MG Philippines won't increase prices until the end of June 

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If you’re in the market for an MG, the time to get one is now.

If you’re in the market for a brand-new car and are looking to buy one soon, be aware that MG Philippines will be shouldering the provisional safeguard duty bond until June 30, 2021. In other words, MG models will retain their current standard retail prices until the aforementioned date, and thus keep them affordable. 

A picture of the MG 5

The MG 5 retains its sub Php 700k pricetag...until June 30

For those unaware, the safeguard duty import bond is in accordance with the Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI) Administrative Order No. 20-11, wherein imported Passenger cars will have a duty rate of Php 70,000 per unit. This was decided upon to supposedly protect the local metalworking industry. 

Going back to MG, be aware that all of their vehicles will be included in the said offer. Currently, the said marque’s local lineup consists of the MG 5 sedan, the RX5 compact crossover, the ZS subcompact crossover, and the MG 6 fastback sedan. 

For your reference, here are the current standard retail prices for these models: 




MG 5 

5 Core 1.5 MT 

Php 658,888 

5 Core 1.5 AT 

Php 718,888 

5 Style 1.5 AT 

Php 848,888 

5 Alpha 1.5 AT 

Php 938,888 


ZS Style 1.5 MT 

Php 818,888 

ZS Style AT 

Php 868,888 

ZS Alpha AT 

Php 998,888 


RX5 Core 1.5 MT 

Php 1,058,888 

RX5 Style 1.5 AT 

Php 1,228,888 

RX5 Alpha 1.5 AT 

Php 1,298,888 

MG 6 

6 Alpha 1.5 Turbo AT 

Php 1,068,888 

6 Trophy 1.5 Turbo AT 

Php 1,188,888 

The said retail prices available for all MG PH models until June 30, is offered in MG Philippine’s 37 authorized dealerships nationwide. Apart from getting a brand new MG from the said physical dealerships, one can also acquire any of their models from the marque’s online car selling website.  

A picture of the MG RX5

If you're looking to get an RX5 or a ZS, the right time is now

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Know more about MG 5 2021

MG 5

<p>The new MG 5 is a subcompact sedan marketed to compete with mainstream models today like the Toyota Vios, the Honda City, Hyundai Reina, and the Kia Soluto. This ruggedly handsome vehicle boasts an intimidating front and back that matches its semi athletic body. Locally, it is available in several variants such as the MG 5 1.5 Core MT, the MG 5 1.5 Core CVT, the MG 5 1.5 Style CVT, and the MG 5 1.5 Alpha CVT. For color options, you may choose from Black, Carbon Grey Metallic, and White. Also available to spice up the roads are Red, Blue, and Gold.</p>

From ₱658,888

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