Are lady-owned cars expected to be good? [Newbie Guide]   

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Car ownership should go beyond gender. 

Sellers use all sorts of come-ons to make their items more attractive to prospective buyers, especially when it comes to substantial items such as cars. And two words never fail to make an appearance as part of attempts to make a vehicle more sellable: “Lady-owned.” 

Woman in driver's seat

Sellers usually refer to a car being owned by a woman as an added incentive

Part of the reason for this is embedded gender stereotypes, with women typically regarded as more conscientious when it comes to handling property. When the words ‘lady-owned’ are used to describe a car for sale, potential buyers will likely have an image in their heads of a pristine and well-maintained mechanical specimen. 

Of course, assumptions like this are ultimately a disservice to the buyer. As much as a lady owner may have handled the automobile in question with utmost care, describing a car as ‘lady-owned’ could also mean that the possessor had no clue as to the vehicle’s upkeep, resulting in missed maintenance schedules or overlooked parts replacements.

Car stalled on road

This could happen to a car on the road, whether it's owned by a man or woman

As we said, such a mindset of compartmentalizing objects according to the owner’s gender is a common stereotype. There are men who are very meticulous and detail-oriented (sometimes to the chagrin of their significant others) when it comes to maintaining their car, making sure to be involved in every facet of the car ownership experience. 

In the same vein, while it’s natural to expect that a woman has not abused a car under her watch, there are those who also engage in far more spirited driving than their male counterparts. And then, there might even be exterior signs of damage not because a lady driver was reckless, but because other motorists might have taken it upon themselves to bully her on the road simply because of her gender. 

Lady mechanic

Proper maintenance intervals and responsible driving are a must, whatever the owner's gender is 

Ultimately, whether a car has been lady-owned or otherwise should neither be an issue nor a selling point, especially for new drivers shopping for their first car. What matters is that the owner was responsible enough to maintain the vehicle religiously and drive it responsibly.     
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