Everything about brake pads: Tips, Advice, Prices in the Philippines

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Brake pads are an essential safety feature of your vehicle.

1. What are Brake Pads?

The braking system of your car consists of various components. Each component plays a key role to help slow down your car whenever you wish to do so. With that in mind, brake pads are one of the various components that help decrease your car’s speed.  

This braking component is composed of materials capable of handling excessive amounts of heat. The brake pad is the component used to scratch your car’s disc brake motor. The brake pads are so important that if a car crashes due to faulty pads, the manufacturer could get sued.

A car screeching its tires

Brake pads are essential for your car's braking system

Do you see the braking component behind your wheel that sometimes come in color red or silver? Well, that is not the brake pad. The exposed braking component is called the brake caliper. The brake pads are pieces of metal plates inside each caliper. This is a common mistake for many car owners so at least you are noted.

Just like most things in the world, brake pads also have different types. Each brake pad type comes with different benefits, as well as different price points. We have listed down brake pad prices in the Philippines which you can find below.

Wheel setup of McLaren 720s

An orange brake caliper on a McLaren 720s

The first one is a metallic brake pad. This type of brake pad is made from various materials such as iron, steel, graphite, and iron that can withstand heat. The price for metallic brake pads is on an average as compared to other types. The downside of this brake pad is that it’s heavy which can slightly affect your fuel consumption rating.

Next up are the organic brake pads known to be the most-environmental friendly as compared to other types as they don’t produce as much dust. However, this type of brake pad is soft which causes it to wear faster.

Inspecting a braking system

If you step on your brakes and hear a screeching sound, you might want to get your brake pads checked

Lastly, we have ceramic brake pads. This type of brake pad is the best in terms of performance quality. Also, ceramic brake pads have a long lifespan. It is so good that it is used on race performance cars. But of course, great quality comes with great price tags. The ceramic brake pads are the most expensive option off this list.

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2. Brake Pads Prices Philippines

The good thing about brake pads is that they tend to last for a very long time while keeping a relatively affordable price tag. 

Brake pad prices in the Philippines usually range from Php 900 to Php 1,100 each. There are other better brake pad options in terms of quality that are usually priced around Php 1,500. There are also cheaper options for as low as Php 700. It is not recommended that you replace all four brake pads at once. Wheels where power is sent usually wear down the fastest.

A brake pad from Toyota

You can get brake pads from Lazada

As for the labor costs, it would cost you around Php 100 to Php 200 only. But if you are lucky enough, your newly-bought brake pads could come with a free installation (depending on the shop where you bought the brake pads).

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3. Tips and Advice

It is by nature that brake pads can withstand high temperatures to work. However, bad driving habits can wear your brake pads more quickly than expected. 

Red car crashed by a mountain

A good braking system can help reduce vehicular accidents

The lifespan of your brake pads will depend on how you use your car. On average, the lifespan of brake pads is more or less 80,500 kilometers. However, your brake pads can last for up to around 113,000 kilometers if taken care of properly.

With that being said, we have listed down ways on how you can further increase the lifespan of your brake pads.

1. The number one killer of your brake pads is speed

The faster your wheel turns, the harder your brake pads have to be applied to slow down your car. Make it a habit to drive at a regular or constant speed especially on the highways. Avoid tailgating and maintain a safe following distance so as to limit applying sudden brake pressure. 

2. Another thing you can do is to practice coasting

This habit can not only extend the lifespan of your brake pads but it can also slightly improve your car’s fuel consumption rating. Coasting is done whenever you let go of your gas pedal and letting your car coast on its own. Anticipate the road ahead and release pressure on the accelerator when you’re about to approach a turn to reduce your vehicle’s speed. Then, apply the brakes lightly rather than harshly to further reduce your speed and to be able to safely drive through the curve or turn.  

3. Last tip we can give you is to remove unnecessary weight in your car

Any non-essential items can increase your car’s weight which will make it harder for your brake pads to reduce your vehicle’s speed. In addition, carrying extra weight in your car will affect your car’s fuel efficiency.

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4. FAQs about brake pads

Q: What are brake pads?

Brake pads are components typically made from metals used to slow down your vehicle. It is the one that scratches your brake rotor.

Q: Why are my brake pads wearing down fast?

There are many factors to consider why your brake pads wear out fast. However, the most common reason is your driving habit that could consist of an unnecessary amount of brake usage.

Q: Are brake pads and a brake caliper the same thing?

No, brake calipers and brake pads are two different components. Brake pads are placed inside a brake caliper. The brake caliper is what pushes the brake pads to touch against your car’s brake rotor.

Q: How long do brake pads last?

The longevity of your brake pads will depend on your braking habits. If you usually drive your car at high speeds, then your brake pads will wear faster due to high temperatures and high-pressure applications.

Q: What are the different types of brake pads?

There are three common types of brake pads, namely metallic, organic, and ceramic.

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