Suzuki Ertiga 2019 Philippines review: Can’t help but to be impressed!

Updated Feb 26, 2021

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The second-gen Suzuki Ertiga 2019 is the latest version of Suzuki's popular MPV in the Philippines. So what to be impressed about this all-new model?

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1. Suzuki Ertiga 2019 Philippines Review: Introduction

For quite some time now, small MPVs are getting more and more popular around the globe. India, Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa and of course the Philippines. Initially introduced in India and in fact, made for initially for Indian consumers the Suzuki Ertiga has since 2012 has been a popular choice for a daily driver and people carrier in general.

Introduced to the Philippines back in 2014, the Suzuki Ertiga has since reached its second generation which has since enjoyed numerous updates to its looks and features and now, yes, the all-new Suzuki Ertiga 2019 has arrived in the Philippine market.

Let gives you a closer look at this favorite SUV via our Suzuki Ertiga review Philippines!

2019 Suzuki Ertiga - Media Drive

2. Suzuki Ertiga 2019 Philippines: Exterior Review

The second-gen 2019 Suzuki Ertiga exterior seems to have matured into its role.

Like the previos Suzuki Ertiga, the car in question still has the wideness and height that allows for a very roomy interior so not much has changed there, what’s different however is that the A-pillar can be noticed to have been moved back providing for a longer, much noticeable hood. The 2019 Ertiga is measured at 4395mm long, 1735mm wide and 1690 mm high and has a wheelbase of 2740mm.

Upon looking at the vehicle from the front, the 2019 Ertiga’s chrome grille has a much steeper angle than before. Also to either sides of the grille are much sleeker leaving the bulbous shape the older one had. Below that, the still present fog lights are now surrounded by an angular, “c” shaped casing instead of the smaller trapezium like shape it once had.

A shot of the 2019 Suzuki Ertiga exterior

The Suzuki Ertiga exterior comes with an updated, much more modern styling

Moving towards the sides, the Ertiga 2019 now has much deeper character lines, with the top one running from the wheel towards the rear where it fuses with the rear lights and with the lower one which covers both of the doors. When viewed from the back, the Ertiga now features a more prominent set of rear lights which are definitely more modern looking and much more visible than what the older one has.

And lastly, when taking a gander at the rear, the 2019 Ertiga now comes with a design which is much more modern and hip. Details like pieces a tasteful amount of chrome accents here and there add much to the upmarket feel of the vehicle and is thus can be said to be a very daring change from the usual orthodox look of Suzuki’s previous vehicles.

This however for the Ertiga has seemingly paid off because when people take a look at the vehicle in its totality, they can’t help but to be impressed.

A focus shot of the Suzuki Ertiga 2019's new grille

The Suzuki Ertiga's grille deviates from the orthodox look of the older versions


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Changan CS15

Model Price Philippines

₱ 799,000

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Subaru Outback

Model Price Philippines

₱ 2,555,000 - ₱ 2,888,000

Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition

Model Price Philippines

₱ 4,479,000 - ₱ 4,612,000

3. Suzuki Ertiga 2019 Philippines: Interior Review

Coming inside the new Ertiga 2019, many will notice that the craftsmanship and the materials used for the dashboard, the steering-wheel and the door panels are of a much higher caliber than ever before. Who would’ve known that faux wood on a fairly affordable vehicle can look so good right?

Aside from the fancy faux wood, what dominates the 2019 Suzuki Ertiga interior is the 10 inch touchscreen which seemingly floats over the dash. But it’s much more than looks as it comes with Android Auto, Apple Carplay, USB and AUX port, and is navigation ready.

The said touchscreen however only comes with the GLX variant of the Ertiga while the GA trim comes instead with the usual but modern car entertainment system.

A shot of the Suzuki Ertiga 2019's dashboard

The dashboard and driver's seat of the 2019 Ertiga features modern amenities

The color scheme for the seats, the door panels and the lower portion of the dash however comes with a light color which maybe prone to stains. This can be changed because Suzuki has also released the Black Edition interior for the Ertiga which is bestows upon the vehicle an all-black interior that is definitely more resistant to stains.

The Ertiga 2019 has 7 seats and has a cargo volume of 153 liters which can be increased by folding the rear seats.

A look into theSuzuki Ertiga 2019 Black Edition's passenger cabin

The Suzuki Ertiga's Black Edition interior looks better and is more stain resistant

The rear door of the Suzuki Ertiga 2019 opened to show the trunk

It also has decent cargo space

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4. Suzuki Ertiga 2019 Philippines: Performance Review

Under its hood, the Suzuki Ertiga 2019 sports a spirited yet very compact 1.5 liter K15 B engine which produces a respectable 103 horsepower and 138 nm of torque. In relation to the engine, the Suzuki Ertiga is also quite considerate when it comes to fuel economy as it can run up to 16 kilometers on average.

As for steering and driving feel, the Ertiga has been purported to be up to par with the nimble and smaller Swift. A thing which adds to this nimbleness and ease to maneuver is the electric power steering which is neither too hard nor too soft.

Also one can’t help to mention the rigidity of the HEARTECT platform that the 2019 Ertiga uses which ads to a more planted and more stable ride. Not to mention that the Ertiga runs quiet which is a plus for a people carrier.

Suzuki Ertiga 2019 on the road

As for steering and driving feel, the Ertiga has been purported to be up to par with the nimble and smaller Swift

When talking about the automatic transmission of the Ertiga, one can say it does its job. It changes gears when you want it to whether in tight city roads or on the highway. It does help that the engine of the Ertiga can produce a respectable amount of power in conjunction with the responsive throttle. So all in all, the Ertiga can perform very well in tight city roads and the highway.

5. Suzuki Ertiga 2019 Philippines: Safety Features

As we’ve mentioned ealier, the 2019 Suzuki Ertiga is built upon what Suzuki calls the HEARTECT. What is it?

Well, it is the new frame which the manufacturer designed to be more rigid and stiff for better driving performance and of course, reduced noise and vibration all the while protecting its occupants in an event of a crash. It uses high-tensile steel for lower weight and rigidity all the while being able to disperse energy from a collision effectively.

Aside from the HEARTECT, all variants of the new Suzuki Ertiga comes standard with SRS Front Dual Airbags, ISOFIX Child seat ports, Child locks, rear parking sensors, a reverse camers, an antilock braking system with electric brake force distribution and a pedestrian injury mitigating bonnet.

6. Suzuki Ertiga 2019 Philippines: Specs

The Suzuki Ertiga 2019 comes in four variants, each with an increasing amount of features and creature comforts. Across all models however, the power output is the same likewise are the safety features and styling.

A good thing to note however is that the Suzuki Ertiga Black Edition can come only for the GA and GLX variants. Now, let's take a look at the Suzuki Ertiga Philippines specs of all variants:

Suzuki Ertiga GA M/T Suzuki Ertiga GL M/T Suzuki Ertiga GL A/T Suzuki Ertiga GLX A/T
DIMENSIONS 4,395mm x 1735mm x 1,690mm
ENGINE 1.5 liter 4 cylinder K15 B engine
MAX OUTPUT and MAX TORQUE 103 HP at 6000 RPM and 138 NM at 4400 NM
TRANSMISSION 5-speed MT 4-speed AT
STEERING Rack and Pinion with electronic power steering
BRAKES Ventilated disc (front) and Drum (rear)
SUSPENSION MacPherson strut (front) and torsion beam (rear)
SEATING 7 persons
FUEL TANK 45 liters
ISOFIX for Child Seats Yes
DASHBOARD FAUX WOOD ORNAMENT Not available Not available Not available Yes
USB and BLUETOOTH Not available Yes Yes Yes
NAVIGATION Not available Yes Yes Yes
ENTERTAINMENT MP3 Player, DIN AUDIO 10 Inch Touchscreen 10 Inch Touchscreen 10 Inch Touchscreen

7. Suzuki Ertiga 2019 Philippines Price

Latest Suzuki Ertiga price Philippines 2019
Model Price
Suzuki Ertiga GA 1.5 MT
₱ 728,000
Suzuki Ertiga GA 1.5 MT Black Edition
₱ 738,000
Suzuki Ertiga GL 1.5 AT
₱ 888,000
Suzuki Ertiga GL 1.5 MT
₱ 848,000
Suzuki Ertiga GLX 1.5 AT
₱ 978,000
Suzuki Ertiga GLX 1.5 AT Black Edition
₱ 988,000

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