2020 Hyundai Venue would be a great addition to marque’s PH lineup

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Should the Venue make its way in the local market?

The Hyundai Venue debuted at the New York International Show on May 21, 2019. It is introduced as a 5-door subcompact crossover and is dubbed as Hyundai’s entry-level crossover. 

Front view of Hyundai Venue

Hyundai Venue at the 2020 Singapore Motor Show

We had the chance to see the Venue in the metal at the 2020 Singapore Motor Show in January, and we seriously believe that it’s a perfect addition to the local Hyundai cars for sale right now. 

Of note, the Hyundai Venue is arguably a suitable car in the Philippines. It is small, practical, reviews say that it is easy to drive, plus it has a relatively affordable with a price that starts at $17,350 (Php 879,653 excluding Philippine taxes).

Backseats of the Venue

Gross Vehicle Weight is 1,700 kg

Moreover, we Filipinos adore a boxy and retro-looking car since we are influenced by the famous design of the Jeep and the Jimny. With that being said, we think that the Hyundai Venue will appeal to the Filipino car buyers since they share similarities in design – only a bit modern.

Size-wise, the Hyundai Venue is 4,040mm long, 1,770mm wide, and 1,565mm high and has a wheelbase that measures 2,520mm – which makes the Venue Hyundai’s smallest crossover to date.

To put that on a scale, the Hyundai Kona has a total dimension measurement of 4,165mm x 1,800mm x 1,550mm and has a wheelbase that measures 2,600mm.

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Front tire of the Hyundai Venue

The entry-level variant comes with a 185/65R15 Tires while the high-end variant comes with 205/55R17 Tires

Under the hood, the Venue is powered by a 1.0L T-GDI gasoline engine capable of generating 120 hp and 172 Nm of torque. While for Venue’s higher variants, a 1.6 T-GDI gasoline engine capable of generating an enhanced 177 hp and 265 Nm of torque is mounted. 

Moreover, the Venue comes with an improved fuel efficiency with the help of its electronically-controlled waste-gate actuator that lowers pumping losses as well as improving throttle response and low-end torque.

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Steering wheel of the HyundaiVenue

The Hyundai Venue is installed with an 8-inch touchscreen LCD infotainment system

It earns 11.5 km/L in the city and 14.9 km/L on the highway for the manual transmission while 12.6 km/L in the city and 14.5 km/L on the highway for Venue models with CVT – fairly reasonable for a daily drive in the traffic roads of Metro Manila.

For now, we would have to wait because Hyundai Philippines hasn’t released any announcements regarding whether the Venue will arrive in the local market or not.

Back view of the Hyundai Venue

LED rear combination lamp

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