<p>The Toyota HiAce comes with a robust look. It still holds the title as one of the Filipino&rsquo;s most trusted vans. In February 2019, the Japanese manufacturer introduced the sixth-generation update of the Toyota Hiace. The model received massive changes on both its interior and exterior. The current generation features a nose that serves as the dedicated engine room. It provides more cabin space and flat fascia that&rsquo;s lacking from the former under-the-driver engine design. In terms of designs, horizontal slats are present in the huge grille that accentuated the massive headlamps. Toyota Motor Philippines offers the Toyota HiAce in three variants: the 15-seater Commuter Deluxe, 12-seater GL Grandia, and 14-seater GL Grandia Tourer. The HiAce has a different interior configuration depending on the variant. The common feature in all three trims is the shift stick mounted at the dashboard. A touchscreen display is available in the GL Grandia variants. A 2.3L 1GD diesel engine lies under the hood of the Toyota HiAce &ndash; similar to that of the Toyota Fortuner. It has varying power outputs that depend on the trim-level. The Commuter Deluxe produces 176 horsepower and 420 Newton-meter of torque. The GL Grandia creates 176 horsepower and 450 Newton-meter of torque. The power output of the GL Grandia Tourer is 163 hp and 420 Nm of torque.</p>

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