Toyota Vios 2019 Philippines review: The go-to sub-compact for everyone

Nov 02, 2018
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  • Table of contents
  • 1. Toyota Vios 2019 Philippines review: Introduction
  • 2. Toyota Vios 2019 Exterior
  • 3. Toyota Vios 2019 Interior & Comfort features
  • 4. Toyota Vios 2019 Philippines review: Engine & Performance
  • 5. 2019 Toyota Vios Philippines: Safety & Security
  • 6. Toyota Vios 2019 Philippines Price
  • 7. Toyota Vios 2019 Specs
  • 8. Toyota Vios 2019 Philippines review: Conclusion
The latest generation of Vios is now available and features significant improvements over the prior version.

1. Toyota Vios 2019 Philippines review: Introduction

If there’s a car that is considered best-selling and the most popular sub-compact available, that’s the Vios.

But, the newest version is stunning as the everyday Joe’s car that will be the go-to sub-compact for everyone. Now, we’ve had the gripes and complaints; but the new Vios will make a believer out of anyone who has considered it as a so-so car! To see is to believe and to behold its new specs that make the older model nothing but yesterday’s news.

Toyota Vios 2019 angular front

The new Vios is the go-to sub-compact for everyone

Think of it; as the all-new and revamped Toyota Vios 2019 Philippines that proves Toyota can create a car that is all-around value, and more! Take a squinty look; and the Vios 2019 emulates the Yaris hatchbacks lines, with an aggressive and dynamic look for a good looking sub-compact.

If the looks won’t get you; then consider the powertrain choices like a 1.5L 4-cylinder Dual VVT-i and a 1.3L 4-cylinder Dual VVT-I as options. There’s more and add up drive train top choices which are a 5-speed MT and a CVT (continuously variable transmission) with a 7-speed manual select, that’ used in premium options as well.


2019 Toyota Vios 1.5G Prime - Behind the Wheel

Did this catch interest? Then consider getting options that have upgraded sporty style with both 1.5 G and 1.3 E models, body kit equipped and with Spoiler. All these come with Vios prime models. So, let’s look through our Toyota Vios review Philippines on to decide which are great options to consider!

2. Toyota Vios 2019 Exterior

Give it a glance, and you’ll know that this is the 2019 Toyota Vios, that is quite distinct from the previous version. This new design differentiates itself with several apt adjectives; they are dynamic sharp with the lines of the body running to the back in one clean line.

If a car is synonymous to a look, then a Vios will be unforgettable with a grille that is oriented in horizontal style. Notice the large black expanse; that is part of the front-bumper skirt that is functional and not only pure eye-candy!

Take a gander at the LED daytime running lights, bright halogen projector lamps, with the fogs lamp that provide extra illumination. It’s note-worthy to mention that Toyota went all out to give premium variants bumper skirts that only made it, look more premium!

Toyota Vios 2019 headlight

Toyota Vios 2019 taillight

The new sedan features bright halogen projector lamps, with the fogs lamp that provide extra illumination

The overall Toyota Vios exterior design features a distinct unifying shape from the windows to all exterior parts, to make it look fierce and commanding despite its size. When it comes to size; the new Vios is a definite bump up in length and width but has the same height. The new Vios does have significant physical changes not just cosmetic.

To sum it up, the Vios will make believers in its capacity to have features that just, aren’t mere cosmetic changes. Toyota has upped the ante and proves that each successive Vios model is worth it and should be a top contender in the sub-compact market! As one of the most improved sub-compacts of 2018-2019.

Comparison of Dimensions: Toyota Vios 2019 vs. Toyota Vios 2018
Vios 2019
Vios 2018
4,410 mm
1,700 mm
1,475 mm
Wheel base
2,550 mm

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3. Toyota Vios 2019 Interior & Comfort features

Now, the new Vios has made vast improvements from the previous model; and it looks a world apart. If the older Toyota Vios was on the practical side, not this one because of the interior appointments that stand out!

Simplicity is not a proper term but describes the subtle layout of all the interior features. Ergonomically and stylistically it may not be premium, but it does hit the middle ground with the dark interior with accents to make it look good!

Toyota Vios 2019 Optitron meter gauge

The Optitron meter gauge is set in black and white for stylistic contrast

Getting to the meat of things; the Optitron meter gauge is set in black and white for stylistic contrast. It gives the driver all the info at a glance for the better driving input! In front is the leather spoked steering wheel that is equipped with audio controls to keep hands, on the wheel at all times.

If that isn’t enough to make anyone jump in and drive away, there’s a paddle shifter and with Eco and Sports modes as extra settings.

That’s not it and the new Toyota Vios 2019; has more for the buck too! Get a head-unit touchscreen with infotainment system to entertain with Bluetooth, web link, and USB connectivity. But there’s the piece de resistance that the older version hasn’t; like Push Start and Smart Entry Systems that comes with the Newer Vios for better comfort and convenience.

Toyota Vios 2019 interior

Toyota has given the latest Vios with dark interior to make it look good

Other comfort features that make it a prime sub-compact is the Automatic AC, to keep cool in traffic. All doors are equipped with a wireless door lock that has Speed-Sensing functions as well. Inside the Toyota Vios interior, at least five adults of regular height can fit and trunk could fit five decently sized bags with ease!

This what value for money sub-compact like the new Vios offers, and it’s a real steal by the way. No regrets and should be the most favor option by many!

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4. Toyota Vios 2019 Philippines review: Engine & Performance

What makes the Vios 2019 tick is right under the hood, and the powertrain exceeds the capacity of the former model. Take note there will be slight bumps in engine and performance but an improved 1.5-liter engine, does gives it a sweet spot.

These powertrains come in 1.3 to 1.5-liter engines as options, equipped with Dual VVT-I conjoined to a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) or five-speed MT that move them along. When it comes to fuel efficiency, they are top-notch with ease of maintenance and cheap spare parts too!

Toyota Vios 2019 engine hood

The powertrains come in 1.3 to 1.5-liter engines as options

Overall displacement is 1329 cc or higher; with a horsepower of 98 to 106 Hp and has a torque of 123 to 140 Nm. They are the ranges of the 1.3 to 1.5-liter powertrains, with front-wheel-drive as well. Not to forget the suspension system that has MacPherson Strut Type with Coil Spring in the front, and Torsion Beam in the rear for smooth dampening action. When it comes to brakes; the front is a ventilated disc and with drum brakes for the rear for better safety.

All these options lie under the hood for power and performance, but the smaller 1.3-liter will fall behind the better-equipped 1.5-liter. If anyone says that the all new Vios 2019 is not that hot, show them the specs and make them weep!

5. 2019 Toyota Vios Philippines: Safety & Security

If safety and security was an issue with the previous model, then the new Toyota Vios 2019 is lightyears better in this respect.

Now, Toyota has made a safe and quality sub-compact car that has a five-star ranking from ASEAN New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) because of the addition of airbags and Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) with Hill Start Assist (HSA).

Toyota Vios 2019 airbag

The new Toyota Vios 2019 is lightyears better in the respect of safety and security

Implementation of improved safety protocols includes the following safety features that protect both adult and children passengers. Take note that the older Vios was very compromised and isn’t an ideal car for children, due to the lack of relevant safety equipment.

  • Airbags- dual, side, curtain
  • 3-pt. ELR seatbelts
  • Crash sensor
  • Anti-lock brakes, Electronic brake assist, Brake assist
  • Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Hill Start Assist (HSA)

All these safety features are standard for all five-star ranked cars and should be standardized even for sub-compacts like the Vios 2019. All these add up to an excellent and safe car with value for money. Anyway, reliability and durability have always been what people think of when it comes to Toyota models.

6. Toyota Vios 2019 Philippines Price

The Vios 2019 is one of the best sub-compacts with specifications and features that are competitive for this segment.

Prices for all options will vary depending on the engine package. Please contact your nearest Toyota Philippines dealerships for more info in terms of the Vios price and what Toyota Vios 2019 colors are available for choosing. Prices may vary according to colors preferred! Overall, the Toyota Vios has many variants for any price-point!

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Toyota Vios 2019 price Philippines
Color option
Toyota Vios Prime CVT G
White Pearl
Toyota Vios G CVT
White Pearl
Toyota Vios G MT
White Pearl
Toyota Vios G Prime CVT
Toyota Vios G CVT
Toyota Vios MT
Toyota Vios E Prime CVT
Toyota Vios E Prime MT
Toyota Vios 1.3 E CVT
Toyota Vios E MT
Toyota Vios J MT
Toyota Vios Base MT

* Latest pricing changes will be updated in our Toyota Vios price Philippines

7. Toyota Vios 2019 Specs

To top everything off in this Toyota Vios Philippines review; here is the spec table of all performance and features.

Toyota Vios 2019 Philippines specs
Engine & Performance
1.3 L Dual VVT-i Engine, In-Line 4-Cylinder 16 Valve
Displacement (liters)
1329 - 1496 cc.
98-106 Hp
123-140 Nm
Power train
CVT /5-Spd MT
Drive train
Front Wheel Drive
MacPherson Strut Type with Coil Spring
Torsion Beam
Ventilated Discs
Tire size
Wheel base
Safety and security
Dual Airbags
Side Airbags
Curtain Airbags
3-pt. ELR Seatbelts
Load Limiter
Vehicle Stability Control
Hill Start Assist
Crash sensor
Interior and Comfort features
Automatic AC
Head unit
USB connectivity
Push Start
Smart Entry systems
Steering wheel controls
Paddle shifter
Audio controls
Wireless door lock
Speed sensing locks
Exterior features
Halogen projector
Daylight running lights
Fog lamp
Third brake light

8. Toyota Vios 2019 Philippines review: Conclusion

The all new Vios 2019 isn’t just an update over the older model but a sub-compact that has grown up in features and performance. If there were issues in prior generations of the Vios; this hasn’t and has an integrated CVT included.

Toyota Vios 2019 angular rear

The latest generation of Vios features significant improvements over the prior version

As an option, the 2019 Toyota Vios has defied most expectation and will give other sub-compacts a run for their money! Refer to our Toyota Vios 2019 for sale section to get this sub-compact today!

Source: Norjan Ismail Abbas

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