Suzuki Ertiga vs Mitsubishi Xpander: A comparison between the rookie and the veteran

Updated Dec 22, 2022

Conservatively styled or macho and modern MPV? Read on the comparison between Ertiga vs Xpander to understand how these two compare in the Philippine MPV market.

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  1. 1. Suzuki Ertiga vs Mitsubishi Xpander: Introduction
  2. 3. Mitsubishi Xpander vs Suzuki Ertiga: Interior
  3. 2. Suzuki Ertiga vs Xpander 2019: Dimensions
  4. 3. Suzuki Ertiga vs Xpander 2019: Engine and Performance
  5. 5. Suzuki Ertiga vs Mitsubishi Xpander: Safety
  6. 6. Suzuki Ertiga vs Xpander Philippines Price
  7. 7. Suzuki Ertiga vs Mitsubishi Xpander: Verdict

1. Suzuki Ertiga vs Mitsubishi Xpander: Introduction

The MPV craze as you already know has been in full swing for a couple of years now and recently, it looks like the competition has indeed ramped up with the addition of the Mitsubishi Xpander to the fray. On the other hand, there’s also the veteran Ertiga which had a recent facelift and has been going really strong in recent months as evident from Suzuki Philippines' latest performance reports.

So how do these two excellent MPVs fair against each other? Let us find out in our in-depth Ertiga vs Xpander comparo articles!

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3. Mitsubishi Xpander vs Suzuki Ertiga: Interior

Suzuki Ertiga vs Xpander 2019: Interior
Mitsubishi Xpander GLS
Suzuki Ertiga GLX
Cruise Control
Front Parking Sensors
Rear Parking Sensors
Leather Upholstery
Push Start Button
Air Conditioning System
Manual air conditioning with rear vents
Manual air conditioning with rear vents
Entertainment System
 - 7 inch LCD Touchscreen
 - CD player
 - MP3
 - Radio
 - 4 Speakers
 - 10-inch Multimedia Audio   - Touchscreen via 4 speakers
 - AUX and USB
 - Bluetooth
 - iPod compatibility
 - Bluetooth and USB
 - Bluetooth
Navigation Ready
Power Steering
Power Windows
Power Outlet
Steering Wheel Audio Control
Keyless Entry

Inside the Mitsubishi Xpander, the way Mitsubishi designed the dashboard will always catch your eye. It is elegant and it has everything a driver needs within easy reach. The centerpiece on the Xpander is a 7-inch LCD screen that comes with AM/FM radio, MP3, AUX, USB, iPod, Bluetooth connectivity, and navigation.

With regards to seats, the Xpander has fabric all around and they are pretty comfortable. Generous too with legroom and headroom.

2019 Mitsubishi Xpander interior

Here's the really neat and well designed front cabin of the Xpander

A picture of the 2019 Suzuki Ertiga's front cabin

Here's the 2019 Ertiga's front cabin. Check out the fancy faux wood on that dash

As for the Suzuki Ertiga, the regular variants have a beige looking interior which is known to catch stains easily. Regardless of that, the seating is pretty comfortable but the driving position is rather on the high side. Knee room and headroom for the third and second row are pretty good though.

If we have to make a statement about the Ertiga’s interior styling, the Black Edition interior provides the vehicle tons and tons of personality. It’s sleek, much more stain-resistant and looks premium. That comes with additional costs but for us, the Black Edition Ertiga is worth it alone for the added stain resistance.

With the Ertiga’s on-board tech, the large 10-inch touchscreen provides better visibility plus it can do what the one on the Xpander can except for the iPod compatibility part. It also has navigation and Bluetooth or USB connectivity. Some people who have owned the Ertiga for quite a while now say that the touchscreen unit can be a bit laggy at times.

A picture of the 2019 Suzuki Ertiga's rear cabins

A cutout view of the 2019 Suzuki Ertiga highlighting the 2nd and 3rd row seats

A picture of the 2019 MItsubishi Xpander's passenger cabin

Here are the 2nd row and third-row seats on the 2019 Mitsubishi Xpander

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2. Suzuki Ertiga vs Xpander 2019: Dimensions

Suzuki Ertiga vs Xpander 2019: Dimensions


Mitsubishi Xpander GLS 

Suzuki Ertiga GLX

Length (mm)



Width (mm)



Height (mm)



Wheelbase (mm)



Max Cargo Volume

1,632 L

803 L

Just at a glance at the table above, we can plainly see that the Mitsubishi Xpander 2019 is a bit wider and higher. Much more significant though is the obvious length advantage of the Mitsubishi made MPV. This in turn provides it with a larger maximum cargo volume at 1,632 liters which you can get if you fold down the rearmost row of seats.

As for the Ertiga, it does get a decent 803 liters when folding down the third row. So if you want an MPV that can haul more, go for the Xpander.

2019 Suzuki Ertiga the look

2019 Suzuki Ertiga is a subtle and elegant looking MPV that won't break your bank account

When it comes to looks, the Xpander is the salt to the Ertiga’s pepper. Polar opposites if you will.

The Xpander when viewed from the front, looks very much like its larger Strada and Montero Sports brothers. It sports a very futuristic, edgy, macho look whereas the Ertiga is more sedate, refined, and some even say…elegant.

2019 Mitsubishi Xpander the look

Mitsubishi Xpander really looks like a mini Montero Sport

As we always say with regards to styling though, that’s all up to the buyer. But if we have to choose, it would be the Xpander because of its larger 16-inch wheels. And of course, there’s the huge maximum cargo space.

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3. Suzuki Ertiga vs Xpander 2019: Engine and Performance

Suzuki Ertiga vs Mitsubishi Xpander: Engine & Performance


Mitsubishi Xpander GLS

Suzuki Ertiga GLX

Engine size

1.5 L

1.5 L


1,499 cc

1,498 cc

Number of Cylinders



Number of Valves



Transmission Type

4-speed automatic

4-speed automatic

Power Train

Front-Wheel Drive

Front-wheel drive

Max Output (HP)



Max Torque (Nm)



Fuel Type



Fuel Capacity

45 L

45 L

Both the Xpander and the Ertiga as of their latest versions each has only one engine option. For the Xpander, there’s the 1.5 L 4A91 Mivec Inline-4 gasoline engine which makes a respectable 103 horsepower and 141 nm of torque. You can either have a 4-speed automatic or a 5-speed manual.

Mitsubishi xpander 2019 engine

1.5 L 4A91 Mivec Inline-4 gasoline is equipped under the hood of the Xpander 2019

As for the Suzuki Ertiga 2019, it gets the 1.5-liter K15B Inline-4 engine. It also has the same transmission choices, a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic. The similarities between the two don’t stop there.

Suzuki Ertiga 2019 engine

2019 Ertiga is armed with the 1.5-liter K15B Inline-4 engine

Both vehicles send power to their front wheels, and have similar sets of suspensions; MacPherson Struts for the front and Torsion Beams for the rear. As for other parts that will affect driving performance, the only thing that differs between the two top of the line variants is the Xpander GLS Sport’s set of larger 16-inch wheels.

The Ertiga GLX, on the other hand, has 15-inch wheels. This gives the Xpander a slight advantage when it comes to appearance, cornering, grip, and traction but also larger tires do have a negative effect on fuel consumption and road noise.

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5. Suzuki Ertiga vs Mitsubishi Xpander: Safety

Based on their respective spec sheets, the Ertiga GLX and the Xpander GLS Sport has around the same amount of safety equipment. Both vehicles have ISOFIX tethers for child seating, rear parking sensors, dual front airbags, anti-lock braking systems, and electronic brake distribution.

The pricier Xpander has a little bit more in terms of driver-assist technologies like stability control, cruise control, and hill start assist.

Suzuki Ertiga 2019 safety features

The reverse parking sensor of 2019 Ertiga

In the ASEAN New Car Assessment Program, it appears that the Mitsubishi MPV has actually done quite well. The Xpander was awarded 14.22 out of 16 in the front impact adult protection category, 13.92 out of 16 for side-impact adult protection, and a perfect 8 for side-impact child protection. Overall, the Xpander scored 4 out of five stars.

Mitsubishi Xpander safety features

Mitsubishi Xpander gets 4-star by the ASEAN New Car Assessment Program

On the other hand, the Ertiga’s 2019 facelifted variant is yet to be rated by the ASEAN NCAP so that’s one thing about the Suzuki made MPV to watch out for.

6. Suzuki Ertiga vs Xpander Philippines Price



Mitsubishi Xpander GLX MT

Php 999,000

Mitsubishi Xpander GLX Plus AT

Php 1,075,000

Mitsubishi Xpander GLS AT

Php 1,110,000

Mitsubishi Xpander GLS Sport AT

Php 1,175,000

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Suzuki Ertiga GA 1.5 MT

Php 728,000

Suzuki Ertiga GA 1.5 MT Black Edition

Php 738,000

Suzuki Ertiga GL 1.5 MT

Php 848,000

Suzuki Ertiga GL 1.5 AT

Php 888,000

Suzuki Ertiga GLX 1.5 AT

Php 978,000

Suzuki Ertiga GLX 1.5 AT Black Edition

Php 988,000

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7. Suzuki Ertiga vs Mitsubishi Xpander: Verdict

When it comes to pricing, these two very similar vehicles aren’t similar at all. The Ertiga has more variants and these are also markedly much more affordable than the variants of the Xpander. More variants will definitely mean much more flexibility in the part of a buyer.

But as with any other vehicle we have compared before, you tend to get what you pay for and this time, it’s undoubtedly the Xpander’s cargo capacity, driver-assist technologies, and the very modern exterior styling.

So which compact MPV do you prefer?

Suzuki Ertiga vs Xpander Philippines

So, the conservatively styled Ertiga or the loud, macho and modern Xpander?

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