Mitsubishi Strada 2019: A contender for the best pick-up truck of 2019

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Here's why the Mitsubishi Strada might be the best pick-up truck of 2019.

Mitsubishi Strada 2019: A contender for the best pick-up truck of 2019

  • Really striking styling. We also we think it’s one of the best-looking trucks in the Philippines right now.
  • No holds barred safety features.
  • The Super-Select 4WD is easy to use.
  • Still as rugged as its predecessors.
  • Lots of convenience features!

Mitsubishi Strada 2019: A well-built, rugged truck for the modern badass!

When you come across a Mitsubishi Strada 2019 in person, whether on the road, on a parking lot, or on the dealership floor, you’ll quickly note the eye-catching design of the brand’s signature Dynamic Shield and the brilliant re-design on the facelifted model’s sides and rear.

Mitsubishi Strada

The Strada will look great where ever it is

While it is indeed on the more stylish side of truck design, there are still some exterior features that hints to what this can do on the rougher paths. It’s now got a higher ground clearance and of course, the set of wheels it’s riding on isn’t some namby pamby over designed rims.

Instead, it has a more purpose built, angular look that will look great regardless of where you’re travelling.

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Strada travelling on rocks

Rocks? No problem!

The same goes for the interior. Most of its parts are known to be robust and can take a beating even if you use it as a daily work truck out in the boonies and yet, the top of the line Strada GT 4x4 which has a lot of really high-tech features is as equally robust as the simpler Strada GL 4x4.

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Strada travelling on mud.

Mud? Also no problem!

And in talking about the 4x4 itself, we can’t help but mention the Super-Select 4WD. It’s really easy to use. With a push of a button, the Strada can do sand, mud, and gravel with just a push of the button. It does this by adjusting the how the ABS, the electric stability control and the throttle response’s characteristics to suit your purposes.

To back up its really sturdy body on frame construction and its macho but modern styling, the current Mitsubishi Strada uses the 2.4-liter MIVEC diesel engine. And yes, while it isn’t the most powerful truck engine by far here in the Philippines, it’s 181 horsepower and 430 Nm of torque will do its job well on and off the road.

Mitsubishi Strada 2019 interior

The interior of the face-lifted Strada didn't change that much but it's still well-arranged and durable

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Mitsubishi Strada 2019: It’s not holding back in terms of safety

As we’ve mentioned above, the Mitsubishi Strada, the facelifted one, is one of the better kitted ones available in the Philippines right now when it comes to safety.

The top spec GT 4WD variant comes with seven airbags, anti-lock brakes with EBD, traction and stability control.

Mitsubishi Strada forward collision warning system

The Mitsubishi Strada can detect obstacles on the road with its forward collision warning system

Apart from those, the GT also has a plethora of driver assist features like blind spot indicators, autonomous emergency braking, and a forward collision warning. Given its functionalities, the Mitsubishi Strada price Philippines is very reasonable.

So dear readers, do you think the Mitsubishi Strada has what it takes to be the best pick-up truck of 2019? To answer that question, just keep reading here on

Cesar G.B. Miguel

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