How Sunnies Studios grew its business with Lalamove

Updated Mar 23, 2021 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates

Co-founder Martine Cajumcom-Ho shares her experience.

Sunnies Studios Creative Director and Co-founder Martine Cajumcom-Ho shares her experience with how delivery service company Lalamove helped her business grow. With the ongoing social distancing protocols in the country, Martine said that Lalamove helped her assure that her business’ goods and products are delivered properly thanks to its real-time GPS tracking technology.

Lalamove’s real-time GPS tracking technology provides users of the app peace of mind, especially for entrepreneurs. As for Martine Cajumcom-Ho, Lalamove has always been her business’ partner since day one considering the various benefits and advantages the courier service company offers. Small items can be delivered with motorcycles, while large furniture pieces can be delivered via van.

Martine Cajumcom-Ho of Sunnies Studios

Sunnies Studios Creative Director and Co-founder Martine Cajumcom-Ho

“When it comes to running a business, it’s very important to me to trust reliable services to make sure things go smoothly. Especially with this year, we’ve all had to adapt to working remotely and safely,” shared Martine Cajucom-Ho, Creative Director and Co-founder of Sunnies Studios.

"As the creative director of Sunnies Studios, I have been working with our team to put together some of our campaigns and we rely on Lalamove to make sure our products arrive safely and on time where they need to be,” she added.

Lalamove motorcycle

Lalamove is further expanding its business network in the country

Sunnies Studios is an established brand in the fashion industry, providing stylish sunglasses and prescription glasses with inclusive pricing. The brand’s creative director, Martine Cajumcom-Ho, used to work for an American Apparel Factory before establishing the Sunnies Group of Companies. She is the cousin of Isabelle Daza and Georgina Wilson.

“I trust Lalamove to deliver valuable and fragile pieces such as my beloved lamp collection. The real-time GPS tracking technology gives me peace of mind whenever I use the platform,” concluded Martine Cajucom-Ho.

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