Honda CR-V 2019 Mugen version get dressed up with new body kit

Updated Sep 25, 2020 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates

Can’t wait to welcome limited version of Honda CR-V 2019, offered by Mugen with sportier accessories!

The new CR-V has already made its launches for over one year as a dynamic compact crossover, featuring a couple of new tricks. However, in order to improve the eye-catching look of the current Honda CR-V, Modulo decided to give its appearance a sportier look by providing new body kit and interior updates. 

Not to be surpassed by Modulo, Mugen - Honda’s in-house tuner, has also delivered new body gears for their own CR-V limited version.

Compared to what offered by Modulo, Mugen’s new skirt for CR-V looks more adventurous and dynamic. The new SUV features a two-tone grill with Mugen symbol, along with a break-through front bumper. Also, the side designs are complemented thanks to the refresh of prominent rear wings and door visors.

Honda CR-V 2019 Mugen version

Honda CR- V 2019 Mugen version comes with sportier styling kits

In addition to the exterior changes, the Mugen CR-V version also gains a new look with larger 19-inch alloy wheels.

New set of accessories available for new CR-V also include: 

  • Black/ Silver Wheel Nut
  • Black/ Silver Lockset
  • Mugen floor mat
  • Rear Sports luggage mat

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Honda CRV 2019 With Mugen Body Kit

Until now, there is no update about whether the new body kit will enter other markets, rather than Japan or not. But for what already introduced in Japan, the detailed price is presented in the table below: 

Honda CR-V 2019 Mugen Body kit Price
Body kit
Price (JPY)
Price (PHP)
Entire exterior kit (plus alloy)
JPY 408,240
Black wheel nut & lockset
JPY 9,504
Silver wheel nut & lockset
JPY 8,100
Floor mat (Five-seater version)
JPY 43,200
Floor mat (Seven-seater version)
JPY 51,840
Sports luggage mat
JPY 22,680

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Know more about Honda CR-V 2023

Honda CR-V

The 2024 Honda CR-V is a midsize crossover SUV. For the Philippine market, it has three variants: the V Turbo CVT, VX Turbo CVT, and the RS e:HEV (hybrid) e-CVT. 

The latest version of this Honda model has two different engine options. For the top-spec hybrid trim, it uses a 2.0-liter gasoline four-banger paired with a dual motor and lithium-ion battery. The combustion component alone produces up to 145 horsepower and 183 Nm of torque. The electric-powered component meanwhile, can churn out 181 horsepower and 335 Nm of torque. 

Aboard the V and VX trims meanwhile is a 1.5-liter inline-4 engine that can churn out 187 horsepower and 240 Nm of torque. 

Only the VX gets all-wheel-drive, while the rest are front-wheel-drive. All trims then use a continuously variable transmission (CVT), but the one on the hybrid trim is an electronic CVT (e-CVT). 

In terms of dimensions, the all-new CR-V is 4,691mm long, 1,866mm wide, and 1,681mm (1,691mm for VX) in height. Both the hybrid and the V’s wheelbase then spans 2,701mm (2,700mm for VX). 

Locally, the Honda CR-V competes against the likes of the Mazda CX-9, Cherry Tiggo 8 Pro, Kia Sorento, Hyundai Santa Fe, Peugeot 5008, etc. 

₱ 2,100,000 - ₱ 2,590,000