Cars with 5-star safety ratings in the Philippines

Updated Apr 12, 2021

Car safety is important and getting a 5-star safety rating is a good sign that it’s worth it.

In the Philippines, where most car buyers aren’t conscious of 5 or 4 -star safety but consider word of mouth as deciding factors. Car buying should be more informed and sophisticated not because of resale value only.

Buying cars with 5-star safety ratings in the Philippines should be a priority, especially how bad traffic safety is here. Normally, this is shouldn’t be such a grave concern but the way buses, passenger jeeps, and even taxi cab that try to beat the red light all the time! Every morning there is always an FX that will be involved in an accident, and collisions vary.

5-star safety ratings

Buying cars with 5-star safety ratings in the Philippines should be a priority, especially how bad traffic safety is here

Driving on the freeway where faster speeds are involved, distracted drivers were involved in collisions but got out with minor or major injuries. In these instances, many of the vehicles involved were wrecked in various degrees, and varying numbers of survivors in these serious accidents. It would be good if large vehicles like buses would stick to their lanes but they don’t! Large vehicles like buses and trucks, anything that impacts at speed will be damaged severely with possible fatalities too.

It would be good if all the cars involved were five-star safety rated, but that’s not always the case though. Safety related features are given the second seat when the price comes into play. Car buyers need more info about how safe the car they’re riding in. If your car is equipped with these essential car safety features, it would be protective enough.

I. Car brochures and test drives aren’t enough

All production cars are tested every year to check if they comply with safety standards. This ensures that all cars sold will be road-worthy and pass all tests done. Unfortunately, this information may not be readily available and isn’t covered when buying cars with 5-star safety ratings.

ANCAP testing

The relevance of checking safety ratings like ANCAP or Asean ANCAP is these tests will point out which cars offer the most protection

Some research needs to be done, to check these rating though. The relevance of checking safety ratings like ANCAP or Asean ANCAP is these tests will point out which cars offer the most protection. One thing to note is that cars are graded in several ways! Pointing out how well a car chassis keep adults and children passengers’ safe!

  • A car may have dual, side, and curtain airbags plus knee airbags for better five-star rating. But, usually, cars equipped with knee airbags are more premium models. With six-airbags equipped, why were the knee airbags omitted?
  • The test vehicle passed adult protection with ease, but it omitted the addition of 3-pt. ELR with Tension limiter seatbelts. It should have been added, but sometimes more popular brands omit Isofix mounts which are a safety standard too! Lacking this equipment; will not be safe for children and the Isofix mounts are needed to secure car seats.
  • Cars must be safe for adults and children as well. Especially if children ride in the car, all the time. Here are some tips to keep children safe in your car.

For extra referencing of safety ratings, other ratings like IIHS, Euro NCAP, NHSTA will provide more info, but vehicles tested there may not be available here.

II. Crash worthy cars that are available in the Philippines

A selection of cars with 5-star safety ratings that have passed the ANCAP with flying colors. Just take note that few sub-compacts have passed these tests with a five-star safety ranking.

1. Mazda CX-8 2018

It passed the ANCAP with a five-star rating and tests associated with it.

It passed adult occupant protection, child occupant protection, pedestrian protection, and safety assist for excellent safety performance.

ANCAP SAFETY RATING: Mazda CX-8 (July 2018 - onwards)

2. Nissan Altima 2017

The Altima passed with a ANCAP five-star safety rating with an over score of 36.4 out of a total of 37 points. The car chassis passed the frontal Offset test, side impact test, pole test, and with three bonus points too!

Nissan Altima (2013-on) - 5 star ANCAP safety rating

3. Mazda 6 2018

Another entry to the ANCAP that passed with a five-star safety rating. The passing score for all test done is 35.44 out of 37. Tested conducted were frontal offset crash, side impact, whiplash protection test, pedestrian safety and came with all the require safety features too.

Euro NCAP | Mazda 6 | Crash test

4. Honda Jazz 2017

This Honda sub-compact passed with five-star safety rating in all areas and performed well as bigger sedans! The total safety score is 36.58 out of 37, which is a lot more than the Mazda 6.

Results from the frontal offset crash, side impact, whiplash protection, pedestrian safety is very good for a sub-compact! Featuring such great safety features but the Jazz is quite affordable, check out how much the Honda Jazz costs here.

ANCAP CRASH TEST: Honda Jazz (July 2014 - onward) scored the maximum 5 star ANCAP safety rating

5. Subaru XV 2017

Tested in 2017 by ANCAP which passed with five-star safety ratings overall. It achieved the rating by adding AEB and LSS, with a driver knee airbag that’s not always equipped with most cars. Test done like driver’s side impact (16/16 pts.) show perfect protection on that side.

Simulated frontal offset test, side impact test, pedestrian protection, and pole test yielded good scores as well when subjected to punishment.

Subaru XV Crash Test - Safety Rating (Euro NCAP)

These cars with 5-star safety ratings in the Philippines show that options are available to pick from. Safety shouldn’t be taken for granted because if happens, there will be problems that follow.

Want to get more info about these safe cars, refer to our Car review section on the site.

III. What are these tests?

Now, a brief explanation of these crash tests done to see how cars react when crashing into anything. Tests like this measure and the limits of the test, with data to improve father.

1. Frontal offset impact

Frontal offset impact test

This crash test is done by hitting a barrier at an angle, not full head-on. It tries to check how bad its impact would be at this angle.

2. Side impact

side impact test

A moving object will the ram the side, to simulate the real word when cars collide on the side.

3. Whiplash test

whiplash test

This test checks how much damage a collision does to a person’s neck by a whiplashing action.

4. Pedestrian safety

pedestrian safety test

A test that about how well the AEB kicks in and if a pedestrian will be injured.

All these tests are scientific and objective to measure these differences in the best way possible. They help buyers find cars with 5-star safety ratings in the Philippines too.

IV. Cars with 5-star safety ratings in the Philippines: Conclusion

Safe cars should be prioritized by buyers, especially cars with 5-star safety ratings in the Philippines. Opting for them is important and a step in the right direction too! Go over this primer, find what is more relevant and move forward then decide if it’s a viable option! A five-star rated car has both adult and child-friendly protective safeties that make it a very A-1 option. Cars like this will always be the best option for anyone.

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