137,000 units of Honda CR-V 2019 will be recalled globally!

Updated Jun 07, 2019 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates
Your Honda CR-V 2019 is going to be recalled by Honda due to the airbag problems.

If you possess a Honda CR-V 2019, you must be aware of this newest announcement from Honda: 137,000 units of the crossover will be recalled. And, it might include yours! Please keep reading about the news updated on Philkotse.com.

1. How is it so urgent to recall Honda CR-V 2019?

There have been reports all over the world that the airbags of CR-V 2019 will unexpectedly deploy while users do not have any actions on it. As many drivers have experienced, the airbags come out without any warnings are believed to be extremely dangerous when it accidentally cover your sights from the front seat.

Sudden airbag deployment is so dangerous

Sudden airbag deployment is so dangerous

Regarding the reasons, as stressed by the Honda manufacturer, this issue is caused by the metal burrs. This burrs on the inside of the steering wheel can have a negative effect on the wiring harness and cables that are a part of the car airbag system.

As a result, an electrical short circuit and overheating will occur. In other words, it will cause the sudden deployment of an airbag.

2. What’s Honda’s reaction?

This problem is so emergent that Honda has to recall Honda CR-V 2019 globally. In fact, there have already been six incidents caused by the unexpected deployment of airbags, three injuries have been recorded from those situations.

Therefore, besides recalling 137,000 crossovers globally, this automaker promises to install a new protective cover on the steering wheel core, replace the clock-spring and wiring harnesses, as well.

3. Your car is going to be recalled?

To the owners who have never experienced the sudden deployment of airbags, we have signs for you. First, check your steering wheel buttons. If it does not work properly, your Honda CR-V might have this problem.

Honda CR-V 2019 recall

Check out the signs if you Honda CR-V faces problems

Not less importantly, you will see there’s something abnormal is happening to your car when the horn suddenly activating by itself, and the SRS airbag warning light appearing on the instrument panel.

Yet, you have to wait for the official announcement from Honda Cars Philippines Inc. (HCPI). It will tell you if your car is a part of the global safety recall or not.