Blade launches Philips LED Ultinon Access product line locally

Updated Apr 23, 2024 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates

The latest and greatest LED technology from Philips is now available from Blade outlets. 

Blade Auto Center, the largest car accessory and parts retailer in the Philippines, has officially partnered up with Dutch multinational conglomerate Philipps. Thanks to this, Blade is now the official distributor of Philips aftermarket LED bulbs for the local market. 

The Philips Challange demo vehicle

The Philips Challange demo vehicle

Specifically available from all Blade outlets is Philips’ Ultinon Access. This LED product line carries the company’s latest LED technologies whilst promising one of the best ways for car owners to transition from halogen automotive lighting to LEDs. 

The Philips Ultinon Access line of LED bulbs carries all the advantages of the typical LED bulb. They are 100 to 300 percent brighter than halogens, emit less heat, and are more energy efficient to boot. 

Then again, the Ultinon line stands out as they come in a sleek but sturdy form factor that’s easy to install. All of the Ultinon Access LED bulbs are smaller than the typical halogen bulb and they use the smallest LED filament in the market right now. 

They also don’t require adapters and are compatible with up to 95 percent of all car models sold locally. Installation is seamless, and as demonstrated by the Philips Challenge, is a plug-and-play affair barring some car models.

Blade showcased how Philips LED bulbs evolved over the years

Blade showcased how Philips LED bulbs evolved over the years

Philips likewise developed the Ultinon Access LED product lineup with a particular focus on driving safety. According to Philips Senior Director for Business Life Aftermarket Lamps and LED Upgrades Jacques Le Berre, the LED Ultinon Access lineup is 80 percent brighter on the road whilst being effective in staving away distracting glare.

In talking about glare, Le Berre is referring to both self-inflicted glare (from adverse weather), as well as glare to other drivers on the road. It is so effective in doing this that Philips has been involved in shaping safety standards in other countries. 

On top of all those advantages, the LED Ultinon Access LED lineup is also quite affordable. It starts at Php 3,000, and it is available for H1 to H19 docks. 

As mentioned above, Blade is currently hosting the Philips Challenge. This is open to the public, and it will allow participants to attempt to install one Philips Ultinon Access bulb on a demo vehicle. If they can do this within 10 minutes, they will redeem a pair of free Ultinon Pro3100 bulbs. 

Philips Challenge in action

Philips Challenge in action

This fun activity is available at the Blade Auto Center Mindanao Ave. from April 26 to 28, 2024, and at the Blade Timog Ave. from May 3 to 5, 2024. 

Of note, Blade is also celebrating its 20th anniversary. With that said, its partnership with Philips kicks off this momentous occasion for the company. 

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Cesar G.B. Miguel

Cesar G.B. Miguel


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