Motor Vehicle Inspection Report: Here's everything you need to know

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What’s in it and where do I get one?

Car registration can be a hassle. It will involve long waiting lines, numerous fees, and several documentary requirements and steps that you’ll have to accomplish and follow. One of these steps involves the Motor Vehicle Inspection, which needs a motor vehicle inspection report form or MVIR.

A picture of a busy LTO office

It's a bit tiring, but it's just one of the realities of owning a car.

But what is the Motor Vehicle Inspection Report? What does its form look like? Where can I get one?

Before talking about the Land Transportation Office’s (LTO) MVIR form, let’s discuss a bit on why they need to inspect your vehicle in the first place.

Why does the LTO need to inspect my vehicle?

If you’ve owned a vehicle for some time now, you’ll know that the LTO will need to inspect your vehicle as a part of the car registration process. This is to assess if your vehicle is roadworthy and if it passes LTO’s standards. The vehicle inspection also LTO’s way of ensuring your safety and the safety of other pedestrians and motorists on the road.  

Motor vehicles are heavy machines that can wreak havoc when things go wrong. And boy, things can indeed go wrong just because of something as simple as neglecting to replace your brakes or even busted taillights.

A picture of a crappy car.

Does your car look banged up or is it actually a dangerous heap of metal?

As such, the motor vehicle inspection required by the LTO is a way to ensure your vehicle’s roadworthiness. It even takes into account emissions testing. Furthermore, new vehicles are also required to undergo inspection. It’s not that the LTO doesn’t trust car manufacturers, but it’s a safety net that will only serve to benefit your safety.

What is a Motor Vehicle Inspection Report?

The Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR) is a form issued by the LTO. It contains relevant information regarding your vehicle and its condition at the time of the inspection. Once the MVIR is duly accomplished and approved, it is then accepted by the LTO and you can then proceed to the next step of the registration process. In short, the MVIR assures that your vehicle passed the inspection.

The first part of the MVIR is the ownership and documentation section. Here, an LTO inspector will indicate the named owner of the vehicle, where it was acquired from, and what kind of vehicle it is. On the left side, you’ll also need to indicate the type of registration whether it’s a new car or if it’s for renewal.

Next up is the identification and inspection part. In this section, the inspector will identify the vehicle’s make, type of body, the weight of the vehicle, passenger capacity, etc. It is also in this section where the inspector will rate your vehicle’s several parts based on its condition. This section will include the windshield, the car seats, the fuel tank, the battery, and many other parts. It is also in this section where you’ll need to have your car stenciled for its engine number and chassis number.

A picture of an MVIR or LTO Stencil form

The MVIR/LTO stencil form. To see a larger version, click here.

Do note though that since 2018, the LTO has waived the need for brand new vehicles to get stenciled. Used vehicles renewing their registration will still need stenciling though.

The third section of the form is the operation and safety test. The inspector will then test the parts of your car that will affect driving safety depending on their condition. So depending on the inspector and the LTO branch office, a test drive might be involved.

A picture of a man inspecting a car.

The inspector might ask you some questions with regards to the MVIS so be attentive.

On the bottom of each section, an LTO inspector will attest to the accuracy of all the information indicated on the MVIR. Once done, the chief inspector will then either approve or disapprove your vehicle for registration.

With all of that done, submit your duly accomplished and approved motor vehicle inspection report for the next step of the motor vehicle registration process. For now, the LTO motor vehicle inspection process is yet to include emissions testing. As such, this will probably be your next step if you didn’t do that first.

A picture of emissions testing in the Philippines

The emissions test is an item in the MVIR.

Note: Do not write anything on the inspection and testing sections. Also, please avoid fixers because they’re only looking to milk you of your cash. 

What to do if my car gets disapproved in the Motor Vehicle Inspection Report?

If you can immediately have the guilty part replaced or fixed, we recommend doing so immediately. If the issue is with the emissions testing, change your oil, inspect your exhaust system and the engine block itself. 

If there are too many things wrong with your car however, it might mean that it is unsafe for you to use it. If this is the case, it might be cheaper to acquire another car altogether.

If your car is only a few years old or brand new, then you’ll have no issues. That is if it isn’t a lemon with a potentially dangerous flaw.

Where to get a Motor Vehicle Inspection Report Form?

The motor vehicle inspection report form is available for free at any LTO branch. It can also be downloaded from the LTO official website. Remember, do not buy an MVIR. You’re only wasting your money.

The current MVIR might get replaced soon

We’ve reported before that there will be a new LTO motor vehicle inspection process soon. It is more comprehensive than the current inspection process as it will involve more specific parts of your motor vehicle. It will be done either in accredited inspection centers or on the several LTO inspection centers in the near future. As such, the current form of the MVIR might get a revision as soon as the new inspection process is up and running.

A picture of the new MVIR process.

Hopefully, the new motor vehicle inspection process will be implemented soon.

Did you learn from this short guide? Did it help you understand what the Motor Vehicle Inspection Report is? If it did, keep reading here on for more automotive knowledge.

Cesar G.B. Miguel

Cesar G.B. Miguel


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