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Driving isn’t just fun, but it saves you time as well. 

Buying a car, no matter how stacked you are, is a big decision. And this is especially true for those who are planning on buying their first. Some might even delay the decision for months to think about it, with some probably doing their own research on car ownership

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Take your time to research before buying a car.

While sitting down and reflecting on your car purchase is a big thing, buying and subsequently owning a car comes with its own set of rewards. So, to assuage your doubts about finally getting one, let Philkotse share with you all the benefits and cool things you can do with a car. 

Saves you time 

As many financial gurus have put it over and over again on the internet, purchasing a car might be a bad financial decision for some people. 

Depending on the case, we agree. But do note also that one cannot simply buy back, or turn back time. On this note, a car to use when you need it will definitely save you a lot of those minutes, and even hours. It isn’t a time machine, but it can reduce wait times.

By owning a car, one is no longer beholden to the limitations of public transport. You no longer need to wait for your Transport Network Vehicle Services (TNVS) to provide you a ride, you no longer need to wait for another bus because the other was full, and you no longer need to hoof it from your office to the nearest transport terminal just to get home. It also makes for a convenient way for you to take your kids to school, which further spares you and them from waiting for the school bus or what not. 

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A car means more time and fun with the family

Sure, you are still affected by traffic. But so is public transportation. You’ll need to concentrate on the road when you eventually get that car, but you’ll be more comfortable and you’ll have your own bubble of privacy amidst the noisy, smoke-filled world of the typical Philippine city. And yes, that sure beats having to accidentally sit on chewed-up bubble gum left by another passenger on the bus seat. 

And so by owning a car, you have a better chance at getting home a bit earlier allowing you to then see your loved ones earlier at the end of the workday. And speaking of family, you can also travel together more often and thus you can spend more precious time with them. Provided you didn’t buy a two-seater, but that’s another story. 

Convenience when you need it 

Cars are just flat-out more convenient than not having one. It can serve many purposes like a mobile private space that you can hop on to escape the social pressures of the world. It can serve, as mentioned, as a family chariot that allows you to face the day together with your family. 

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Having a car means no more waiting for the bus, or a bus that's not full

Moreover, having your own trunk is preferable than having to lug around several cellophanes filled with groceries on a jeep, bus, or tricycle. Sure, you can still use TNVS for groceries, but the story changes when you’ll need to take your beloved pets to the vet. Some TNVS companies can provide this, but again, you can do what you want with your car and not apologize for “Bantay” or “Miming’s” small “accident”. 

And of course, your car itself can be a source of income or a partner in your business or occupation. You can use it to deliver whatever goods or services your business is selling. It can also allow you to “deliver yourself” to your clients faster and more reliably.  

The joy of maintenance and driving 

As for the last benefit of having a car, we might be biased on this one. Because apart from being a convenient time-saver, we also bought our own cars because we just love to drive.  

It might sound corny or too cliché for some folks, but you might also enjoy experiencing the synergy between the car, the input of a human driver (aka you), all of which are translated as forward motion on the road. Call driving enthusiasts weirdos, but this seemingly simple act gets them going. And heck, you might be one of them and you just don’t know it. 

A picture of a Toyota GR Yaris sliding on a race track

If you practice enough, you can do things like this. With the right car and on the race track of course

You might even go further to enjoy the satisfaction of performing a perfectly executed heel-toe downshift on a race track, conquer an off-road track in the boonies, or the ability of covering long distances and heading to travel destinations like Vigan, Baguio, Tagaytay, or even to Visayas and Mindanao. Or you might even find joy in the simpler things like a perfectly done parallel parking maneuver.  

And this might not be true for all car owners, but things as little as the daily “BLOWBAGETS” car inspection routine gives some degree of satisfaction. Some even wait in excitement for that weekend where they can change their own oil, or wash and wax their own car. The aforementioned are little things, but many people will swear that these are great for relieving stress. Meditative even. 

A picture of a man checking his car oil levels.

It can go either ways, but if you manage to maintain your car correctly, it can be fun.

So, did these convince you to finally get that car you want? If they did,  then you might want to check out the thousands of brand new and used models in our car for sale section.  

If you want a brand-new one, you can also head over to our car promos section where there are hundreds of available promos listed for many different cars at any given time. 

Cesar G.B. Miguel

Cesar G.B. Miguel


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