[10+ images] The ladies of Shanghai Auto Show 2019

Updated May 20, 2019

No more sexy car show girls at 2019 Shanghai Auto Show? Not really! Let's check out.

If I had to pick an issue with one of the biggest auto shows in the industry being held in the world's biggest car market: Shanghai Auto Show 2019, it's the language barrier.

Mandarin Chinese remains the most widely-spoken tongue internationally, and hardly anyone spoke English at the event, which made asking for details on the various products and services on display quite the challenge. 

One thing that trumps linguistic differences, though, is beauty. It's a universal language easily understood with a glance, and in a show like this, that's something near impossible to miss. 

Shanghai Auto Show 2019 - Subaru car show girls

All smiles from the Subaru ladies

Shanghai Auto show 2019 Damsel girl

BYD = Beautiful Young Damsel

Shanghai auto show 2019 girl

Now there's a sight for sore eyes

Wherever I turned, the models competed for my attention with everything they have: their confident stance, those sensuous curves, that magnetic appeal. "Wanna see what's inside me?", they would tease, looking stunningly immaculate despite standing under the bright lights all day.

Auto Show Shanghai 2019 Jetour girls

Jetour girls in yellow

Babe of bosch

The busy babes of Bosch

I can't help but oblige, of course, telling myself that it was just a job. And when the all-too-brief encounter was done, I'd leave with a wistful sigh; if only I were rich enough to bring even just one of them home.      

But enough talking about the cars; the recent Auto Shanghai exhibition also had the booth girls in the spotlight. They're certainly not the trophies that many people make them about to be, because these car show girls provide a human dimension to the experience.

Shanghai auto show girl

She positively glows and it's not just the lights

Hyundai girl Shanghai Auto show 2019

Happy girl from Hyundai 

Ducati girl Shanghai Auto Show

Why so serious, Ducati girl?

A car is impressive enough on its own, but it's not always going to be on some rotating platform; the real test of its design is how it interacts with the real world, how it complements (or contrasts with) the surroundings and the people around it.     

Peugeot girls Shanghai Auto show

BYD girl Shanhai Auto show 2019

Twinkle! Twinkle! 

Dongfeng girl at Shanghai Auto Show 2019

The duo from Dongfeng

As I said, the language barrier made it challenging enough to ask every booth girl to pose for the camera, but the few ladies that did already form part of this year's Shanghai Auto Show memories that won't be soon forgotten. Until the next event, that is. 

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