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Updated Jul 13, 2021

Editor's: 4.0/5
The chunky Mini boosted with practicality.
2021 Mini Countryman Cooper S Review | Philkotse Philippines

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2021 Mini Countryman Review: Introduction

You can’t deny that Mini as a nameplate and as a brand is an icon – a celebratory figure, even. With appearances in movies, TV shows, and practically everywhere, the trusty small car is known across all ages.
But Mini models are grown up now, thanks to its relaunch as a brand back in 2000 under BMW. And the biggest of the bunch is the Mini Countryman.

With its sizable increase in overall dimensions, does the Countryman still carry the esteemed go-kart feel that Mini Coopers are best known for? Here’s an in-depth review of the Countryman Cooper S in Pure variant.


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2021 Mini Countryman Exterior Review: Still iconic, only bigger

A picture of the rear of the Mini Countryman Cooper S

The Mini Countryman Cooper S from the rear

Despite being bigger than regular Minis, the Countryman retains the Mini design ethos that made it an icon. You get the rounded headlamps, the mustache grille, the standard two-box shape – basically it’s still a Mini even at a single glance. That includes the luxury of customization you get when you buy a Mini, which you can arrange with the dealer.
In terms of specifics, you get LEDs all over, plus you have a choice as to which 18-inch alloys you want your crossover to come with. I personally like the classic-looking almost banana-type rims, though I'm not really a huge fan of the full-shape LED DRLs upfront. The mix of black trims and chromes, albeit busy, is in tune with the Countryman’s character, as well as the bike rack – but the latter’s an option you can buy.

A picture of the side of the Countryman Cooper s

The retro-style wheels really suits the Countryman

Size-wise, the Countryman’s longer and wider than subcompact crossovers like the Honda HR-V, but its ground clearance is only at 165mm. That isn’t too shabby, though, as it can clear reasonable gutters with ease.


Changan CS15

Changan CS15

Model Price Philippines

₱ 799,000

Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback

Model Price Philippines

₱ 2,555,000 - ₱ 2,888,000

Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition

Model Price Philippines

₱ 4,479,000 - ₱ 4,612,000

2021 Mini Countryman Interior Review: Small circle, small circle, big circle

As with any other Mini available in the market today, the Countryman’s cabin literally filled with circles. From buttons to vents, even the jukebox-looking infotainment, everything’s circular and fun-looking. The atmosphere’s playful and youthful as well, especially the multi-color ambient lights employed in the cabin.

A picture of the Countryman Cooper S' cockpit

Circles clearly dominate the Countryman's interior

Unlike the smaller Minis, the Countryman has plenty of space for luggage (450-1,390L) and people. You also get plenty of cubby holes and cup holders for your things, though you’d be hard-pressed to find a suitable area for your smartphone while charging. For tall individuals, the front seats have leg extenders for maximum comfort. Rear passengers, on the other hand, will appreciate the A/C vents but they have to live with it knowing the fact that a foldable center armrest with cupholders is missing.

The Countryman's rear seats

The Countryman's rear seats

For materials used, most of the touchpoints are soft and covered in leather. There are a number of hard plastics but very minimal, although Mini should have done away with scratch-prone piano black plastic trimmings for longevity.
A little party trick: the motorcycle-inspired gauge clusters adjust with the tilt-adjustable and telescopic steering wheel, while the LEDs around the infotainment move with the knobs – both cool tricks in their own rights. And oh, there's a cushioned seat at the trunk that you can store when isn’t in use.

A picture of the Countryman's trunk with the seats folded down

The Countryman's trunk with the seats folded down

2021 Mini Countryman: Tech & Safety Review

In terms of technology, the Mini Countryman is pretty much on par with its contemporaries. You get easy-to-use cruise control, plus the good-looking screen, albeit slightly small, comes with a high-definition display for the rear camera and a very intuitive Mini version of BMW’s iDrive system. The electronic parking brake isn’t a surprise in this day and age, but I wish Mini had this unit with an auto brake hold as well to complete the package. 

A picture of the Countryman's headunit

The Countryman's headunit

But at least all windows are automatic and there’s a foot-operated power tailgate, plus the right side mirror arbitrarily tilts down on reverse. Safety isn’t an issue as well as the Countryman’s equipped with standard equipment like a full set of airbags, stability control, and a bevy of proximity sensors.

2021 Mini Countryman Cooper S: Engine & Performance Review

Surprisingly, driving visibility isn’t hampered in the Countryman despite the unusual dashboard layout and a plethora of circular elements. Even with the round side mirrors, rear visibility’s okay thanks to the concave edges.
You need all the vista you can get with the Countryman because it isn’t a slow car. Matter of fact, it’s quick and responsive to accelerator inputs – much of the merit comes from the 8-speed automatic transmission that reacts attentively to demand. The steering is likewise responsive, as well, though it felt marginally more assisted compared to the small Mini Coopers.

A picture of the Countryman Cooper S' gear shift lever

The Countryman's gear shifter

For this S variant, despite the additional weight coming from the increased overall size, the 192 hp and 280 Nm of torque coming from the 2.0-liter BMW B48 engine were just enough for a satisfying, respectful drive.
The four disc brakes, on the other hand, were more than enough to safely put this crossover’s weight to a halt.

2021 Mini Countryman Cooper S: Fuel Efficiency

In mixed city and highway drives, the Mini Countryman Cooper S yielded 11.1 km/L but a pure highway run at average speed of 90 km/h read back 19 km/L. 
These numbers are quite fine and expected from a vehicle of this size and weight, considering that the 2.0-liter gasoline engine is paired with a twin-scroll turbo.

2021 Mini Countryman Cooper S: Verdict

The Mini Countryman ticks all the right boxes you normally would with a regular-sized Cooper. Even better, it’s also practical in terms of usable space. It’s basically the Mini you’ll buy if you want a stand-out vehicle but you also need space for outings, cargo, and even for a small family. It isn’t just a car; it’s also a fashion statement, one that grown-ups would choose if they want a Mini but want practicality.

A picture of the the Countryman Cooper S

The Countryman has more practicality than the Cooper

Then there’s the question of price. At P3,250,000 for this “entry-level” Cooper S Pure variant (P3,850,000 for the snazzier Sport variant), it is, of course, not your usual mainstream buy. But if you have the means, and if you can live with the minor issues I’ve discussed here, I don’t really see why you shouldn’t consider buying one.

Now, the question is: if I buy two of these, do I have two Countrymans or two Countrymen?

2021 Mini Countryman Cooper S Review: Price

Mini Countryman Variants 


Countryman Cooper S Pure 

Php 3,250,000 

Countryman Cooper S Sport 

Php 3,850,000 

Countryman John Cooper Works 

Php 4,750,000 

2021 Mini Countryman Cooper S Review: Color Options

Mini Countryman Color Options 

British Racing Green, Chestnut, Red, Island Blue, Lapisluxury Blue, Light White, Melting Silver, Midnight, Moonwalk Grey 

2021 Mini Countryman Cooper S: Specs





Countryman Cooper S 

Body Type 

5-door crossover 

Dimensions and Weight 







Engine and Transmission 


2.0-liter Inline-4 turbo

Max Power 

192 horsepower 

Max Torque 

280 Nm 


7-Speed Sport dual-clutch transmission 

Chassis and Suspension 

Brakes (Front/rear) 


Suspension (Front/rear) 

Independent MacPherson Strut/ Independent Multi-Link 

Wheels and Tires 

18-inch alloy wheels  


LED headlamps  

Front fog lamps 

LED taillights 

Turn signal side repeaters 

Rear spoiler 

Roof rails 

Rain-sensing wipers 

Daytime running lamps 

Power-folding side mirrors 


Push-button start 

Tilt and telescopic steering wheel 

Leather wrapped steering wheel and seats 

Automatic air-conditioning system w/ rear vents 

60:40 folding rear seats 

Eight-inch HD touchscreen with Bluetooth 

Cruise control 

Safety and Security 

Six airbags 

Stability control 

Traction Control 

Speed-sensing door locks 

Electronic parking brakes 

Anti-lock braking  


Engine Immobilizer 

Parking sensors and reverse camera 

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