2022 Kaicene CX70 Review | Philkotse Philippines

Updated Jun 27, 2022

Editor's: 3.3/5
A seven-seater vehicle that comes with an enticing price tag.
2022 Kaicene CX70 Review | Philkotse Philippines

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2022 Kaicene CX70 Review: Enticing SUV pricing

The local car industry has become more diversified with the entry of new players such as brands with Chinese heritage. One of the car brands hailing from the Middle Kingdom is Kaicene, and it is distributed locally by Berjaya Auto Asia Inc. (BAAI).

BAAI understands that Filipino car buyers have a soft spot for seven-seater vehicles. As such, it wants to take a slice of the market’s pie by introducing the Kaicene CX70 SUV in the Philippines. To make its offering more attractive, the CX70 comes with an enticing price tag.

But, is the Kaicene CX70’s under 900K sticker price enough to sway Filipino car buyers? More importantly, does it have what it takes to trade blows with the established mainstream car models in the country? Read Philkotse’s 2022 Kaicene CX70 full review to find out. 


Kaicene CX70 2024 Review

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2022 Kaicene CX70 Exterior Review: Big and bold

With its Php 879,000 price tag, one should set its expectation when it comes to the CX70’s overall package. The vehicle’s front fascia has sweptback halogen headlights that come with black housing, which gives extra style points. It is also integrated with daytime running lights (DRLs), another notable feature considering the CX70’s price point. 

2022 Kaicene CX70 front profile2022 Kaicene CX70

While some may find that a bargain, I’m not quite sold at the CX70’s DRLs since it reminds me of those green- or red-colored tube-like lights used for Christmas decoration. But that’s just me. 

The grille design is one of the things that I liked in the Kaicene CX70. I like how the car brand opted to veer away from giving the usual black mesh grille design. The addition of the silver or chrome trim bits on the grille is a nice touch as it gives the CX70 a unique look. Another thing that I find appealing is the subtle placement of the Kaicene badge as it seamlessly blends into the whole grille.   

The CX70’s bulging bumper gives muscle to the vehicle’s whole bold demeanor, which is further reinforced by the black cladding. It also comes with fog lamps, completing the front design package. But, there’s one thing that I can’t brush off when talking about the Kaicene CX70’s front end. Its overall fascia seems to take a bit of inspiration from Land Rover.

2022 Kaicene CX70 sideThe CX70 comes with a bold stance

The CX70’s side features power-folding side mirrors, roof rails, and 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels. The rear end on the side profile looks a bit off as it has an elongated finish that’s not as seamless as it could have been in my preference. As a side note, if the front end reminds me of a Land Rover, the side profile shows hints of a Ford Explorer-ish design.  

2022 Kaicene CX70 rearThe taillights are bit too small for the CX70's overall size

The rear comes with LED taillights that I find to be a tad small for the CX70’s overall size. It also has a lip spoiler, third brake light, black cladding, and rear fog lamps. The CX70’s rear end sort of falls short when it comes to the design especially when you compare it to the execution put into the front fascia. The rear has a bit of an odd appeal as it seems to be out of place, and seems to be that it was put together just to meet the design deadline. 


Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback

Model Price Philippines

₱ 2,480,000

Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition

Model Price Philippines

₱ 4,479,000 - ₱ 4,612,000

Audi Q8

Audi Q8

Model Price Philippines

Price available upon request

2022 Kaincene CX70 Interior Review: Abundant space

The Kaicene CX70’s interior has a dark theme with hard plastic materials filling the cabin. Despite that, it still has soft padded materials added to the center console, and the one near the driver’s knee that I appreciate as it gives a plus point for overall comfort. You’ll also see piano black trims inside the CX70. 

2022 Kaicene CX70 interiorThe CX70 comes with a dark interior theme

The dashboard layout is not as intricate as other Chinese-made vehicles offered in the market today. It has a stark difference when you take into consideration how Geely’s and Chery’s vehicles are when it comes to the dashboard design. The CX70 has more of a straightforward design, which is understandable considering its price point. 

Other things you can expect inside the CX70 are leatherette seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel (with tilt & telescopic adjustment), 6-way manual driver’s seat, and 4-way manual seat for the front passenger. This seven-seater SUV also comes with a sunroof but it’s not panoramic. 

The Kaicene CX70’s ace is its abundant interior space. The driver’s and front passenger’s area has a lot of wiggle room to offer. Meanwhile, second-row passengers are in for a treat as the CX70 offers generous leg- and head-room. 

2022 Kaicene CX70 second rowGenerous space for second-row passengers

It can accommodate up to three occupants without compromising too much on passenger comfort. But two individuals seated on the second row is the way to go if you want maximum pleasantry. The seats also come with a 60/40 split that has a slide, and recline function. There’s also a folding center armrest, and second-row aircon vents.   

2022 Kaicene CX70 third row2022 Kaicene CX70 third-row seats

Sliding into the third-row seats is fairly manageable. Third-row occupants will appreciate the amount of legroom the CX70 offers, which can be adjusted to one’s preference since the second-row seats can slide upfront to offer additional legroom. 

The seats also offer good cushioning. The only downside when you’re seated in the farthest row is that there are no aircon vents, which could be a problem since it can get intensely hot in the Philippines. 

2022 Kaicene CX70 cargo spaceYou can fit two to three medium luggage with the third row seats up 

While the interior and passenger space are notable, I’m a little on the fence when it comes to the CX70’s cargo space. With the third-row seats up, you can still load an assortment of items such as two to three medium-sized luggage. In case you want to maximize the CX70’s loading space, you can fold down the third-row seats giving you extra cargo space. But mind you, it doesn’t fold flat, meaning the third-row seats are bulging.

2022 Kaicene CX70: Tech & Safety Review

When it comes to tech and safety, the Kaicene CX70 comes with essential features. But it’s not as feature-loaded compared to other Chinese cars in the market today. Right at the center of the dashboard comes the Tesla-like infotainment touchscreen. 

2022 Kaicene CX70 dashboardIt comes with an 8-inch infotainment touchscreen

It appears like a large tablet integrated into the dashboard but once you start the engine you’ll realize that it’s just an 8-inch touchscreen. It has no Apple CarPlay and Android Auto but at least it comes with Bluetooth connectivity. Below the infotainment touchscreen is where you’ll find the climate control, which adds a touch of modernity to the CX70’s cabin.

2022 Kaicene CX70 reverse cameraReverse camera with guidelines

The touchscreen transforms into a reverse camera when you’re backing up the vehicle. It already comes with dynamic guidelines that further assist you in parking the CX70. Although, I do wish that the back camera comes with better resolution. But, that’s too much to ask considering the vehicle’s price point. Working in conjunction with the back camera are the rear sensors, which again aid you in parking the vehicle safer and more confidently. 

The Kaicene CX70 also comes with power windows and six speakers. Safety-wise, it has the following features: dual airbags, anti-lock braking system with electronic brakeforce distribution, keyless entry, traction control, hill hold control, electronic stability program, blind-spot camera, and Isofix.

Interestingly, the CX70 lacks one feature that I do find essential and most relevant today. This seven-seater doesn’t come with a fuel economy consumption indicator, which means that you have to do manual computation in case you want to know the CX70’s fuel efficiency. 

While manually computing for fuel economy is relatively easy, the said feature has become a standard among almost, if not all, brand-new cars available in the Philippines. Save for some commercial vehicles that don’t come with the said feature like the Isuzu Traviz. As such, it not being included in the CX70 is quite surprising.

2022 Kaicene CX70: Engine & Performance Review

The Kaicene CX70 is powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine that puts out 148 hp and 230 Nm of torque. It is connected to a six-speed automatic transmission with manual mode and sport mode.

2022 Kaicene CX70 engineThe CX70 is powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine

The CX70’s turbo engine gives decent power delivery considering its overall size. When the sport mode is activated, the CX70 gives you a more performance-oriented drive, which is quite surprising for the vehicle’s physique. While power delivery is good, the CX70’s automatic transmission needs refinement.

The six-speed automatic transmission is sluggish and has a significant amount of shift shock, affecting the overall driving experience. The gear ratio also seems to be confused as to when is the most optimal time to shift gears, which affects confidence when you need to overtake a slower vehicle on the expressway. Putting the gear in sport mode helps in keeping the revs up while engaging the manual mode can give you more control over the gears. 

2022 Kaicene CX70 front profileThe Kaicene CX70 has a composed exterior

There are also weird noises creeping into the cabin such as the sounds of the brakes. You can significantly hear the brakes biting or engaging especially when you're in stop-and-go traffic. I also noticed that the brake pedal is quite heavy or stiff but it feels mushy once you step on it. This results in applying more pressure to the brake pedal.

Another thing is that I can hear a whirring sound while driving. I can’t exactly determine what’s causing that sound but if I have to make an educated guess, it could be coming from the aircon’s compressor fan. Individuals who’ve daily driven a 90s car can probably relate most to what I am trying to get across here. But, anyways.        

The Kaicene CX70 has good forward visibility, which helps in having a safe drive. But, it also has a distinctive blind spot on the right side due to the large pillars. Good thing though the CX70 comes with a blind spot camera that’s placed at the bottom part of the right side mirror. 

2022 Kaicene CX70 rearIt can absorb road impacts within reason

One of the things you’ll appreciate in the CX70 is its light steering feel, which is beneficial when you plan to take this SUV for a spin within the confines of Metro Manila. It has enough feedback too, giving you control over the vehicle but don’t expect its steering to be sports car-like. 

Although, outside noise can be heard more than usual inside the cabin, which is acceptable considering the CX70’s price point. The CX70 can also take a beating from the urban jungle’s dilapidated roads. It absorbs impacts within reason, and its suspension does a good job of minimizing road harshness resulting in a pleasant ride. 

2022 Kaicene CX70: Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is not the strongest asset of the Kaicene CX70. During our time with the vehicle, the CX70 registered around 6 km/l while navigating EDSA’s infamous stop-and-go traffic. The said number falls short considering how its rivals delivered such as the Geely Okavango. Geely’s seven-seater posted 8.6 km/l while driving at an average speed of 20 km/h.     

On the open highway, the CX70 returned 12 to 13 km/l at an average speed of 90 km/h. Again, the said fuel eco falls behind the Okavango’s 15.5 km/l.

2022 Kaicene CX70: Verdict

There’s no denying that the Kaicene CX70’s Php 879,000 price tag is enticing since it’s priced way lower than several mainstream seven-seater vehicles in the Philippines. In fact, its sticker price is lower than the top-spec trims of the Kia Stonic, Volkswagen T-Cross, and Toyota Raize, which are smaller vehicles that fall under the subcompact crossover category. 

But, is the enticing price enough for you to consider the Kaicene CX70? The way I see it, that would be enough if you’re looking for a vehicle that has generous space for up to seven occupants. Interior space and pricing are the strongest cards of the CX70. As such, if that’s your priority, and if you’re willing to give up on having a more refined drive, then the CX70 has a chance to be driven home into your garage.

2022 Kaicene CX70: Price & Variants

Kaicene CX70 Price & Variants in the Philippines

CX70 1.5 AT

Php 879,000

2022 Kaicene CX70: Color Options

Kaicene CX70 Color Options

White, Red, Black, Silver

2022 Kaicene CX70: Specs






CX70 1.5 AT

Body Type


Dimensions & Weight


4,705 mm


1,800 mm


1,775 mm


2,780 mm

Ground Clearance

190 mm

Engine & Transmission


DOHC Turbocharged Gasoline

Engine Displacement

1,499 cc

Max Power

148 hp

Max Torque

230 Nm


6-speed automatic with manual mode

Fuel Tank Capacity

48 liters

Drive System

Rear Wheel Drive




Steering Wheel

Leather with Red Stitching

Parking Brake

Standard / Handbrake

Steering Wheel Controls

With (Audio)

Steering Wheel Adjustment

Tilt & Telescopic

Audio System

8-inch touchscreen





Climate Control

Manual Aircon with 2nd Row Vents

Power Windows






McPherson / Coil Spring


Ventilated Disc / Disc


215/60 R17 Aluminum Alloy Wheels



Projector Halogen with DRL

Fog lamps

Front and Rear

Side Mirror

Power Adjustable / Power Folding

Roof Rail


Safety & Security


Dual Airbags

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution

Keyless Entry System


Traction Control


Hill Hold Control


Electronic Stability Program




Rear Parking Sensors


Reverse Camera


Blind Spot Camera



3 years or 100,000 kms