Honda CRV 2018 vs 2017: Spot the changes side-by-side

Updated Jan 20, 2021

A visual comparison to spot the changes of the Honda CRV 2018 vs 2017.

1. Honda CRV 2018 vs 2017: Introduction

Making its debut for the first time in 2017 Bangkok International Motor Show early last year, yet not until August 2017 did the eagerly-anticipated Honda CR-V 2018 actually hit our shores. The launch of the 5th-generation CR-V has stirred up great excitement among local car enthusiasts not only because it receives enormous changes in design, but also thanks to its two first-for-local-CR-V-lineup features: 7-seats and Diesel engine.

All significant updates given to the all-new model have been discussed thoroughly in our Honda CR-V 2018 review. Today, with a view to giving readers a clearer idea of how the latest generation is different from its predecessor, has put together the two models in a visual comparison in terms of their designs and prices as well.

Let's look through our Honda CRV 2018 vs 2017 comparison to spot the changes side-by-side!

2018 Honda CR-V In Depth Review

2. Honda CRV 2018 vs 2017: Exterior comparison

Honda CRV 2018 angular frontHonda CRV 2017 angular front


Honda CRV 2018 front viewHonda CRV 2017 front view


Honda CRV 2018 headlightHonda CRV 2017 headlight


Honda CRV 2018 grilleHonda CRV 2017 grille


Honda CRV 2018 side viewHonda CRV 2017 side view


Honda CRV 2018 wheelHonda CRV 2017 wheel


Honda CRV 2018 side mirrorHonda CRV 2017 side mirror


Honda CRV 2018 rear viewHonda CRV 2017 rear view

3. Honda CRV 2018 vs 2017: Interior Comparison

Honda CRV 2018 dashboard areaHonda CRV 2017 dashboard area


Honda CRV 2018 steering wheelHonda CRV 2017 steering wheel


Honda CRV 2018 cargo spaceHonda CRV 2017 cargo space


Honda CRV 2018 interiorHonda CRV 2017 interior


Honda CRV 2018 rear seatsHonda CRV 2017 rear seats


Honda CRV 2018 odometerHonda CRV 2017 odometer


Honda CRV 2018 clutchHonda CRV 2017 clutch


Honda CRV 2018 dashboardHonda CRV 2017 dashboard

3. Honda CRV 2018 vs 2017: Price comparison

Honda CR-V 2018 vs 2017 price in the Philippines
 Model 2017 Price 2018 Price Difference
Honda CR-V 1.6 SX Diesel 9AT AWD P2,049,000 P2,086,000 P37,000
Honda CR-V 1.6 S Diesel 9AT P1,759,000 P1,835,000 P76,000
Honda CR-V 1.6 V Diesel 9AT P1,569,000 P1,671,000 P102,000
Honda CR-V 2.0 S CVT P1,539,000 P1,648,000 P109,000

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To give a verdict, with a series of significant changes including a more stylish design, more modern interior and more advanced package of state-of-the-art technologies, the Honda CRV 2018 price also receives sifnificant increases when compared to that of the 2017 model. Particularly, the base variant has experienced the sharpest growth from P1,539,000 in 2017 to P1,648,000 in 2018, meaning an increase of P109,000. However, with all that it has to offer, we think it's worth spending extra pesos to take home the latest CR-V.

5. Honda CRV 2018 vs 2017: Conclusion

All in all, we hope that our Honda CRV 2018 vs 2017 comparison has provided you with comprehensive understanding of the two models. Go to our Honda CR-V 2017 - 2018 for sale on to look for your next car. In case you still wish to read more comparison reviews before deciding which one will be worth your hard-earned money, the following articles might be some help: