6 handy tips to maximize fuel efficiency during your road trip

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Don't want to pay any extra cash! Follow our helpful advice on how to save gas when enjoying your road trips!

A road trip is always fun to do especially if you're out and about with the people you love. The best thing about road trips is usually not the destination but the trip going to and for your travel destination instead. Road trips are cheaper than getting a flight, especially if there's a lot of people who will be joining you.

Your preferred ride, preferred company, some snacks, and the right tunes to bring the vibe is all you need for a road trip, or is it? Sure, you need some pocket money, a few cameras to capture every moment of the trip, sunglasses maybe - what else? What about gas? Of course, it would be almost impossible for anyone to forget loading up fuel before even heading out, but are you sure that you're making the most of your fuel consumption while you're on your trip? Probably not.

Either you're not aware of it or you were just too plain excited to get on your way, there are actually applicable ways that you and your vehicle can save up on gas and maximize fuel efficiency. They won't necessarily cost you anything since the goal is to save gas but enough said, Philkotse.com has prepared some tricks to help you save on fuel costs.

Save money on the road trip with these gas-saving tips

1. Check the Wheel's Tire Pressure Before Leaving

It's no secret that the less air pressure you have in your tires, the more gas it needs to rotate the wheels. Making sure your tires are well and good eliminates the chances of your ride consuming more than it actually needs. This task is easier to do the day before the supposed road trip since any other problems that also show up can be remediated without comprising the trip.

If that's not possible and the road trip was commenced on short notice then the best time to check the tire pressure is as soon as you find about the plan. If you make little stops here and there to pick up and drop off friends or maybe buy supplies, then take a quick chance to check the tire pressure; after all, you can never be too sure about your tires needing more air.

gas-saving tips_1

The less air pressure you have in your tires, the more gas it needs to rotate the wheels.

2. Remove Excess Weight

The trip will definitely call for a company and some other things that serve fundamental to you and your friends. However, if the vehicle has more weight to carry, then the stronger it consumes fuel to carry that weight. If one can minimize the weight that they inflict on the vehicle, then they can also save up on the fuel it consumes.

You may not notice these savings if you're only traveling small distances, but in long-distance travels and trips, every drop of fuel that you save can amount to another mile on the road. If you can't help stuffing your vehicle with all sorts of things, then it's best to realize which ones are necessary and which luggage is just there for contingency.

gas-saving tips_2

If the vehicle has more weight to carry, then the stronger it consumes fuel to carry that weight.

3. Visit a mechanic for the oil change and tune-up

Did you check other parts of your ride just before leaving for the trip? If not, you may encounter an internal problem with your vehicle just as you're enjoying the ride. Some vehicle owners may not be aware but the efficiency of other parts of your ride can affect the efficiency of the fuel as well.

Simply put it as keeping the rest of your ride inorganically healthy and running and your car in return will save you on fuel costs.

gas-saving tips_3

Always check your car's engine before going on a road trip.

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4. Buy affordable fuel

This is the most obvious technique there is on the planet when it comes to saving fuel. What better way to cut cost on fuel than buying the cheapest fuel available. Another tip is that if you already know a particular gas station near you where the fuel is sold considerably lower than most other retailers, then better gas up there.

You may be tempted to gas up a little later in the hopes of coming across a fuel station where the gas is sold at a lower price. While this may be a good idea, there's no assurance that you'll find one and you might end up running out of gas or loading up fuel at a more expensive fueling station.

Man gassing up the car

Buy the cheapest fuel available.

5. Stay Slow

Prevent yourself from stepping too much on the gas pedal. This not only saves you on fuel consumption but also minimizes the risks of break the speed limit law in the Philippines. It's also a good call for keeping safe and eliminating chances of accidents.

Each vehicle varies with its optimal fuel economy. We can generally say that for most cars 50mph is the maximum speed where fuel is efficiently converted into energy. That could only mean that any faster beyond that and your car is burning up extra gas to give you the speed you need.

6. Use Cruise Control

Cruise control does a great deal of helping you maintain a particular speed, especially if you're making your way on the smooth pavement of the highway. This is an effective way of saving fuel as well as helps the passengers relax and enjoy the ride. This not only saves you some extra cash but also gives you and your company a lot more time for some bonding, extra planning and conversations.

Man pressing the  cruise control.

Cruise control does a great deal of helping you maintain a particular speed.

So, remember these helpful car tips & advice from Philkotse.com, for your next road trip so you don't only have a great road trip but have some extra cash as well instead of using it all up on gas.

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