Mitsubishi L300 is the brand’s best-selling model in H1 2021

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It posted similar numbers for 2020, and we’re only halfway through the year.

The Mitsubishi L300 is displaying consistency when it comes to sales performance in the local market. It has been a top seller from Mitsubishi Motor Philippines Corporation (MMPC) for almost every month of this year so far, reflecting the trust that Filipino car buyers have placed on the commercial vehicle (CV) can offer.

Mitsubishi L300 front view

Mitsubishi L300

As a result, the L300 is MMPC’s best-selling model in the first half of 2021, garnering a total of 6,021 units sold. What’s more impressive is that the Mitsubishi CV has a good chance of doubling its 2020 sales of 6,791 units before this year ends. It could potentially take over the Mirage G4 subcompact sedan’s throne as Mitsubishi’s sales leader in the Philippines.

The Mitsubishi L300 is a reliable CV used mainly by many Filipino entrepreneurs in moving their businesses safely. MMPC offers it with various body configurations to cater to the different CV needs in the market, ranging from a refrigerated delivery van, to cab & chassis and flat-bed trucks.

Mitsubishi L300 interior view

It gets the job done

Under the hood, the Mitsubishi CV uses a Euro 4-compliant 2.2-liter inline-4 diesel engine with a turbocharged intercooler system capable of generating 98 hp and 200 Nm of torque at 1,000 to 3,500 rpm. The engine sends power to the rear wheels through its 5-speed manual transmission as standard.

Aside from the said features, one of the most probable reasons why the Mitsubishi L300 is selling well in the country is because of the need for delivery services. Due to the quarantine restrictions, many local businesses have resorted to selling their products online, and these transactions require handling by courier companies.

Mitsubishi Xpander front view

The Mitsubishi Xpander takes second place in MMPC's H1 2021 sales

Following the L300 in MMPC’s sales in H1 2021 are the Mitsubishi Xpander MPV and Mirage G4. The Xpander posted sales of 5,543 units, while the Mirage G4 managed to sell 3,737 units. Both Mitsubishi vehicles are ideal choices among Filipino families thanks to the interior space, affordability, and adequate features they offer in the market.

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Know more about Mitsubishi L300 2021

Mitsubishi L300

The current L300 by Japanese automaker Mitsubishi is based on the L300 Versa Van. While the latter was more of a family carrier, Mitsubishi has since marketed the L300 FB mainly as a commercial vehicle. Regardless, the said model can both function as a family car, and as a logistics solution for small to large businesses. In the Philippine market, the L300 FB uses a Euro 4 compliant 2.2-liter 4N14 diesel power plant. At most, this mill can make up to 98 horsepower and 200 Nm of torque. Power is sent to the rear via a five-speed manual transmission. The available to the L300 FB body is a rear air-conditioning system, and it can also fit up to 17 occupants. 

From ₱804,000

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