MG 6 2020 Philippines Review: No holds barred

Feb 18, 2020
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  • Table of contents
  • 1. MG 6 2020 Philippines Review: Introduction
  • 2. MG 6 2020 Exterior
  • 3. MG 6 2020 Interior
  • 4. MG 6 2020 Philippines Review: Engine and Performance
  • 5. MG 6 2020 Review Philippines: Safety features
  • 6. MG 6 2020 Philippines Price & Variants
  • 7. MG 6 2020 Philippines Specs
  • 8. MG 6 2020 Philippines Review: Conclusion
MG brings out all the stops with the MG 6 2020. With all the power of a sports sedan priced like a subcompact, what more can you ever want? Let's find out in our MG 6 2020 Philippines Review.

1. MG 6 2020 Philippines Review: Introduction

What will it cost you to enjoy the finer things in life? With the market shifting towards crossovers and SUVs, brands now have free reign to reduce the compromises in their compact sedans. Installing Turbochargers, large mags, full leather seats and giving the interior space for days as well as all the electronic gadgets you can think of.

What was once the staple of start-up families is now in the same price range as larger SUVs and that leaves us, sedan lovers, at a disadvantage and has to settle for smaller, less desirable sub-compacts and hatchbacks.


The MG6 has an imposing front fascia

The past few years we’ve seen releases in this segment from the usual compact sedan suspects that feature many items once seen in luxury and sports cars, exclusively. We have the sporty Honda Civic, the socially conscious Toyota Corolla Altis Hybrid, The straightforward Hyundai Elantra, the rugged AWD Subaru Impreza, and the Nissan Sylphy is also a car.

Many of these cars, however, have either priced themselves above their targeted market or lacks enough features compared to the top of the line sub-compacts that you might as well go all out for those instead or better yet upgrade to an SUV.


The MG6 is set to disrupt the local market

MG yearns to solve this dilemma with the release of the MG6. When I first saw the MG6 at the Manila International Auto Show I thought to myself, this car has the potential to disrupt the market in more ways many people thought possible.

From the distinct fastback design to the machined 18-inch wheels and the 1.5-liter turbocharged engine under the hood, it was ready to shake things up. Read on this MG 6 2020 Philippines review from to find out.

2. MG 6 2020 Exterior

The sporty intentions are evident with the 2020 MG6 exterior design. It features a long hood and short rear deck that gives the car an athletic profile and aggressive stance. The design gathers inspiration from other popular compact sedans but toes the line just enough not to be derivative.

The front end looks to be a mix between Mazda and Acura while the rear gains inspiration from a Mercedes Benz C-Class. Those names are a good company to be a part of and being inspired by them is not the worst idea there is.

MG 6 exterior

The most affordable way to turn some heads on the road

The front end features a large hexagonal grille which MG calls the Stardust Grill and that is exactly what it looks like. If you look at it head-on with the large MG badge mounted in the middle it looks like the graphic when the starship Enterprise from Star Trek goes into warp speed.

Mg 6 back rear

The rear tail lamps do a good impression of the MB C Class

Large, sweeping headlamps flank the enormous grill, these headlamps are projector style ones with integrated daytime running lights and have an interesting design which the company calls “London Eye”, I guess it is another easter egg paying tribute to the MG’s British heritage.

The is a tad less attention-grabbing with simple led tail lamps. I decry the presence of faux exhaust vents in the bottom rear diffuser and I wished they had that omitted.

mg 6 2020 wheel

No need to go aftermarket with these 18-inch wheels

The side is almost devoid of any character lines on the door panels apart from the chrome strip at the bottom. The lack of lines does not matter however as your line of sight leads you to the beautiful, sweeping fast back shape of the overall profile of the 2020 MG6. The long hood and short deck design are distinct and you cannot find that in any other car in this price range.

The machined, two-tone 18-inch alloy wheels add to the aggressive and sporty stance of the car. As I was driving the MG 6, drivers would actually give way to me just to get a glance of the car. It creates such a commanding presence on the road, and it looks like a car much more expensive than it really is.

3. MG 6 2020 Interior

If there is one indication of what the MG 6 2020 aims to become, it's inside the car. What most significantly noticed about 2020 MG 6 interior is that it has full leather two-tone red and black leather seats, with faux carbon fiber inserts on the shifter column, center console, and door panels.

There is so much red on the inside as well as some soft-touch plastic splattered everywhere, you’ll feel like you’re driving a car that costs twice as much.


Sporty leather Seats are always a win at this price point


7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay makes an appearance

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Ergonomics are spot-on as well, with a power-adjustable driver’s seat and a leather flat-bottomed steering wheel that adjusts for both reach and rake. The front seats are heavily bolstered to keep you in place during hard cornering, although plus-sized drivers might have some trouble staying put. While keeping three occupants abreast at the rear is fine, space is best left to two owing to the compromised headroom of the fastback design.


The Rear Seats have tons of space and is well padded and molded for comfort

There's an abundance of toys as well. The chunky steering wheel has multimedia and cruise control buttons, and if you peek at the steering column you also get paddle shifters if you prefer to manually row through the gears.

Apple CarPlay thankfully makes an appearance on the 7-inch capacitive LCD touchscreen, the better to access your phone’s apps through the car. As an added bonus, rear passengers will thank you for purchasing a car that has rear A/C vents, which I feel should be a standard kit, especially considering our hot summer months.

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4. MG 6 2020 Philippines Review: Engine and Performance

With Sporty and stylish exterior and equally bombastic yet comfortable and well equipped interior amenities, you would be forgiven to think that MG left out a lot to be desired with the performance and ride quality.

You would have had thought wrong, though, as under the hood lies a 1.5 liter inline- 4 turbocharged gasoline engine that makes 167 hp and 250 Nm of torque. With power being sent to the front wheels via a 7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission, it ensures optimal power delivery every time you hit the throttle.

2020 mg6 on the road

It is as fast as it is luxurious

2020 mg6 rear view

There is quite a bit of body roll when attacking corners but it is a smooth ride

Driving around town and on the highway, with the MG 6 2020, it shows you that even though it is an executive sedan it has not forgotten its MG racing heritage. Throttle response is precise and immediate even on normal mode. Weaving around traffic was also a breeze thanks to the electronic power steering.

If you love the way it drives in normal mode, set it to sport-mode and everything gets cranked up to 11. The gauges get bathed in a red, almost menacing glow and you can immediately feel the increased throttle response and the steering wheel get tighter.

2020 Mg6 running

Sports mode changes the MG6 driving characteristics

A word to the wise, though, the revs are kept within the gears and you will have to shift manually with the provided paddle shifters, and it can be quite disorienting at first. It has independent suspension all around which provides for great handling around the corners. The suspension is set to be softer than what I am accustomed to but there is little body roll thanks to the rigidity of the body construction.

The 7-Speed dual clutch is also sublime, it lacks that characteristic shudder during start stop situations. One thing of note that this dual clutch transmission is not your standard type as it is the wet-type DCT found in more expensive sports car brands like Porsche and Bugatti. The benefits of this kind of car drivetrain are it is stronger and more durable to handle the increased torque unlike previous models with DCT sold in the country.

MG6 2020 engine bay

The 1.5-liter engines are given a boost by the small turbocharger

After a few days of purely city driving, the engine may be quite thirsty especially if you were like me who loved flooring the thing. At an average of 15 km/h, the MG6 provided a fuel mileage of 6.6 km/l. Before you grab your pitchforks and lynch me take into account that this was on heavy, gridlock traffic and every chance of open road ahead, I would let the engine sing its melodious exhaust note. I was never conscious about being economical about the MG6 so I would say that is just up to par for the amount of kit and performance you are getting.

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5. MG 6 2020 Review Philippines: Safety features

In typical MG Philippines fashion, the 2020 MG 6 packs a healthy dose of safety features, coming standard with every letter in the alphabet such as ABS, ESP, EBD, CBC, TCS, VDC, and HHC. OMG, right?

2020 mg6 brakehold

MG6 has electronic brake and automatic brake hold for safety

To be clear, those acronyms stand for Antilock Brake System, Electronic Stability Program, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, Cornering Brake Control, Traction Control, Vehicle Dynamic Control, and Hill Hold Control. Top it off with six airbags and you have one of the safest compact sedans in the market.

6. MG 6 2020 Philippines Price & Variants

MG 6 price in the Philippines
MG 6 1.5T 7TST Alpha
MG 6 1.5T 7TST Trophy

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7. MG 6 2020 Philippines Specs

Make MG
MG 6 1.5T 7TST Trophy
Body Type
Compact Sedan
4,695 mm
1,848 mm
1,462 mm
2,750 mm
Turning Radius
5.2 m
1,750 Kg
Number of Doors
Number of Seats
Engine Type
1.5 L 15E4E I4 turbo (petrol)
1,490 cc
Number of Cylinders
Number of Valves
Transmission Category
7-Speed TCT Dual Clutch
Power Train
Front-Wheel Drive
Max Output
167 hp @ 4,000 rpm
Max Torque
250 Nm @ 1,700 – 4,400 rpm
Top Speed
190 km/h
0-100 kph
7.0 seconds
Fuel Type
Fuel Capacity
50 L
Wheel Material
Wheel Size
Air-Conditioning System
Dual- Zone Automatic Climate Control
Entertainment System
8-inch Touch-screen with Apple CarPlay
  • Multi-Function Steering Wheel
  • Tilt and Telescopic Adjustable Steering 
  • Electric Parking Brake
  • 12v Power Socket
  • Smart Key Entry
  • Cruise Control
  • Automatic Climate Control
  • Cooled and Illuminated Glove-box
  • Remote Controlled Trunk
  • Push to Start Button
Safety features
  • 2 SRS Airbags
  • ABS with EBD
  • Hill Assit
  • Stability Control
  • Auto Brake Hold
  • Anti-Roll Protection
  • TPMS
  • Engine Immobilizer
  • Reverse Camera
  • Parking Sensors
  • Automatic Door Lock
  • ISOFIX anchors

8. MG 6 2020 Philippines Review: Conclusion

Going back to my previous question, how much will it cost you to enjoy the finer things in life? At an age where the top of the line compact sedans is costing north of 1.5 million pesos, the 2020 MG6 maintains its value for money proposition compromising very little in the process. The British marque has certainly come a long way from its roadster, racing heritage and has now grown up to become a sleek and sexy 4-door.

The MG6 is the equivalent of that significant other who not only goes to the gym and maintains their looks but also went to college and graduated with highest honors.

2020 MG6 logo

How much are you willing to spend on the finer things in life?

The question remains though. How much will it cost you? Are you willing to give the 2020 MG6 a chance with everything that it can offer you and save a lot of money in the process? This is where the MG 6 comes into play. It offers so much in terms of looks, performance, tech and safety features for a relatively reasonable asking price.

It doesn’t encroach on SUV money, and you get a sporty vehicle for yourself. When all is said and done, the battle of the compact sedan segment will be won by the carmaker that's ready to offer the customers more for the buck, even if it means less profit for them.

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