Hyundai Casper spotted in the metal

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It looks a lot smaller when parked alongside other vehicles.

After Hyundai unveiled the all-new Casper nameplate, many are amazed by the model’s small dimensions, and distinctive exterior design. To excite fans of the mini SUV, YouTube channel CarSceneKorea gave us a first look at the model which shows what they can expect from the newest member of the Hyundai family.

2022 Hyundai Casper spotted [Video: CarSceneKorea]

Right off the bat, the small dimensions of the Hyundai Casper in a parking lot is very evident. Next to other cars parked in the shooting venue, the vehicle is undeniably the Casper. The model shown in the video is finished in Tomboy Khahi, the signature color of the mini SUV.

The front fascia is designed with four circular finishes, two for the headlights and two for the air vents. But looking at the released photos when the model was first unveiled, there seems to be another variant. The other Casper gets a larger grille and removes the two circular air vents.

Another noticeable design detail of the Hyundai Casper is the black claddings that surround its entire body. This gives the exterior a more SUV-like finish. Moreover, the SUV-like appeal is further complemented by the addition of roof racks which can help haul more cargo on the go.

Hyundai Casper interior view

Folding first-row seats

CarSceneKorea does not have access to the cabin as he just happen to bump into the Casper in a parking lot. But based on our previous report, the highlight of the interior is the foldable front seats which can be used for dining. Only two passengers are recommended to sit in the second row for better on-road comfort.

Moving to the back, the rear-end showcases ambitious-looking taillights finished with triangle design elements. The triangular inserts can also be seen on the taillights of the new Hyundai Tucson. Also, the circular theme at the front is continued to the rear with the assumed turn signal lamps with reflector surrounds.

Hyundai Casper front view

Small yet adventurous

Hyundai started opening the pre-order booking for the all-new Casper. CarSceneKorea reported that the pre-orders reached 18,940 units in Korea alone when its video was posted on YouTube. This shows a good start for the Casper for the years to come.

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