The Jeep Cherokee 2019 returns to the Philippine Market!

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It is time for the Jeep Cherokee 2019 to come back to the Philippines with a new look.

We have good news readers!

The Auto Nation Group, the Philippines’ the general importer and distributor of the Jeep brand of vehicles has decided that it was time for the Jeep Cherokee 2019 to return to the Philippine market.

The reveal came hot in the heels of the recently revealed Jeep Wrangler 2019 but as of date, specs, official pricing, variants and date of launch for the Jeep Cherokee are yet to be disclosed. What we know was that the Jeep Cherokee US version was updated for 2019 with a new look. We also have some bit of info on how Jeep changed the 2019 Cherokees’ interior.

A view of the front of the 2019 Jeep Cherokee US version highlighting its face lift changes.

It's time for the Cherokee 2019 to return to the Philippine market

What we noticed at first was that the front grille was relocated further down. The Cherokees’ headlamps’ shape has also changed from being too boxy and confined to a much larger, smoother shape with sweeps towards the sides of the vehicle.

The signal lights are now integrated with the aforementioned headlamps adding to the Cherokees’ already sharper, cleaner look.

As for the rear, the tailgate was redesigned to what now looks similar to what the 2nd generation Jeep Compass was equipped with except that the Jeep Cherokee 2019 now comes with smoked rear lights.

The design for the wheels have also changed from the drab five spoke the Cherokee had before, to a more sophisticated five-spoke design.  

Overall, we think that the individual changes that Jeep had made to the Cherokee work well in conjunction with each of the other change made during the facelift. It now has that modern and yet rustic look which will definitely catch many car enthusiasts’ eyes.

A rear view of a parked Jeep Cherokee 2019 US version.

As for the rear, the tailgate was redesigned

With regards to the Cherokees’ very roomy and comfortable interior, as per the US 2019 version is concerned, Jeep made a concerted effort to upgrade the Cherokees’ infotainment system specifically the U Connect which adds 4g wifi connectivity and of course integration with android and apple applications.

Again with the US 2019 facelift version as a reference, many interesting changes too were implemented with regards to the Cherokees’ engine. For one thing, the 180 horsepower multi-air inline four makes a return through a more powerful Pentastar v6 rated at about 300 hp which comes standard with the more upscale versions of the Cherokee.

What’s new though is the 2.0 liter, a turbocharged inline-four engine called the Hurricane which is rated at 270 horsepower. The latter is another choice for the higher trim levels of the 2019 Cherokee and as rumor has it in many Jeep forums, has a lot more torque even than the Pentastar v6.

Jeep Cherokee 2019 engine

 What’s new though is the 2.0 liter, turbocharged inline-four engine called the Hurricane which is rated at 270 horsepower

With all those engine choices released in the US, we can only hope that those very interesting engines are also made available here in the Philippine spec Jeep Cherokee 2019 in the near Future.

To conclude, many are excited with the news of the Jeep Cherokees’ return. We also hope for more information to come regarding pricing and trim levels, so please, stay tuned to for more news regarding the 2019 Jeep Cherokee.

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