Jeep Grand Cherokee 2019 - What makes it become a state-of-the-art SUV?

Apr 05, 2019 | Same topic: Newest & coolest car concepts
The Jeep Grand Cherokee 2019 comes equipped with an admirable safety package.

Recent market studies in the Philippine’s automotive market conclude that crossovers and SUVs are the new preferred vehicle types. Market researchers assume that this could be due to the rising number of Filipinos who decide to start their own families and want more space in their vehicle.

The continuous patronage of clients toward bigger vehicles is expected to grow this year. New designs and models are expected from the largest manufacturers of quality vehicles.

With the wide array of SUVs and crossovers in the market, there is that one model that dominates the sales and gives satisfaction to its customers like no other. This model is the 2019 Grand Cherokee. This SUV definitely raises the bar for other vehicles to compete with.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee 2019 is a state-of-the-art SUV that is making noise in the heavy vehicles category. It follows a generation of three previous Grand Cherokee models with each more spiced and diced than the last.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2019 look

The Grand Cherokee 2019 is a state-of-the-art SUV 

As seen on their website, the manufacturer promises that the Filipinos will get an opportunity to have the Grand Cherokee that they "built tough" enough to tolerate our terrains. It's also expected to have the latest safety features along with modern entertainment systems.

It is also becoming one of the preferred go-to vehicles if one is looking for something with a spacious yet powerful configuration. If you're eager to know more about this new powerhouse and what it offers, take a look at the details prepared below.

I. Jeep Grand Cherokee 2019: Engine 

It comes with a V-6 base engine with an expected horsepower reaching up to 300. That's like having 300 well-bred muscle horses pulling your Cherokee up the steep country trails of the mountains. This in combination with the torque that reaches up to 265 lb-ft.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2019 engine

It comes with a V-6 base engine with an expected horsepower reaching up to 300

The EPA classification of this latest release is under Standard Sports Utility Vehicle and a 2WD (2 wheel drive). The power is focused on the rear wheels to deliver power even when driving on off-road terrain. The fuel tank also allows long intervals between fuel top-ups due to its 24.6-gallon fuel capacity.

Brake ABS System permits all four wheels to be installed with disc-type brakes. This is a great feature that will work effectively in contrast to the Grand Cherokee's speed and power.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2019 wheel

Brake ABS System permits all four wheels to be installed with disc-type brakes

II. Jeep Grand Cherokee 2019: Comfort & Safety features

The Jeep Grand Cherokee 2019's displacement is calculated at 3.6L/220. Trebles and vibration while riding are also minimized with the multi-link suspension at the rear and a short-and-long arm suspension at the front.

One look at the technical description and you can immediately tell that the latest Cherokee update will give you a great driving experience. The brilliant minds behind the technical design also prioritized safety as much as performance.

For instance, they made sure that there are enough safety features to accommodate all the possible passengers of the SUV. This is a leap from the usual occasion where cars only have airbags for the driver and front-seat passenger. Take a look at the other safety features that the Grand Cherokee has to offer:

1. Blind Spot Monitoring

The blind spot monitoring system acts as an extra pair of eyes to the driver. These are usually sensors, cameras and sometimes a combination of the both in edgy vehicles - like our Jeep Grand Cherokee.

These techy cams and sensors are located near the rear corners of the vehicle where visibility is limited even with the use of side mirrors. The blind spot monitoring system is programmed to alert the driver via noise or visual signal when other vehicles come too close to yours.

2. Forward Collision Mitigation

This uses the same technology as blind spot monitoring but focuses on the area in front of the car. The brake system reacts in unison with the front sensors. In an event where the car in front suddenly stops, the sensors will automatically trigger the brakes to avoid the collision.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2019 interior

The brake system reacts in unison with the front sensors

3. Lane Departure Warning

Another good use of the smart camera-and-sensors combination is the effective lane departure warning. This is great for driving home from both an exhausting day from work or from having a wild night-out.

The sensors will recognize the lane you're on and immediately alert you to steer back into its center if you're steering away with no turn signals on.

4. Parking Assist

One of the problems that come with owning a car is finding a legal parking space when you're out and about. The growing number of privately-owned vehicles limit the ability to park in less pinchy spaces, so one often needs to maneuver to fit their car snuggly in parking areas.

This problem is recognized by the manufacturers and addressed it by making the Grand Cherokee grander with all-around parking assistance. The units are all built with ParkSense® Rear Back-up Camera, ParkSense® Front, and Rear Brake Assist System and Parallel and perpendicular parking assistance.

The latter lets you push a button and enable a guide once a parking space has been detected. The smart park assist system will then take over the steering so you can freely control the brakes and acceleration.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2019 on the road

One of the problems that come with owning a car is finding a legal parking space when you're out and about

2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee dashboar area

The units are all built with ParkSense® Rear Back-up Camera

Asides from those smart safety features, the Jeep Grand Cherokee 2019 also participated in intense crash tests as implemented by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety. Below are the crash tests conducted and certified by the IIHS. The results are a plus one on the list of factors that make the newest Cherokee grander.

  • Side Impact Test - Good
  • Roof Strength Test - Good
  • Rear Crash Protection/ Head Restraint - Good
  • IIHS Small Overlap Front Test - Marginal
  • Moderate Overlap Front Test - Good

II. Jeep Grand Cherokee 2019 vs Jeep Cherokee 2018: How Grand Did the Cherokee Go?

To find out how grand was the step that Jeep took with this update, we decided to level and compare. We listed the features that make each version remarkable and compared them below, check them out:

1. The Cost

According to both the unit's price in the international market, the Grand Cherokee is supposedly more expensive by almost six-thousand dollars. For that reason, it's also expected to be at a higher price once it reaches the Philippine market.

 Jeep Grand Cherokee 2019 vs Jeep Cherokee 2018

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2019 vs Jeep Cherokee 2018

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2. Space

There should also be a minimal difference when it comes to cargo space. The latest Cherokee has 68.3 cubic feet allowed for cargo while the older version has 54.7. The measurements were taken with the rear seats.

3. Fuel Economy

Due to quick developments in tech, the manufacturers were immediately able to utilize the most contemporary technologies in making the Jeep Grand Cherokee 2019. They used a smart combination of engine and transmission parts to deliver better fuel economy than the 2018 version.

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Source: Hanna Miel Sanchez