Nissan Leaf EV to arrive on Philippine shores by 2020

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The Nissan Leaf Electric vehicle is coming to the Philippines by 2020 and as usual we are excited.

Good news for readers!

After being released back in 2017 in Japan and having been sold in nearby Asian countries like China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, the time has finally come for the Philippines to taste the sweet electric powered driving experience which is the Nissan Leaf. This marks the leaf as another great step in Philippine automotive history as it is one of the first forays of a major car company into the country with electric vehicles.  

The Nissan Leaf is the icon of Nissan Intelligent Mobility which is the company’s vision to moving people to a better world through innovation on how vehicles are powered, how they are driven, and eventually how these technologies will be integrated into the larger picture which is human society.

The Leaf is also noted for being very successful in its global sales with 126,000 in the US, 100,000 in Japan, another 100,000 Europe making the Nissan Leaf the bestselling highway-capable electric car to date.

Nissan Leaf EV's open charging port lid.

Nissan Leaf EV charging port lid flipped up and charging. As easy as using a toaster.

But why the Philippines? How does this benefit Nissan and Filipinos?

The decision by Nissan to further widen the Nissan Leafs’ market is due to their intention to turn a portion of their mainline products to electricity. This is a part of the Nissan MOVE to 2022 otherwise known as Mobility, Operational excellence, value to customers and electrification which succinctly expresses Nissan’s driving force in their forward momentum.

As it turns out Nissan MOVE to 2022’s mission addresses the need to achieve sustainable growth and to become the leader in the technological and business evolution in the automotive industry. The latter of which includes electric vehicles, e-power, and autonomous driving technologies.

Nissan is taking the lead to further the awareness of electrified mobility in Asia and Oceania all the while generating excitement by bringing the new Nissan Leaf to a wider market in and around the region.

Thus it is imperative for Nissan to introduce the Nissan Leaf in Indonesia and the Philippines in the coming years. This allows more consumers to experience for themselves how electric vehicles will benefit their lives, the society, and of course the environment.

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This is what the regional Vice President Yutaka Sanada said during the Nissan Futures at Hong-Kong which was a three-day gathering of influential speakers who talked about the creation of a sustainable lifestyle and future. They also discussed how to make more advanced technologies accessible to more people.

A parked Nissan Leaf EV with an open charging port lid and currently charging

 Nissan Leaf EVs we drive may make the world a little brighter

That’s all well and good but it is well known that the current infrastructure for electric vehicles and not to mention the policies and thus the bureaucracy involving electric vehicles in the Philippines is somewhat lacking. So here’s what Nissan has to say to that.

VP Sanada stated that Nissan’s e-power technology is a pragmatic step towards electrification as such Nissan is currently hard at work in developing more accessible EV components assembly and localization in key Southeast Asian Markets which includes, of course, the Philippines.

Well, good news indeed right? Seriously though, Nissan’s optimism for the Nissan Leaf and EV technologies is impressive. But it is indeed a long hard road which needs to be paved with cooperation from both private companies (Nissan) and the government (Philippine govt) before electric vehicles become mainstream in the Philippines. Nevertheless, we are excited about the future and are waiting to be electrified by the Nissan Leaf.

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