7 essential components to tune up your car engine for maximum horsepower & torque

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Are you satisfied with your car's performance? Upgrade your car with these needed components to max out horsepower and torque!

 Engine tuning for supreme performance done right!

Are you satisfied with your car's performance? With engine tuning to get the performance numbers up, you can practically upgrade the engine from stock and maximize car horsepower and torque. Sometimes ill-advised and over-zealous engine tuning without the proper procedure will do more harm than good. With a host of problems; that may cost a bit more to correct. So, off the bat to get everything right should be the priority for all engine tuning done!

Some note you should consider before having your engine tuned up: 

  • It may affect the ECU negatively and cause problems that affect engine performance.
  • It may affect the car warranty and insurance policy when engine tuning should be done with proper advisement.
  • Fuel efficiency and the economy will be sacrificed for more power and pull.
  • Engine tuning is wasted when everyday driving is done in traffic. It is better to this with older generation cars without ECUs.
  • Maintenance of these cars will be expensive, and some may not be street-legal too!

Does your car need a Tune-up

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Before bringing out the beast out; here are all the components needed for increasing car horsepower and torque better than stock. First off; these parts will be mostly after-market, and there will be major alterations in engine architecture that will be very obvious. But, most of all the car will never be the same; because it will sound louder and other things as well.

Any car with upgraded engine tuning will rip roads faster than stock performance cars! Here the components that are needed to max out the car’s performance specs. With after-market and non-OEM parts that should be used not substandard equipment. Always have it done by qualified techs and never try to DIY it!

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1. Performance chips and upgraded ECUs

Is the car to be upgraded equipped with ECUs and Chips? If it is; then it is easier to get more power and torque, by tweaking everything about engine performance. The best thing about it; is that everything is done via reprogramming and making adjustment via computer.

There’s no need to get hands dirty, but it should be done by qualified techs or results may not be satisfactory. Tweaks and adjustments to the cars stock settings; like fuel-to-air ratio, the timing of the ignition, and adjusting turbo boosting. All these are guaranteed to get a ticket on the freeway; when the car exceeds the speed limit. Just have an OBD-II port to get cracking and get fast and furious anytime.

car tuning_smart ECU

Car smart ECU helps your engine get more power and torque

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2. Addition of superchargers and turbocharging

Tired of having a stock car with normal performance values? Why not install any supercharger or turbocharger which are forced induction systems that increase horsepower and torque. These devices will add more air and also fuel; as programmed to create more power when burned!

Usually, a stock engine will be damaged by the excess heat; so compatible reprogramming and tweaking should be done or else! The Supercharger (connected to the engine) will use exhaust gases in the exhaust system to generate extra power too.

car tuning_supercharger

Supercharger will add more air and also fuel to your engine

3. Installation of cold air intake

Looking for inexpensive ways for increasing car horsepower and torque better than stock. Then consider; equipping a Cold Air Intake for upgraded performance too. Unlike other components; this is non-intrusive and easier to equip that the previously mentioned upgrades.

Cold air is denser than hot air; cold air produces more power than air when combusted with more air introduced. The Cold Air intake is about three times bigger than stock air intake. These intakes have less airflow resistance; that increased intake significantly into the exhaust manifold. Programming is vital to get the right setting for optimized fuel burn as well.

car tuning_cold air intake

Cold air intake increases intake significantly into the exhaust manifold

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4. Larger-diameter throttle body

Take note that this upgrade will work with the fuel-air injection system; that controls the amount of air and fuel for combustion in the exhaust manifold. It improves airflow by having bigger flaps and with more diameter; that allows significantly more air in the engine.

Compared to a stock throttle-body that is small and lets in a lesser amount of air. The added volume of air with less resistance will allow faster acceleration and power with this setup by 25 Ps more! Adding a throttle body spacer can help improve fuel economy as well too!

car tuning_throttle body

The added volume of air with less resistance will allow faster acceleration and power with this setup by 25 Ps more

5. Upgraded exhaust headers and manifolds

Most stock exhaust headers and manifolds are for fewer emissions and for non-performance standard levels; use this as an upgrade and get the best performance possible. By ripping out the stock equipment of this type and replacing them with better-performing exhaust headers and manifolds, should add more power and torque to any stock car.

It does the job; by speeding up the exhaust with the least resistance along the pipe. These long or short tubes will boost car performance and get good revs too. But, it is best to get more performance than loud noise when upgrading.

car tuning_exhaust header

It is best to get more performance than loud noise when upgrading

6. Cat-back exhaust (high-flow)

Stock muffler are party poopers when it comes to power and torque! Slap in any high-flow Cat-Back exhaust and have better torque and power; with improved airflow to get more out of it. Equip any large diameter pipes with mandrel bent type exhaust, for real power and pull not just loud sounds! Other options are straight flow types that add more airflow and increased power too.

car tuning_cat black exhaust

Slap in any high-flow Cat-Back exhaust and have better torque and power

7. Catalytic converter (high-flow)

Adding this to the other engine tuning upgrades; will improve airflow to add power as well. Remove the stock one, and add this catalytic converter that is geared for a high flow that increases engine power and torque. Include this to the prior upgraded components; to complete everything that is needed!

Install and equip all these components for increasing car horsepower and torque better than stock, and have a better car! But, keep in mind that some will require programming upgrades that should be done by a qualified tech. Knowing ways to improve car performance could be a hobby to get that weekend car too!

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