4 best cars to surprise your mom as a special gift

Updated Sep 13, 2022

Because moms deserve only the best!

When I was younger, I started liking those cute little vehicles, most especially Kia Pride. I know this statement tells a lot about my age, but at that time, knowing that Kia Pride has a good air conditioning system besides its cute little frame, made me love it even more.

As the years passed and I matured, I have moved on from cute cars to muscle cars. Remember Eleanor? Eleanor is a famous Ford Mustang that first came out in the 1974 film ‘Gone in Sixty Seconds.’ The name Eleanor was later reused in the movie remake of ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ in 2000. This time, Eleanor sports a Shelby GT500 car, which is Memphis Raines’ (Nicolas Cage) lucky car. I was so in love with it because it’s sexy, sleek and powerful.

Surprise mom with a brand new car

More years have passed and I turned into a mom, having a now seven-year-old son. My husband owns a sedan back in the Philippines and it has been the most comfortable, most convenient and most practical car anybody can own. However, as our son grows up, I also can’t help but think of upgrading to a bigger car. Indeed, growing up and old and having a family changed my preferences. I still have my high school crush in the GT500 and some other two doors, but being a mother makes me want to choose a vehicle that would fit my family comfortably.

Having said this, if you want to make your mom feel extra special and you have enough extra cash to buy an extraordinary gift, there won’t be any other gift that’s better than giving her a car! Why? Let’s look at the reasons why she’s worth every cent you shed.

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1. Why Buy Your Momma A Car?

1.1. Running errands will now be more comfortable and efficient for her

One, because she can use it to accomplish one of the most important things she does every day. Running errands. That phrase might be the most used and abused word you can hear from her. You’d here ‘running errands’ every time you ask her where she’s going whenever she’s dressed up and walking towards the living room door. Imagine how much comfort it’ll give her if instead of riding public vehicles under the scorching heat of the sun or under the angry rain, she can go to wherever she needs to go in a convenient vehicle, in her own time and pace.

1.2. Groceries won’t be as tedious

Being a mother myself, doing the groceries is part of my weekly routine, if not daily. If I do it weekly, you could imagine how much groceries I could be having in just one eco bag. If it includes canned goods and bottled goods, it will be double the weight. This is what makes grocery shopping sometimes unbearable. Especially if moms do it alone, or with their kids tagged along. What more if they are commuting? Walking from the grocery, holdings full bags of goodies, on one hand, a kid on the other, walking or even crossing the street up to the PUV terminal. Yes, it is as difficult as it sounds, trust me.

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a girl after going shopping

Being a mother myself, doing the groceries is part of my weekly routine, if not daily

1.3. She can drive around with her friends

How pleasing is it to hear your mom say when one of her friends compliment her new car, “Bigay saken yan ng anak ko!” (That car was given to me by my son/daughter!) Heart-melting, isn’t it?

Happy mommy going out with her friend in her new car

How pleasing is it to hear your mom say when one of her friends compliment her new car

1.4. It’s a little something you can give for all she has done for you

Nothing beats the feeling of giving back and looking after our parents. It’s a good way of expressing our gratitude for their sacrifices just to ensure we grow up to be successful, good human beings.

Now, the next question is, what are the best vehicle options to choose from?

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2. 4 Best Mom-Friendly Cars You Can Choose From

2.1. Honda Odyssey (₱2,317,000 - ₱2,433,000)

If you don’t really give much care about the amount, this will be a perfect option for you. Honda Odyssey has a spacious cabin for a seating capacity of 7 to 8. It is also designed to ensure safety for all the passengers inside, which include 6 airbags. It is also fuel efficient without sacrificing the performance. Since mom almost always wants the entire family tagging along, this is a perfect catch.

Honda Odyssey angular front

If you don’t really give much care about the amount, this will be a perfect option for you

2.2. Honda Mobilio (₱829,000 - ₱1,029,000)

The Honda Mobilio is a 7-seater MPV, equipped with all the basic requirements a mom could want for. It has ample space for seven people, with an easy to fold back seat for cargo space. Another good thing about this is its fuel efficiency, having a 1.5L engine; and the best thing about this MPV is its price! It is quite affordable compared to other family-friendly vehicles with a price starting from Php 874,000.00 only.

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Honda Mobilio on the road

The Honda Mobilio is a 7-seater MPV, equipped with all the basic requirements a mom could want for

2.3. Suzuki Ertiga (₱699,000 -  ₱965,000)

Suzuki Ertiga is one inspired by family vehicle. It is also a 7-seater car, with, if all occupied, still allows 113 liters of room in the back for some shopping bags. It is also fuel efficient having a 1.4L engine available in both manual and automatic transmission. This family-friendly vehicle is so affordable with its price starting from Php 699,000.

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Suzuki Ertiga on the road

Suzuki Ertiga, a family-friendly car which momma will love!

2.4. Ford EcoSport (₱848,000 - ₱1,058,000)

This is one good looking piece and surprisingly affordable under the prestigious Ford brand starting from Php 848,000. Momma will surely be proud and happy to own this fuel-efficient SUV. Not only with the looks, but the Ford Ecosport has several other features to look out for like higher seating. This means that you could have a better view of what’s going on outside the car. It also provides a 200mm clearance between the car and the road, meaning it can withstand road holes and even flood. Watch your momma rescue you from the storm! The most important thing, it has a lot of space, although seats only 5, the rear provides you with 705 liters of space to put all those shopping bags or even a 560-liter washing machine!

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Ford EcoSport on the road

Momma will surely be proud and happy to own this fuel-efficient SUV - the Ford EcoSport

Four picks for a modern-day mom. Now, go out there, test drive these cars and decide which one would best fit your mom’s personality! I’m sure whatever it is you choose, she will surely appreciate it, knowing that your gift for her it hard-earned.

In case you are still confused about where to choose the gift from, Philkotse.com might be a good start with a lengthy list of new and used cars for sale in the Philippines. Check out now!

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