Which 2021 Toyota Avanza variant should you buy? [Comparison Guide]

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Do you want the flashy Veloz, or do you want a more low-key variant?

While midsize SUVs, vans, and large MPVs are popular here in the Philippines, some people will certainly have a need for a smaller, more compact, seven-seater MPV. One popular model that fits this category is the Toyota Avanza.

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Currently, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) sells five variants of the Avanza. As such, here is a short guide to help prospective buyers see how they differ from each other, and find out which variant fits their needs the most.

Toyota Avanza Variants: Exterior

Out of the five Avanza variants, the best-looking one is the top-spec Veloz. It’s equipped with a smoked chrome radiator grille and back door garnish. Then there’s the 1.5 G variant that shares some similarities to the top-spec Veloz. However, instead of the smoked chrome, the G variant favors regular chrome pieces.

A picture of the Avanza Veloz variant

The Toyota Avanza Veloz

Both the Veloz and the 1.5 G also come with the best exterior features. Both come standard with LED headlamps, side-mirror mounted turn signal repeaters, side mudguards, a rear spoiler, front fog-lamps, and a LED high mount brake light. Both also ride on 15-inch alloy wheels.

The rest of the variants, namely the Avanza 1.3 E and Avanza 1.3 J, are simpler-looking. The 1.3 E does have LED headlamps, but the J variant uses halogens instead. Other than that, both come with a silver-painted rear door garnish, a black and silver-colored grille.

A picture of the Toyota Avanza G

The Toyota Avanza G

Another thing to note about the E variant is that it has the same wheel size as the Veloz and G, but it's set is wrapped with smaller R14 tires. The entry-level J on the other hand has R14 tires, and a set of 14-inch steel wheels.

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Toyota Avanza Variants: Interior 

Regarding passenger capacity, the Veloz, the G, and the E can accommodate up to seven occupants including the driver. The Avanza J however, lacks a third-row and can fit only five people. For the variants that have a third-row, it can also be split in half and tumbled just like the second-row. It does, however, lack a reclining function.

Of note, the entry-level J has 15 bottle holders, while the other variants have 17.  Standard on all Avanza variants is a manual air-conditioning system with rear vents.

A picture of the dashboard of the Toyota Avanza G

Inside the Avanza G

For the front cabin, the Veloz gets a three-spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel with controls. The 1.5 G also gets steering-wheel-mounted controls, but it is made out of urethane instead.

The 1.3 E and J also has a 3-spoke urethane steering-wheel but it lacks buttons. All variants are equipped with a tilt-adjustable steering wheel.

Moving on to on-board entertainment, the Veloz and 1.5 G gets the best head unit. Both come with a 6.8-inch screen capable of connecting to smartphones via T-Link, USB, Aux, and Bluetooth.

The 1.3 E on the other hand gets a 2-DIN head unit with the same connectivity. It is, however, capable of playing CDs. For the Veloz, G, and E, they get a four-piece speaker system. 

The interior of the Toyota Avanza Veloz

A look inside the Avanza Veloz

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Lastly, Avanza J’s entertainment system is the simplest. It can, however, still handle CDs, MP3, and can connect via Aux and USB. The J only gets two speakers.

For the driver, the Veloz, 1.5 G, and 1.3 E provide an anti-glare rear-view mirror, while the J gets a standard one. And speaking of glare, the Veloz and the G’s sun visors are equipped with mirrors for both the drive and passenger side. The 1.3 E has a mirror for the passenger side only, while the 1.3 J’s sun visors don’t have a mirror at all. 

A picture of the Avanza G's interior from the rear

Another look into the Avanza G's interior. Note that only the Veloz, G, and E variants have a 3rd row

Toyota Avanza Variants: Engine and Performance

Currently, the Philippine-spec Avanza has two engine options. The Veloz and the G use the 1.5-liter 2NR-VE inline-4 gasoline engine capable of making up to 103 horsepower and 136 Nm of torque. Both the top-spec Veloz and the G are available with a four-speed automatic.

The other engine is the smaller 1.3-liter 1NR-VE. It can make up to 95 horsepower and 121 Nm of torque. For the E variant, the said engine can be paired to a four-speed automatic gearbox, or a five-speed manual tranny.

The entry-level J variant also uses the said engine, but it is only available with the aforementioned manual transmission. 

A picture of the Toyota Avanza's engine

The Avanza's NR-series inline-4 engine

Of note, the Avanza is one of the few MPVs of its size that uses a rear-wheel-drive drivetrain as well as a semi-unibody frame. The front half of its chassis is a ladder-frame, while the rear half is monocoque.

Moving on to suspensions, the Avanza comes standard with a MacPherson strut-type suspension for the front, and a 4-Link type suspension for its rear end. It also uses disc brakes for the front and leading-trailing drum brakes for the rear. Lastly, the Toyota-made MPV model also comes standard with a hand-operated parking brake.

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Toyota Avanza Variants: Safety 

As with most modern-day car models, the Avanza comes standard with anti-lock braking with electronic brake-force distribution. All of its variants also come with dual front airbags, ISOFIX, and child-proof door locks. The J also lacks the wireless door lock feature that comes standard on the rest of the variants.

Note also that only the Veloz and the 1.5 G are fitted with an alarm and engine immobilizer. The E and J lack those, but that can be easily remedied with genuine Toyota parts. 

Toyota Avanza Variants: Price 

Toyota Avanza Variants
Avanza Veloz
Php 1,077,000
Avanza G 1.5 AT
Php 1,012,000
Avanza E 1.3 AT
Php 919,000
Avanza E 1.3 MT
Php 876,000
Avabza J 1.3 MT
Php 743,999

Toyota Avanza Variants: Conclusion

When it comes to the Avanza, you clearly get what you pay for. The Veloz is of course the most attractive looking trim level, and the best equipped out of all the variants.

Then there’s the 1.5 G, which is more affordable than the Veloz, but it does provide the same power output, while not looking as flashy as the Veloz.  

A picture of the Avanza E

The simple but capable Toyota Avanza E

Arguably, the E variant has some degree of versatility since it both has an automatic and manual variant. It does however lack the power that the 1.5 G and the Veloz can provide. Of note, Toyota is no longer listing the 1.5 G MT on their official website. 

And lastly, the Avanza J is a penny-pincher's dream come true. It is simple, but it gets the job done. It's one glaring weakness as an MPV though is its lack of a third-row seat. But then again, some of you might need the cargo space.  

So, have you found the right Avanza for you? For more car buying guides, keep reading here on Philkotse.com

Know more about Toyota Avanza 2021

Toyota Avanza

Toyota introduced the Avanza in 2006. It’s a new entry-level multi-purpose vehicle offering from the Japanese carmaker. The PT Astra Daihatsu Motor of Indonesia developed the Avanza and marketed it as both a Daihatsu and Toyota in its home market. The conventional front engine-rear drive layout was retained similar to the Tamaraw. However, it's a bit different from its AUV ancestors in terms of size, weight, and body. The Avanza is lighter, smaller, and car-like unibody construction. The first-gen Avanza has a simple and contemporary style. The MPV we have today is the second-generation Avanza, which landed on our shore in early 2012. It received its initial refresh in 2015, wherein Toyota gave it a more upmarket appearance. It received its second facelift in 2019 when the Japanese carmaker decided to give it a sharper and sportier look. The second refresh features new wheels, new taillights, distinct split headlights, reshaped fascia, and a new grille. The interior of the Toyota Avanza also received a full makeover. It now features a more modern dashboard with added trim detailing and sharper lines. A touchscreen infotainment system was added on higher Avanza variants during the 2015 refresh. In the 2019 update, it got an updated infotainment system and new digital air-con controls. Toyota Motor Philippines offers the Avanza with two engine options. The first option is a 1.3L engine with an output of 95 hp and 121 Nm of torque. The other one is the 1.5L power plant that produces 103 hp and 136 Nm of torque. The new Dual VVT-I four-cylinder inline 16-valve DOHC engine can be paired with a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission.

From ₱743,000

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