Jaguar Land Rover to invest P1.043-trillion to accelerate EV strategy

Updated May 04, 2023 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates

The British automaker is going all in for electrification.

Jaguar Land Rover is looking to accelerate its electric vehicle (EV) first strategy by investing 15 billion Euros for the said initiative (or around Php 1.043 trillion) over the next five years.

Land Rover Range Rover front view

Jaguar Land Rover is accelerating its EV strategy

With the large investment, major changes are bound for the British automaker under the Reimagine strategy. These include transforming the company’s Halewood plant in the UK to an all-electric production facility and its next-gen medium-size SUV architecture to a pure-electric platform.

“Today, I am proud to announce we are accelerating our electrification path, making one of our UK plants and our next-generation medium-sized luxury SUV architecture fully electric. This investment enables us to deliver our modern luxury electric future, developing new skills, and reaffirming our commitment to be carbon net zero by 2039,” said JLR CEO Adrian Mardell.

Jaguar Land Rover 15 billion euro investment

We should see new electrified JLR models by 2025

Jaguar plans to introduce the first of its three Reimagined modern luxury models in selected markets in 2024. It will be a 4-door GT, which has an indicative pricing of 100,000 Euros (Php 6.1 million). This model will be built on a unique architecture called JEA.

Meanwhile, Land Rover confirmed that client orders for the all-electric Range Rover will start later this year. It will be launched in 2025, with options for an international combustion engine (ICE), hybrid, and battery electric vehicle (BEV) still for up for grabs to cater to different demands around the world.

“With Range Rover, the original luxury SUV, available for pre-order in pure electric form later this year, and the first of three breath-taking electric reimagined Jaguar models to be launched in 2025, we are stepping into an incredibly exciting new electric era for JLR as a modern luxury business,” added Mardell.

Land Rover Defender front view

The investment also aims to innovate autonomous, AI, and digital technologies

The Reimagine strategy looks to reduce emissions across JLR’s operations and value chains by 2030. The company then aims to achieve carbon net zero by 2039.

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