What’s the proper way to use a push to start button?

Updated Feb 19, 2021 | Same topic: Automotive FYIs

Let’s not complicate something that’s so easy to do.

In any culture, industry, or interest groups, myths, superstitions, and misconceptions will always pop-up. The same is of course the case in the automotive world. Examples include silly things like cars made out of aluminum aren’t as safe as steel, hybrids are slow, etc. There are also countless unproven car operating practices that won’t provide palpable benefits or even affect your car’s performance at all.

Lately, a certain video has been making the rounds on the internet, which talks about the proper way to use a car’s push-to-start button. According to the video, you need to press the push start button once without stepping on the car’s brake pedal.

Then, the video is suggesting that you need to wait for the accessory light symbols to disappear before you step on the car’s brake and press the push start button. The proponent of the video explained that doing this will ensure that the car’s electrical system won’t break and therefore affect the car’s performance. 

A picture of a woman pushing a push-to-start button

Why complicate something that was made to make life simpler?

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However, there’s arguably not a single car manual from any manufacturer are these convoluted series of steps ever mentioned. In contrast to that, most reputable websites, car forums, and the personal experiences of drivers we know (including the writer) are saying that it's as simple as stepping on the brake, and pushing the button until the car starts.

No fuss, no time wasted. Moreover, the video peddling the so-called proper steps mentioned that the usual method is wrong.

Now, supporters of the method are saying that manufacturers won’t mention the supposed proper way of using the push start button as it will prevent profits from spare parts sales from coming in.

Sure, “planned obsolescence” did happen at some point in the automotive industry. The most notable case is from 1924 when an American car brand designed their parts in a way that a car owner will need to get new parts yearly.

In the modern age, however, competition in the automotive industry has become tight. As such car companies are racing and working hard to earn a customer’s trust. This of course involves providing reliable models with robust components. 

A picture of automotive quality control

Modern cars undergo stringent quality control measures

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There’s also the fact that engineers and quality control technicians have poured in hundreds of man-hours to consider multiple scenarios a car owner might do. Then consequently, working to ensure that it won’t let you down day in and day out.

Again, using a push start button is as simple as making sure the keyfob is inside the car, stepping on the brake, then pushing the button until the engine starts. If you still have doubts about this, consult your car’s manual.

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Cesar G.B. Miguel

Cesar G.B. Miguel


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