Isuzu PH held the Truck Training Series in Isabela

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To promote road safety, IPC conducted a training program including classroom lectures and actual operation of the vehicles for attendees.

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Road Crash Statistics has annually reported an alarming figure of road accidents over the past few years. Trucks rank among top three vehicles, together with private cars and motorcycles, as a cause of traffic injuries and deaths.

It's time for every motorist to be more attentive and responsible behind the wheel. Reducing traffic accidents won't apparently happen overnight. Road safety awareness and education play an important part to engage drivers in their actual driving manners on the road.

Isuzu Truck

Trucks rank among top three vehicles as a cause of traffic injuries and deaths

 Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) recently conducted the latest installment of its Truck Training series at the BMD Seed Farm in Aurora, Isabela. The event, which was a part of IPC’s commitment to promoting road safety through useful driver education, was attended by representatives of organizations and Isuzu heavy-duty fleet owners in the Isabela and Cagayan areas.

The training consisted of two parts: lectures and discussion part, and the actual operation of the vehicles. Isuzu facilitators equipped the fleet drivers with essential techniques to use the Isuzu’s 7-speed and 16-speed transmissions, drive with fuel efficiency, and proper risk management knowledge. IPC had already held the event in Metro Manila and decided to expand the training series to Isabela to those who couldn't attend the prior event. IPC conducted this activity free of charge.

two Isuzu Trucks on the road

Truck Training series as a part of IPC’s commitment to promoting road safety through useful driver education

IPC proves that its best services to customers do not end after a purchase. “Conducting the Isuzu Truck Training series allows us to pursue our efforts at helping make Philippine roads safer to everybody, which of course include the representatives of our valued fleet customers”, said IPC President Hajime Koso.

Following the training program was the Isuzu Truck Fest in Isabela. Showcased in this event was the “Trucks for Life” models of IPC. The models were designed to address the different mobility requirements in the area. Heading the list were Isuzu’s EXR and EXZ lineup of heavy-duty trucks.

For those who sought trucks meant for lighter duties, IPC exhibited the NKR model. Therefore, with all vehicles displayed, customers might choose the trucks according to their requirements.

three Isuzu trucks in three different colors

IPC proves that its best services to customers do not end after a purchase

All in all, Isuzu strives for better after-sales services to serve its fleet of customers. The company is trying to show its effort in improving safety for everyone on the road. If you own many Isuzu vehicles, you may consider attending this training course in the near future.

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